Syntax-KVM 1U Console KVM
Syntax-KVM 1U Console
Syntax-KVM 1U Rack Mount
(ASL Series)
Operating and
storage parameters
Front Panel
KVM-17ASL LCD CAT5 KVM Switch combines 17 or 19 inches TFT LCD panel, keyboard, touch pad, and CAT5 KVM switch in
a rack mountable 1U drawer. It allows one console control 8 /16 computers with PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse interface
in a distance via CAT5 cables and dongles. The distance between the computers and the LCD console can be up to 150
meters/500 feet. By connecting a remote console switch KMX0102, the distance between console and computers will be up
to 300 meters/1000 feet. It is ideal for IT administrator needs to access multiples computers in computer room and from
his/her office cubic.
Back Panel
I/O ports - RJ45, connect
to computers
•One set of PS/2 interface console(keyboard, monitor and
mouse) controls up to 8/16 directly connected computers
•Support computers up to 150 meters/500 feet via the
CAT5 cables
•Any of two interfaces, PS/2 or USB, computer dongles
can be linked between the main KVM switch and
computers depending on the demand
•Hotkey combination or On Screen Display (OSD) menus
-- OSD port list automatically expands when the cascaded
stations are added
•Support hot pluggable function-- Add or remove
computers without powering down the switch
•Server name saved in computer dongle for easy
maintenance when swapping the computer dongles
•Support “‘Keep-Alive” function to make sure all the
keyboard and mouse connection working properly even
the KVM switch losing power supply temporarily
•Live firmware upgrading function supported
•Auto scan function for monitoring user-selected
computers supported
•Plug and play functions, No software required
•Support two level password security: administrator
and users
•Support keyboard and mouse emulation -- computers
boot even when the console focus is in elsewhere
•Support LCD, VGA, SVGA, XGA and multi-sync monitors
•Support superior video quality -- supports resolution
of up to 1280x1024@60Hz within the distance of 150
meters/500 feet
•Auto Video Signal Compensation (AVSC), no DIP switch
setting needed for the different distances within 150
meters/500 feet.
•Support Real time EDID and DDC2B for all ports
Operating temperature
Storage Temperature
Online LED - RED
Selected LED - Green
I/O port select button
Power LED
Console LED
Link LED
Console Select Button
Power supply
Remote Console Port
F/W Upgrade port
F/W Upgrade slide switch
0 ~ 45°C
-20 ~ 60°C
0 - 80% non-condensing relative humidity
8 / 16
8 / 16
8 / 16
1 Red LEDs, Power Indicator
1 Green LEDs, Console Indicator
1 Red/Green LEDs, Remote Console Link Status
1 Push Button
AC 100-240V
RJ-45 is able to connecting a KMX0102, Remote Console Switch
1 RJ-11, Firmware upgradable via this port
1 slide switch
Off: default normal position
Boot: set when F/W was failed
8 / 16
Video Resolution
Up to 1600 x 1200@60Hz in 60 meters/200 feet
Up to 1280 x 1024@60Hz in 150 meters/500 feet
Video DDC2B and EDID
Cable material
Cable transmission distance
150 meters/500 feet
Order Information
KVM-1708 ASL
1U Rack mount 17’’ TFT LCD W / 8 port
Cat5 KVM switch, W / 48W power supply
KVM-1908 ASL
1U Rack mount 19’’ TFT LCD W / 8 port
Cat5 KVM switch, W / 48W power supply
KVM-1716 ASL
1U Rack mount 17’’ TFT LCD W / 16 port
Cat5 KVM switch, W / 48W power supply
KVM-1916 ASL
1U Rack mount 19’’ TFT LCD W / 16 port
Cat5 KVM switch, W / 48W power supply
LCD Panel
Dimension (W*D*H)
View Angel
Pixel Pitch
Contrast Ratio
17’’ TFT / 19’’ TFT
1280 x 1024
300 cd/m2
178°(H), 178°(V)
0.264 x 0.264 mm / 0.294 x 0.294 mm
1000 : 1
104 key keyboard with PS/2 interface
PS/2 touch pad
465 x 599.8 x 43.2 mm / 480 x 600 x 44.4 mm
16.5KG / 18.1KG
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