8-Port KVM Switch
Key Feature
• Supports multi-platform: DOS, Win9x / NT/ 2000 / ME / XP,
Netware, Unix / Linux
PLANET's KVM switches are designed to give you control of multiple
computers using just one keyboard, video display and mouse. They provide
• Supports iMac, Power Mac and Sun Microsystems with USB
port (requires USB-PS2 adapter)
more table and rack space in addition to saving the cost of multiple
keyboards, mice and monitors. Switch between computers by just pressing a
button or the pre-defined hotkey on the keyboard. PLANET KVM switches
• Auto scan mode for monitoring PC
are the perfect choice for home, office, server farm, or testing sites where
there is a need to manage multiple computers efficiently and easily.
• Plug and play system configuration
PLANET's KVM switches utilize advanced microprocessor emulation to
intelligently manage each KVM port. This allows simultaneous boot-up of all
the attached computers. Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock status can
also be saved for each computer. They support VGA, SVGA and MultiSync
monitors at up to 1920 x 1440 resolutions. Furthermore, in addition to
• No software required - easy PC selection via Push button, and
Hot key functions
computers with a PS/2 interface, iMAC, Power MAC and Sun Microsystems
with only a USB port can also be connected through PLANET's USB-PS2
adapter and thus be controlled by a PS/2 keyboard and mouse.
• 19” rack mount size design
With KVM-800's Daisy Chain function, up to eight units (banks) can be
daisy-chained together to control up to 120 PCs with a single console. Two
buttons on the front panel allow you to quickly and easily select the switch
(bank) and port. The on-screen display (OSD) feature of KVM-800 provides a
• Daisy chain up to 7 additional units to control up to 120
computers from single console
friendly interface for naming and selecting a specific PC , and eight
character password protection and a search by computer name feature
assists when managing a large number of computers.
• OSD (On Screen Display) supported - visualize computer
Data Sheet
8-Port KVM Switch
Computer Port
Console Port
Daisy Chain Port
Max computer connection
Computer Port Connector
120 (by Daisy Chain to 7 KVM-1600)
Keyboard: Mini DIN 6 pin Female
Mouse: Mini DIN 6 pin Female
Monitor: HDDB 15 pin Female
Keyboard: Mini DIN 6 pin Female
Mouse: Mini DIN 6 pin Female
Monitor: HDDB 15 pin Female
OSD, Hot Key, Push Button
5~99 sec.
Up to 1920 x 1440
DC 9V~12V, 1A
0 ~ 40 Degree C (32 to 104 Degree F)
-20~60 Degree C (-4~140 Degree F)
0~80% RH non-condensing
410 x 172 x 44 mm
2.3 kg
Console Port Connector
(Daisy Chain Port)
On Screen Display
PC Selection
Scan Interval
Key Emulation
Mouse Emulation
Video resolution
Power Adapter
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Dimension (L x W x H)
Weight (kg)
Home, Office or Test Site
Need to use multiple computers but lack space? Hate to move from computer to computer? Or just want to save money on monitors,
keyboards and mice? PLANET's KVM switch family is the most cost-effective and simple solution. Multiple computers can be managed
by a single monitor, keyboard and mouse directly. iMac, Power Mac and Sun systems can also be supported by using PLANET's
innovative USB-PS2 adapter. No software drivers or system configuration are required. Switching among computers is achieved simply
by pushing a button on the switch or a predefined hotkey on the keyboard or via the KVM-800's OSD function.
Server Farm Does your server farm contain rack upon rack of
monitors, keyboards and mice that are all just gathering dust?
You can make better use of your rack space and save money on
unnecessary equipment purchases by investing in PLANET's
KVM switches. They give you control of multiple computers
using just one keyboard, video display and mouse to save
precious rack space. iMac, Power Mac and Sun's systems can
also be supported by using PLANET's innovative USB-PS2
adapter. Furthermore, the daisy-chain function and 19" rack
mount design of KVM-800 make it the best solution for user
requires the ability of handling multiple platforms, ease of
installation, simple to use and expandability.
Computer 1 Computer 2
Computer 7 Computer 8
Daisy Chain up to 8 banks
Daisy Chain up
Computer 1 Computer 2
Computer 7 Computer 8
Ordering Information
8-Port KVM Switch with OSD and Daisy Chain
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