IQeye Cameras Firmware

Release Notes
September 2016
IQeye Cameras Firmware
General Description
With the release of the IQB9 series of cameras, Vicon engineering has released firmware version 4.2/107. These
release notes outline known issues and limitations with this firmware. The accompanying IQfinder and
IQmanager discovery and setup tools do not change.
The updated firmware is relevant to camera models as listed below:
Older Firmware
Newest Firmware
IQB9xx – All models
V4.2 / 107
Vicon Production
The latest firmware and discovery tools are available on Vicon’s website. A link is provided in the installation
section of this document. Production is loading this firmware on all cameras produced effective immediately.
When new firmware will be available, upgrade instructions will be provided separately.
Upgrade instructions will be provided separately when new firmware is available.
Known Issues
HDExpress Support
These cameras are not yet compatible with the HDExpress line of NVRs.
Live audio in Genetec
When viewing live video and audio from the IQB9 camera in Genetec, the audio will start and stop. Recording is
not impacted by this issue, nor is playback.
Zoom Slider
The zoom slider might seem not to reach the full wide position. This is only a UI issue and the lens does move to
full wide.
Privacy Mask1
On video streams set to 720P, the privacy masks are shifted from the desired position.
Privacy Mask2
A privacy mask set at the very bottom of the image does not show; mask needs to be set at least 1 pixel from
the bottom.
Written by Guy Arazi
Release Notes
Factory Default
Some settings that have been previously changed do not go back to default when the reset factory default is
selected from their page. A Full factory default will work. (Relevant to timestamp and analog out enable.)
Lens Position
On the IQB93 and IQB95 with MFZ lens, occasionally, after multiple zoom in and out changes, the camera will
not move to full wide position. A full factory default might be required to correct this issue.
Overlay Flicker
On the IQB91 and IQB92, when WDR is turned on, text overlay may flicker.
DTS Issues
The current firmware does not support playing back video that was recorded to the SD card by DTS. DTS
recording to a PC files share with domain authentication is also not supported.
ViconNet Issues
When added to ViconNet, camera needs a reboot to work correctly or the 2nd stream will stream 15fps instead
of 30fps. Using these cameras in ViconNet in TCP mode is not supported at this time, so UDP must be used.
ONVIF Related Issues
Multicast Streaming
Both video and audio Multicast are not supported in ONVIF but are supported via the IQeye protocol.
IQrecorder functionality is no longer supported.
Motion Detection
With some VMS, when using the cameras via ONVIF, it is necessary to actively turn ON VMD in the camera setup
(-> event -> motion detection) for it to work.
Exacq Support
Currently the IQB9 cameras are not supported via ONVIF, only via the IQeye protocol and restricted to 1080P
Written by Guy Arazi
Release Notes
Installing the Firmware
All new production cameras have the latest firmware version. For upgrades, the latest firmware is available on
Vicon’s website from the Learn-and-Support tab – Software Downloads – IQeye-camera-software; a link is
provided below. Download the
firmware to your PC. Go to the camera’s security tab.
Go to the camera firmware section and use the “Choose File” button to locate the firmware on your PC. Press
the upload button. During the upgrade process, do not turn off the power to the camera. The new firmware
should be installed. This can be verified on the information window on the left side.
The latest Vicon Analytics application is also available in the same location and should be updated as an
application file after the new firmware has been successfully updated.
Upgrading the firmware can be also done using the IQfinder / IQmanager software without browsing to the
cameras and for batch upgrades.
Written by Guy Arazi
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