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Technical Note
September 6, 2016
Category 2
High Speed
Premium Certified
EMI / RFI Shielding
Author: Leonard Visser
Volume 2, Number 6
Premium Certified HDMI®
What is the difference between a High Speed (Category 2) HDMI cable and a Premium Certified
HDMI cable? This technical note will point out some of the differences so you can choose the
right HDMI cable for your application.
The HDMI forum is developing future versions of the HDMI specification. HDMI 2.0b, which
is backwards compatible with earlier versions of the HDMI specification, is the most recent
update of the HDMI specification. Key features enabled by HDMI 2.0b are:
 Enables transmission of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video
 Bandwidth up to 18Gbps
 4K @ 50/60 (2160p), which is 4 times the clarity of 1080p/60 video resolution
 Up to 32 audio channels for a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience
 Up to 1536 kHz audio sample frequency for the highest audio fidelity
 Simultaneous delivery of dual video streams to multiple users on the same screen
 Simultaneous delivery of multi-stream audio to multiple users (Up to 4)
 Support for the wide angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio
 Dynamic synchronization of video and audio streams
 CEC extensions provide more expanded command and control of consumer electronics
devices through a single control point
HDMI 2.0b does not define new cables or new connectors. Current High Speed cables
(Category 2 cables) are capable of carrying the increased bandwidth under most conditions.
However some unanticipated technical characteristics affect reliability of these Category 2
HDMI cable assemblies, though these were found to perform reliably at speeds of 10.2 Gbps.
Premium HDMI specifies a more stable and efficient signaling method than regular High Speed
and Standard HDMI cables. Minimum EMI / RFI shielding is also specified.
Standard HDMI (1.4b)
High Speed (2.0b)
≤ 10.2 reliably
≤ 18 unreliably
Premium High Speed (2.0b)
Signal Speed (Gbps)
≤ 10.2
≤ 18
EMI / RFI Shielding
CISPR 22 @ IEC 2008 standard Class B for 30 to 230 MHz,
230 to 6000 MHz
TMDS (&Enhanced)
Eye Diagram Clock
165 MHz, 340 MHz
165 MHz, 340 MHz
165 MHz, 340 MHz, 600 MHz
Choose the Right HDMI Cable for the Job
Selecting the right HDMI cable depends on the level of video resolution and features you intend
to support, and whether or not you want Ethernet connectivity. Genuine HDMI cables are clearly
labeled to make this process easy:
Built for most home applications, the Standard HDMI Cable can reliably transmit 1080i or
720p video.
Here are the five (5) HDMI cable types used in homes and businesses, and how to tell them apart:
Standard HDMI Cable: Built for
most home applications, the
Standard HDMI Cable can
reliably transmit 1080i or 720p
Standard HDMI Cable with
Ethernet: Standard HDMI Cable
performance, plus a dedicated
Ethernet channel for Internet
connection sharing and device
High Speed HDMI Cable:
Designed to support video
resolutions of 1080p and
beyond, including advanced
display technologies like 3D
and 4K.
Premium High
Speed HDMI Cable
and Premium High
Speed HDMI Cable
with Ethernet:
Designed for
performance for
4K and advanced
features such as
higher frame rates,
HDR, expanded
color spaces
including BT.2020
colorimetry, 4:4:4
chroma sampling,
and are identified
with the Premium
Certified Cable
High Speed HDMI Cable with
Ethernet: High Speed HDMI
cable performance, plus a
dedicated Ethernet channel.
PCT Lab Testing Capability
As a manufacturer of HDMI cables, and one of the first certified premium HDMI cable
participants, PCT has completed an extensive upgrade of our testing capabilities. Due to the
higher clock speeds of HDMI 2.0b, to verify Premium HDMI performance PCT purchased
upgrades to its Agilent Vector Network Analyzer and calibration standards. We also purchased
new EMI test equipment to verify shielding performance. PCT International’s lab is fully
capable of premium performance verification.
Value (USD)
Ecal 300kHz - 20GHz
Analyzer upgrade
EMC Probe for SE
Ferrite Core for SE
PCT manufactures both High Speed (with Ethernet) and Premium High Speed (with Ethernet)
HDMI cables of the highest quality. Look for the Premium Certified label whenever you need
reliable performance with signal speeds of 18 Gbps.
HDMI, the HDMI logo and High Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.
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