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Digital Video Microscopes for use in the Laboratory or Field
USB Cameras and Frame Grabbers
Video ToolBox™ -- software for digital video
Display, capture, label, annotate, measure, print, e-mail
Video Toolbox™ is the easiest way to
display and capture video on your
computer; desktop or laptop. Save a
single image, a movie, a time lapse
sequence, or capture the image directly
into your favorite image-editing software
for enhancement or annotation. Print or
e-mail images without leaving the
text labels, calibration bar, freehand drawing
Video Toolbox™ provides the tools you
need to produce high quality images for
live display or capture. Interactively
adjust brightness, contrast and color
settings. Zoom-in up to 4x without
pixelation. Make precision
measurements directly on the live
image. Add labels, markers, even
freehand drawings right on the live
Video Tools™ are plug-ins which add
even more capability to Video
ToolBox™. Plug-ins are available for
image enhancement and automation.
You can even write your own Video
Video ToolBox works with most USB,
USB 2.0 and FireWire cameras which
use DirectX WDM drivers. For analog
video cameras, ask about our USB
VideoLink adapters which put full-speed
video into any computer including
Display live video
Capture images, time lapse
sequences and movies.
Capture images directly into your
favorite image editor.
Interactively adjust camera
settings including brightness,
contrast, color, gamma,
sharpness, exposure.
Live zoom (without pixelation) up
to 4x.
Measure directly on the live
image using multiple
live video zoom
(allows precise measurement)
measurement tools.
Calibrate for different
magnifications — store and recall
up to 8 different calibrations.
Add labels and markers over the
live image. Simply drag to move.
Place a time stamp anywhere on
the image.
Place a calibration bar on the live
image to show relative scale.
Add an optional GPS receiver
and your image will be marked
with the exact location and time.
Video Tool plug-ins provide
additional capabilities for live
image enhancement and
automated measurement.
Example plug-ins
System Requirements:
Pentium II 500 MHz or faster (Pentium
III+ recommended), Windows
2000/Me/XP, Internet Explorer 5.0 (or
later) installed, USB Port, 128 MB of
Free Memory, Video card with 8 MB of
video RAM, minimum 800 x 600
resolution at 16-bit (65,000 colors);
DirectDraw drivers recommended.
Video ToolBox Plug-ins:
Plug-ins add live effects to Video ToolBox. Zarbeco offers the following plug-ins:
FocusLock performs
real-time focus
enhancement by
monitoring the video
image and capturing
every portion of the
image which is in
focus. All you do is
turn the focus knob;
FocusLock monitors
the video image and
captures the in-focus
portions. Finally,
FocusLock returns an
image which is entirely
in focus.
before FocusLock
with FocusLock
3 /3
Particle Analyzer
particle sizing and
Particles, halftone
dots, cell colonies;
automatically measure
the size and
distribution with the
Particle Analyzer
plug-in for Video
ToolBox. This
real-time analysis
plug-in continuously
measures the
coverage of the
particles within the live
image. Press the
measure button to
capture the image,
count and measure
each particle. Print a
summary report with
the image and
statistical information,
or a full report with the
size of every particle.
Video Averager
enhanced low-light
level imaging
Video Averager
performs continuous
frame averaging to
enhance images
degraded by noise.
Select up to 32 frame
averaging to produce a
clearer image in
low-light conditions.
Video Averager also
adds control over the
brightness, contrast
and gain beyond that
available with the
camera and also
provides color
inversion to help bring
out details in
low-contrast images.
without VideoAverager
with VideoAverager
Write your own plug-in for Video ToolBox
Video ToolBox makes it simple to turn your ideas into effects. Our developer's kit provides the information you
need to quickly write your own Video ToolBox plug-in in whatever programming language you choose.
Magyarországon forgalmazza:
1155 Budapest, Dembinszky u. 1.
Tel.: 305-0250 Fax: 305-0249
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