Start me quick!

Start me quick!
Product overview
Light sensor
RESET button
LED light
Camera lens
To start operating the camera
please follow the steps:
Package contents:
cloud camera
1 wall mount
2 screws/wall
DC power
Power cord
and adapter
Quick start
360° rotation
Wall mount
Warning: Oco is not compatible with 5GHz (802.11a) Wi-Fi network.
IR sensor
90° up and down
tilt pivot
Note: Each Oco camera requires not less than 0.2 Mbps - 0.5 Mbps
of upload bandwidth. We recommend a high speed internet
connection with at least 0.5 Mbps of upload bandwidth dedicated
per each Oco camera.
Set the camera on a flat surface or mount it on a wall using
enclosed screws and wall mounts
2. Connect the camera to the power supply with the enclosed
power cord.
3. When power is connected, wait till the camera LED status light
flashes amber.
* — All images are for reference only. Please refer to the package contents.
Connect your smartphone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi
network you will connect the camera to.
** — The device is NOT PoE-compliant (does NOT allow transmission of power
and data via a single cable).
5. Install Ivideon application on your tablet or smartphone.
7. Select the “Add camera” option in the Ivideon application.
10. The app will generate a QR code that your camera should scan.
8. Select “Add an Ivideon powered camera” and follow
the on-screen instructions.
6. Run the application. If you are already registered,
It is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices;
just search for “Ivideon” keyword in App store or Google Play.
Hold the QR code at approx. 7-20 cm (3-8 inches) distance in
front of the camera lens. As soon as the QR code gets processed,
the LED light starts blinking green and
a beep sound is heard.
click “Sign in” and enter your username (email) and password.
To register a new user click the “Create Account” button,
enter your email address and create your password.
hen click “Create Account”.
9. When prompted, input your Wi-Fi password and set
the camera name.
11. The camera connection can take some time.
The LED light will glow steady green
when the configuration procedure
is successfully completed.
Note: By default your OCO camera is on the Free pricing plan. More
information on pricing plans you will find in the “Cloud Recording”
tab on
To connect the camera to another
Wi-Fi network:
Watching live video
Gaining access to the video archive
When you launch the application the list of your cameras is displayed.
Select a camera from the list – the live video will open.
Open the live video from the camera in the app.
Select “Settings” – “Manage”.
Re-locate the camera to another network. Make sure, that the
previous Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.
2. Connect the camera to the power supply, and wait until the LED
light flashes amber.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions in the Ivideon app to attach
the camera to your account. Set any camera name and input the
current Wi-Fi password.
4. Show the QR-code to the camera till the beep sound is heard and
the LED light starts blinking green, then glows steady green.
You will be redirected to your Personal Account page in the browser.
Enter your login and password if required. Select the rate plan
with the required archive range.
For more information on plans&pricing please visit:
Watching the video archive
Your video archive is displayed as fragments on the time scale
under the live video from the camera. You can watch the required
fragment by simply clicking on it. You can scale up and down
with the “+” and “-” buttons.
You can slide the scale to the left at any range, and to the right up to the
current moment. You can choose another day selecting the “Calendar”.
In order to change the speed of the video playback press
“Playback speed”. Press the “Play/Pause” button over the time scale
to stop and resume the video playback.
Push-to-talk messages
You can use your smartphone or tablet to record voice messages up to 15 seconds long - the message will be delivered to the camera
and reproduced by the built-in camera speaker. To do this open the live video and press “Talk”, then tap “Record” and dictate your message.
After finishing the message tap “Record” once more: the message will be sent to the camera and reproduced.
Selecting a Pricing Plan
Pricing plans are selected in the Personal account on the website
Video quality
Night Vision
To select the video quality open the live video and select Settings - Video Quality.
You can choose among high, medium and low quality.
In the Auto mode the camera selects the quality itself, depending on the bandwith available.
To configure the Night Vision open the live video and select Settings - Night Vision.
In the opened window you can turn the Night Vision on and off.
In “Auto” the camera selects the mode itself, depending on the illumination level.
Setting the camera name
Forwarding access rights to other users
To rename the camera open the live video, select Settings - Rename
camera. Input the new camera name and confirm the changes.
You can grant access rights from your camera to other users for them to watch the live video and archive. For this open the live video,
select Settings – Share camera. Tap “Add” and enter the email address of the user to whom you are giving access. Enable the functions
you are opening to that user (Live video/ Video archive), then click “Add user” to apply changes.
Software update
Video rotation
Open the live video, select Settings - Software updates,
and follow the on-screen guidelines.
You can rotate the image by 180°. This option may come in handy when you mount the camera on a ceiling.
To rotate the image open the live video, select Settings - Video Rotation. Choose the rotation angle and click Done to apply changes.
Motion and sound detectors
Motion and sound notifications will help you to stay informed. In case your camera detects motion or sound, you will get an email and/or push notification.
You can change the notifications settings in your Personal Account on the website
There you can set the notifications schedule (the time you want to receive them). For this go to your Personal
Account - My cameras - Camera settings - Alert schedule.
You can set the required sensitivity of the motion detector. For the detector to be triggered at night, please make sure that there is enough illumination.
To set up the motion detector open the live video, select Settings - Motion. There you can turn the detector on and off, set the sensitivity (high, medium,
low) and the detection area.
To set the detection area choose “Select area” and set the position and size of the area required. Please mind, that there will be no detection outside
this area. Click Done to apply changes.
To set up the sound detector open the live video,
select Settings - Sound. There you can turn the detector on and off
and set the sensitivity. Click Done to apply changes.
Watching event history
Deleting camera
You can review the event log from your cameras. Motion events are marked with
changes (when the camera turns on/off) are marked with
or go to the “Cameras” menu - “All events”.
icon, and sound events are marked with
icons. To watch the log, select “Events” in the live video tab,
icon. Camera status
You can delete the camera from your personal account. To do this,
open the live video, click Settings - Delete camera, and follow
the on-screen instructions.
Public access and embedding video onto websites
You can grant Public access to your camera in the Personal Account on the website
For this go to your Personal Account - My cameras - Camera settings - Public access. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Exporting archive records
You can get archive video recordings from your camera in AVI format. To export the video go to your Personal account (, select the camera and open it, and click the “Export archive records”
button under the timeline. An orange bar will appear on the timeline. Drag it to the time interval you want to export. It is also possible to expand or narrow the chosen time interval by pulling the top corners of the bar.
Press the “Queue for download” button. Close the video window and click the Archive Export tab. Click the Download button to get the recording. The duration of each interval you choose depends on your pricing plan,
with the clip length from 1 to 4 hours.
Download PDF