Tiger IP Connect appliance detailed functionality list FEATURES

TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IP Connect appliance detailed functionality list
Tiger IPC
Appliance; VMWARE
Web based multi-lingual
Based on number of concurrent users.
Unlimited number of devices per user
Hotel can be divided in an unlimited
number of room types (standard;
Executive; meeting; …) Each room type
can have his own cost/sell price table.
Network distributed modules and
One or more HSMX’s can be setup as
“WAN agents” for a distributed WAN
network topology, where WAN
connections are on several different
physical locations.
All authentication and portal handling is
done on Central HSMX
Manages mix of wired and wireless
Operating system
Hardware platforms
Room types
Manages and guest
URL filtering
Pass-through address
Database import
Database export
Multiple Language
support for management
GUI tool for creation of
new languages for
management screens
Web based clients
SSL support
Multiple time zones
Multi subscriber
interfaces (non standard)
Currently supported languages are:
English; Dutch; French, Spanish &
Full editing tool for translating
management screen in any language.
Web based Management access
SSL Support for portal and management
interface (only on Linux)
Tiger IP Connect supports multiple time
Multiple interfaces possible for serving
different guest networks.
Interface possible to any internet gateway
with RADIUS client capabilities.
Tested configuration with Nomadix;
Antlabs; Colubris and Xirrus WiFi Arrays
(Properties using Xirrus equipment for
their Wi-Fi coverage can now use the
Array Manager for the user management.
The Array Manager synchronizes the user
databases of all Xirrus Arrays in your
Wizard to add subscriber network
Roaming across multiple subscriber
networks with external RADIUS
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC
General (Continued)
Site management
VLAN versus room
NTP support
Subscriber upgrade
function without losing
the current internet
(Only available using
Tiger IPCX gateway)
AAA per Location
Port Forwarding
Connection tracking
Static DHCP support
IPCL Summary
OSI Layer 2 & 3 support
Special DHCP option
Realm based routing
Where Tiger IP Connect Lite only allows
for a single site management (with
different locations), IP Connect Central
allows for multiple site management.
IP Connect Central allows also for a treebased hierarchical structure, so certain
site can be managed individually, sharing
the same central application and database
VLAN to room assignment is done in IP
Connect, rather then in the internet
Subscribers have the ability to upgrade to
another billing or access plan, without
having to lose the current internet
Upgrading is done either through an
option shown on the logout console or
through calling an upgrade portal by
typing UPGRADE in the address bar.
charge/open/close access control
possibility per defined location
Forwarding of any inbound traffic to
predefined host addresses, located on the
subscriber network(s)
Multiple VPN tunnels out of the same
subscriber network are supported towards
the same VPN host.
List of VPN protocols can be adjusted for
each multiple VPN tunnel connection.
Public address pool is adjustable per
connection tracking setup.
Predefined MAC addresses can be
allocated to predefined IP addresses out
of the DHCP pool.
Summary off all settings.
IPCL supports as well traffic handling
and control on layer 2 (MAC; IP; VLAN
tags;…) as on Layer 3 (IP addresses).
Example: DHCP support for VIOP
phones; Time servers; devices holding on
to IP address even when the lease time
expired on the DHCP server (Apple
DHCP load sharing over multiple LAN
interfaces / profile based dhcp
Possibility to login users from multiple
external RADIUS servers: supports
authentication from extra and multiple
user databases.
Example: Allows RADIUS authentication
for multiple IP providers.
Daisy chain authentication supporting
local database / external RADIUS and
ldap (active directory)
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC
MAC based
authentication (against
external RADIUS)
SMS Integration
Supports MAC authentication on multiple
RADIUS servers
Supports User
Management System
Supports LDAP
Management user
IP Version 6 prepared
Customizable Admin
Login screen
Administration Gui
complete html5
Detects device type
SMS as a authentication mechanism, the
system support SMS services based on
free Windows based application which is
designed to easily create and print
vouchers without opening the HSMX
interface. This way everyone who has a
valid username and password can create
vouchers without knowing anything
about the HSMX. The UMS also gives
you the ability to print to any printer that
is installed on the UMS PC.
Can be linked to any LDAP accessible
directory database on LAN or WAN side,
in order to use external stored user
management credentials
Prepared to supports IP version 6
Ability to add/change/delete text; logos;
username & password button screen
Compliant with Apple (IOS) devices or
devices without flash.
(e.g. Smart phones types, ....)
Statistics about devices connected
Portal rules / upgrade rules can use
devices as trigger
Performance improving
Password policies for
Dynamic redirect module
The redirect module can mimic behavior /
responses of external services needed by
(mobile) devices. This improves the
speed and success rate of connectivity
Redirection Filter
Feature enhancement for redirection
filter, Added destination ip option to
match iOS7 CNA (Captive Network
802.1x support
Possibility to manually check-in /
check-out and update rooms
802.1x based authentication
General (Continued)
Local cashing of web pages, faster web
page delivery
Password expiry / blocking, ...
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC
Based on drag-and-drop tree based
structure, one is able to setup traffic
prioritization and therefore allow traffic
to prioritized for higher profile users
In each Traffic Shaping rule, bandwidth
settings for maximum UP and minimum
DOWN traffic are configurable
Traffic Shaping rules are applied to any
available subscriber network
Traffic Shaping rules can be
automatically allocated per group;
location; multiple number of users/guests
or individual users/guest
Through the billing plans and IPCL rules,
one is able to link specific Traffic
Shaping rules to specific user/guest
profiles, send by the PMS
Allows to specify, which internet
Application (OSI Layer 7: HTTP; SMTP;
FTP; bittorrent;…) is
Allows to specify, port (OSI Layer 2:
UDP; TCP;…) is
Indicates how many users/Guest are
currently using this Traffic Shape rule
Traffic Shaper can make use of all
available WAN interfaces (WAN primary
and additional WAN connections through
Load Balancing)
Traffic shaping
Allows for traffic
Allows for Bandwidth
allocation and bandwidth
Cross subscriber network
Multi Traffic Shaping
rule levels
Traffic Shaping rule
linked to User/Guest
OSI Layer 7 Traffic
Shaping rules
OSI Layer 2 Traffic
Shaping rules
User/Guest usage
Cross WAN usage
TigerTms Ltd
Example of a traffic Shape tree:
Example of a traffic Shape Layer 7 rules:
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC
Subscriber search
Sort active users
Subscriber Welcome
Username & Password
Subscribers search with wildcards
Active users can be sorted by
Welcome email for new subscribers
Subscriber reactivation
Subscriber Law full
EU-Data Retention
URL logging
Subscribers remember
Active users
User Group support
Full user editor
Subscribers can receive via email current
Username and Password, in case it has
been forgotten
Allows for reactivating an expired
subscriber with possibilities to setup
password (higher management level);
volume; expire time; session time;
Subscriber session data available with
search options on: destination IP;
destination port; Source IP; Source port;
MAC address and username
Ability to activate URL logging: logging
user activity which URL they have
visited, including info as date; MAC
address; username; IP address and URL
page, visited.
This function cashes web pages for faster
content delivery.
This feature can be deactivated for legal
If allowed from browser, Cookie based
User can be brought also manually on
line for instant access.
Subscribers can be added to a group and
be given separate conditional internet
All setting of a user profile can be edited
per user, you can update bandwidth, time
, volume per users and user is
automatically updated
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC
Pre-paid Billing
Post-paid Billing
Band width control
Free definable session
Free definable expire time
Free definable timeout
Free definable volume
Allocation of Billing to
Private or Public IP
Free Billing allowance
Unlimited number of pre-paid billing
plans are configurable
Unlimited number of post-paid billing
plans are configurable with charging
options per minute/hours/days.
Band width allocation (UP/DOWN)
definable per billing package
Session time can be set-up per billing
plan and can be set up in free definable
number of minutes; hours ;week and
Expire time of billing plan can be set up
in free definable number of minutes;
hours ;week and months
Session timeout of billing plan can be set
up in free definable number of minutes;
hours ;week and months.
This prevents the plan of being active
Traffic volume can be set-up in
Pre definable public IP addresses can be
allocated to specific plan
Simultaneous users
MAC address
Default Billing setup
Billing plan sorting
Free Access plans
PLAN functions
Centralized Application
Bi-directional PMS
Access plan start date and
end date
Free billing allowance is configurable:
the free plan can be offered once per
day/week/month, per subscriber either
based on MAC address or Guest ID
Billing plans can be made available to a
limited number of users
Billing plans can be made available for a
limited number of MAC address without
the need for a new access purchase.
(MAC addresses are not on-line at the
same time)
Billing plans can be marked as
DEFAULT, appearing as first to the guest
in the portal
Billing plan can be sorted for sorted
appearance on to the guest’s portal
Free access plans with limited session
time and volume can be defined. Mostly
used as “Eye catchers”
Multiple gateway site configuration
without possibility for overlapping room
numbering plans
IP Based interface with free definable
Interfaces directly to Micros Fidelio,
Amdeus, Hilton OnQ; Protel; Briliant;
Hotel Concepts via FIAS or via Tiger
Hotel Cub/Pro Call management. (see
also Extra functions on Bi-Di interfaces)
Allows the use of a specific access plan
from a certain date onwards
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC
Allows for setting access plans for staff.
Allows full bandwidth; time and volume
control for internal or external staff.
Allows the same network to be used by
Access plans can be programmed to be
used from/until a particular date and time
Through the option CALENDER DAYS,
one is able to show on portal selected
access plans for fixed periods or a fixed
date; Dynamic day/weekend/weekday.
A different landing page can be entered
for each Billing or access plan
Ability to allocate TCP and UDP port
policies to individual billing and Free
access plans.
Example: HTTP and SMTP -> Free
All other ports are chargeable
Max number of packages possible being
on-line at the same time:
Example: Package A allows for high
volume and high bandwidth traffic.
(example Slingh box). However as the up
and down volumes can be very high with
this application, it would be unwise to
allow unlimited number of "sling box
packages" on-line, as it will monopolize
the WAN connection and make it virtual
impossible for guest who just want to surf
or read emails, to communicate.
Therefore the IPCL billing plan has a
"max number of packages on-line"
Once a subscriber tries to buy a package
which is already at it's max number, the
subscriber will get a portal page,
informing when a package covering his
needs, will be available (date and time)
for purchase.
Rules can setup to higher prioritize data
traffic of payable guest over those of
guest using a free access plan. Rules are
linked to room and/or guest profiles, so
certain PMS based guest profiles can be
linked to these plan holding priority
IT Management has full control on how
much data traffic priority is given to
certain access plans.
Billing plans can be organized in groups.
Only billing plans that are in a group
flagged as voucher plans will show up in
the subscriber add menus.
PLAN functions
Access plans for staff
Access plan activation
Access plan period
Landing page field
Port based policies
(Only available using
Tiger IPCX gateway)
Limit max number of
package on-line at the
same time
Prioritize data traffic
through Traffic Shaping
Billing plan groups
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC
Content Control
Bandwidth allocation
through Traffic Shaping
rules, based on user/guest
Add on plans
Ability to control which content is
allowed to access and charge, based on
URL's, actual content wording (with
content view and automatic update via
RSS) , file extensions; IP addresses and
site names. This all linked according to
guest profiles.
For example, parents would be able to
activate a "child lock" for preventing
there children of reaching un-proper
Customizable block page for the content
Example: Conference profile users, enjoy
a dedicated bandwidth which is taken
from the general available WAN
bandwidth. Allocation/de-allocation of
dedicated bandwidth is done
automatically upon PMS
Conference users enjoy dedicated
bandwidth regardless from where they
connect on the LAN.
PMS based room sharing options
Ability to create add-on plans to add
additional parameters to a currently used
billing/access plan: extra time; extra
number of simultaneously used devices;
extra bandwidth; extra data volume.
PLAN functions
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC
Predefined portals
Customized portals
Internal portal call
Gateway portal calls
External portal call
Predefined or customized
Logout Window
Ability to call external
pre- and post
authentication portals
Customized logout
Layout according to
screen size
Hospitality portal
Support for portals that
have blocked cookies
and sessions cookies
Predefined portals available with
customization of text; buttons ; colors
and images. Unlimited number of
predefined portals can be set-up
Unencrypted PHP pages allows for web
designers to adapt portals on HTML
level. Unlimited number of customized
portals can be set-up
Unencrypted Portal pages can be called
from internal folders.
Unlimited number of internal portals can
be set-up
Portals can be called from the locale
Portal pages can be called from external
Unlimited number of external portals can
be set-up
Logout console informs subscriber at any
time about time and/or volume left on
Allows subscriber to manually end the
internet session.
At pre-defined time the Logout console
can warn about the account that reached
the end of connection time or volume
Unencrypted redirection script files
allows for calling external or internal preand /or post authentication portals,
keeping all specific browser parameters.
Allows for unlimited customized logout
Supports PPC and future devices, based
on the user agent.
Different portal pages can be called
depending if the wi-fi device is
laptop/play station/PDA/smart phone.
User agent type are configurable
Possibility to upload different banners per
portal for advertisement purposes
Special unencrypted hospitality portal
with as functions for the guest to read
live streamed text messages; detailed bill
info and express checkout possibilities.
(* PMS dependable)
Either the portal from the portal editor
must be used, existing custom portals will
need to be updated.
Portal Registration
forms customizable.
Integration into any
social website
Full portal editor
Portal Management
Registration fields, username
creation, response (e-mail, sms
(added support for HTTP request),
redirect, …)
Social web site based authorization
support: login / data capturing with
Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn;
Flickr; … accounts
Inline portal editor with all available
TigerTms Ltd
features (voucher / free access / credit
card / view bill / text message / status
page / upgrade page / custom pages).
Complete customizable portal design via
admin GUI.
Translation via admin GUI.
Example screenshots of full portal editor: add/edit any portal page you would like.
TigerTms Ltd
Example screenshots of full portal edit: being able to alter any graphical item.
TigerTms Ltd
Example screenshots of full portal editor: alter and even create any kind of portal flow
TigerTms Ltd
Example screenshots of full portal editor: alter and even create any style, label
TigerTms Ltd
Payment types
Posting only via
interface directly with
PMS or via Tiger
Hotel Cub/Pro Call
Bidirectional interface
directly with PMS or
via Tiger Hotel
Cub/Pro Call
Tiger IPC
Posting only interface via gateway.
Support certified, direct PMS interface
with Micros/Fidelio’s FIAS interface
(part no: 5009-147) or via Hotel Pro
IP based interfaces with guest profile
transfer with ability to post internet
service even if the guest is connected
Authentication can be done on any guest
profile field, available in the Tiger Hotel
Cub/Pro or PMS database: First Name;
Last name; arrival date; departure date;
VIP code; group number; loyalty
membership number;…
On the same HSMX, multiple PMS
interfaces can be activated (Additional
License per additional PMS interface)
(See voucher management)
Certified IP based interfaces with
clearing houses: Ogone; CCC; Ipayment
; Clear2Pay; Servired (Spain); Bankpass
; Transferuj; DIBS; … any HTTP based
(credit card) clearing house can be
interfaced without special development.
Ability to authenticate through a PayPal
iPass support and certification
Multiple PMS
interfaces(non standard)
Credit card
Dynamic billing module
Supports PayPal
iPass Certified
Extra functions on
Bi-Di Interface
directly with PMS or
Hotel Cub/Pro Call
Voicemail message
waiting indication
Text message waiting
Text message content
Scheduled Database
Manual database swap
Possibility to receive a voice message
waiting, via the subscriber portal, for
informing the subscriber of a new voice
Possibility to receive a message waiting
indication, via the subscriber portal, for
informing the subscriber of an unread
text message.
Possibility to receive the content of a text
message waiting and read it via the
subscriber portal.
Possibility to send wakeup
Subscriber is able to book/cancel/change
wakeup time.
Allows for a database swap at a certain
time per day
Allows for a manually initiated database
TigerTms Ltd
Tiger IPC Description
Ability to connect to global
Membership databases via XML
based IP interface
Loyalty Membership
Special portal rules
Special access plans
Allows for authenticating subscribers
based on entering their loyalty
membership number
Allows for showing special
“Membership” portals based on if the
subscriber is authenticated via the
membership number.
Allows for assigning special
“Membership” access plans with special
billing, based on if the subscriber is
authenticated via the membership
TigerTms Ltd
Rules define, which portal; billing
plans; print price (print server is an
optional module) and payment
methods are offered depending on
physical location or guest profile
Rules Management
Unlimited number of
Physical locations
Guest profile dependable
Prioritize portal page
Automatic rule activation
Device type based
connection & security
User browser language
Regex help tool
User upgrade rules
Rules can be linked to individual rooms;
groups of rooms; room types; floors;
SSID areas; IP-ranges;…
Rules can be linked to VIP number or
guest types; group numbers; loyalty
numbers; and/or an guest profile field
available in the PMS database
Rules for portal page calling, can be
prioritized according to importance.
Rules can be prepared and assigned to
specific periods. These periods (Calendar
days)can be:
- A fixed period
- A fixed date
- Dynamic day/weekend
All these periods can be further limited
with time stamps (HHMM)
By making use of the user agent
parameter, IPCL is capable of allowing to
setup connection & security rules for
each type of device: PC; tablet;
Connection parameters are configurable
on OSI layer 2 (allocated bandwidth; port
types and port numbers; number of
connections and number of packages per
second or minute.) and OSI layer 7:
IPCL will pick up the device type and
automatically apply the connection &
security rule.
Ability to detect the language of the
user’s browser.
Tool to help check regular expression
where needed in rules
Upgrade rules that specifies what billing
plans are available when a user upgrades
From one billing/free/Q-o-S plan to
another billing/free/Q-o-S plan
TigerTms Ltd
Ability to setup policies to be able to
use intelligent authentication fields
Intelligent user
authentication field
Database fields
Number of characters to
be checked
Position of Characters
Filtering of Characters
Applies on fields: Last name; First name ;
VIP and any User Definable field.
Ability to flexible setup the number of
characters to be checked for
authentication match
Ability to flexible setup the position of
the characters to be checked for
authentication match
Ability to filter spaces; dashes and single
quotes out of the content of the
authentication field.
TigerTms Ltd
Module in order to allow guests to
securely print documents
Local Print server
Fast document upload
Secure printing
No special PC hardware
File formats
Admin print job control
Print vouchers
Payment methods
Print confirmation
As printer server runs on a locally
installed business center workstation
(workstation soft- and hardware, not
included in this option), document
uploading is very fast.
Making use of print release code
Charges, discounted charges or free print
services can be linked to guest profile(s).
Ability to set a sales outlet when
charging print-jobs
No special PC hardware is required to run
the print server. Any WIN workstation,
with a Microsoft Office (minimum Home
edition) with a printer connected, is
Supports all Microsoft & Acrobat
supportable files formats
Administration access to
control/reactivate print jobs
Ability to create Print vouchers for nonresident users
PMS; Voucher; Pay-Pal
User receives print confirmation screen
on printer workstation, when print job is
Step 1: Guest uploads document(s) from the Print portal. Print portal is accessible from authentication portal or by typing “Print me” or
any other DNS name in the browser address bar.
TigerTms Ltd
Step 2: If not yet authenticated, guest needs to enter authentication fields. Price and discount, will be indicated, if guest profile is setup for
Step 3: Guest receives a release code for printing.
TigerTms Ltd
Step 4: Guest enters the release code at the workstation connected to the printer, running the IPCL printer server.
TigerTms Ltd
Individual vouchers
Multiple vouchers
Voucher templates
Voucher financial value
Voucher storage
Voucher search
Voucher code
Voucher Serial number
Voucher template
Support 3 button ticket
Creation of individual vouchers “on-thefly” with free definable billing plan
Multiple vouchers may be created in
batches of a free definable numbers and
to free definable billing plans
Unlimited voucher templates are possible.
Templates are in RTF file format, so easy
to customize.
At activation of voucher, voucher value
might be send to PMS for end-of-day
financial balancing
All created vouchers are build as RTF or
Excel files and stored as ZIP files in
predefined folders
Voucher code login instead of Username
and Password
Vouchers can contain a serial number for
easy tracking
No need for an external program to create
templates, you can now use the template
creator in the IPCL and this will generate
a PDF with the created vouchers.
Multiple 3 button ticket printers can be
accessed for printing vouchers “on the
fly” at specific Point-of-Sales locations.
TigerTms Ltd
Internet Session info
export to Excel file
Revenue Export report
WAN bandwidth usage
Dashboard overview
Portal redirect graph and
Full Reporting tool
Revenue reports are possible per day;
month and year. Split out in payment
methods: PMS; voucher and Credit Card
Number of active subscribers per day;
month and year. Split out in payment
methods: PMS; voucher and Credit Card.
Bandwidth graph and history per
subscriber / conference.
Number of traffic (up and down) per day;
month and year. Split out in payment
methods: PMS; voucher and Credit Card
Possibility to export subscriber info with
filtering possibilities on: date; username;
MAC address; room number; Billing
plan; traffic inbound and outbound in
Kbytes and time left on subscriber
Ability to export a revenue report for
accounting purpose giving a start and end
date. Export sheet is in Excel format.
Shows usage of bandwidth on WAN side
Widgets can be activated on the home
dashboard in order to have instant
overview on:
- User statistics
- User History
- Concurrent user license usage
- System Health
- WAN Bandwidth usage per
WAN connection
- Number of users on line
- Maintenance contract expiration
- New software update availability
- IP address Lease report
- Room Occupancy report
- Devices report
Shows number of portal redirections
Design your own report formats from any
field of the database.
TigerTms Ltd
Conference Tool
SSID Creation
VLAN allocation
Full Conference booking
Example of Conference tool screen:
Allows event organizers and conference
managers to create temporarly conference
SSID. Universal Wireless Controller
interface allows to use this function on
any Wireless Controller supporting SSH.
Allows event organizers and conference
managers to allocate for the time of the
conference, VLAN tags, so creating
conference private networks for
conference delegates
Allows event organizers and conference
managers to create conference events
bookings, upfront in time and fully
managed them through a clear calendar
TigerTms Ltd
Example of Conference tool screen:
TigerTms Ltd
Security & logging
Intrusion detection
Black list
White list
Law full interception
(Standard for European
countries; Available as
an option outside
Europe) EU-Data
Retention (2006/24/EG)
URL logging
Clustered Fail-over
Anti-Spam or session
rate limitation
Multiple ISP support:
Load Balancing with
failover function
Anti-spoofing security
Packet capturing
AAA log
XML log
Local user log
PMS interface log
System log
Agent log
Malicious users can be blocked and IP
address can be band to a black list
All subscriber activity is logged in order
to comply to local country security
Parameters logged are: date ;site;
direction; source IP; source port;
destination IP; destination port; gateway;
proxy; MAC address; authentication and
Ability to activate URL logging: logging
user activity which URL they have
visited, including info as date; MAC
address; username; IP address and URL
page, visited.
This feature can be deactivated for legal
Ability to install a second gateway for
full redundancy: TIPCL will swap
connections automatically to the second
gateway upon no response of the primary
one, after a predefined time.
Limitation of number of sessions per time
unit (hours; minutes; seconds):
Example: More then 200 SMTP
sessions/minute are blocked
Session rate limitation rules are allocated
to a billing or access plan.
Load Balancing and Fail-over on WAN
Up to 4 physical WAN Ethernet
connections in Load Balance mode, but
not limited to.
Unlimited VLAN tagged based WAN
connections in Load Balancing, are
Each WAN interface can be selected if
used as load balanced WAN or as
exclusive WAN fail-over interface
Anti MAC address based spoofing
security. Prevents malicious persons of
pretending MAC address usage and
“steeling” IP addresses/accounts.
Feature enhancement for MAC spoofing
detection, Configurable MAC spoofing
threshold to be more tolerant for VPN
Management interface allows for packet
captures for troubleshooting network
TigerTms Ltd
Security & logging
Law full Interception
Log EU-Data Retention
Loyalty Membership
System backup ftp log
Packet capturing via GUI
for troubleshooting
FTP and SFTP support
Allows detailed TCP/UDP capturing for
in-depth traffic analysis
Summary of HSMX-100/1000/5000/20000 Gateway
is a platform designed for easily manage authentication and billing for small to medium sized networks. It provides a user-friendly platform for the
offering of extra services and creation of additional revenue. Thanks to the high level security functions, you can safely offer internet to your customers
and may rest assured internet service is controlled at all time.
Authentication & Authorization
Billing & Payment methods
Every subscriber needs to log in before accessing
the internet, so no unwanted subscribers can use
the internet in your property. The HSMX supports
multiple authentication protocols:
UAM (Universal Access Method) with
captive portal over SSL
MAC-based authentication
WPA 802.1X
The IPCL platform creates an opportunity to gain
extra revenue. You can create your own billing
plans and payment can be done in different ways:
Voucher: full voucher management
credit card (Optional Module)
PMS (Optional Module)
Local Authentication
Radius Authentication
Single click authentication for complimentary
Billing and access plans can be unlimited number
of pre-paid; post-paid or special free plans and is
subscriber profile based.
The HSMX supports multiple credit card clearing
TigerTms Ltd
Integrated Firewall
(2006/24/EG): Keeps track of the IP-addresses
visited by the subscribers, which makes sure in case
of internet abuse, the violator can be traced.
White list / Black list: Predefine websites may be
visited without authentication/ URL and IP address
MRM (Mail Rate Monitoring): Anti SPAM
SRM (Session Rate Monitoring): if a subscriber
sets up too many connections, Session Rate
Monitoring makes it possible to:
Log out subscriber
Block subscriber
Limit access to web
Intrusion Detection
Subscriber Access
Spoofing Detection: Mac address spoofing and
fixed IP spoofing detection
log of administrators and subscribers
NAT (Network Address Translation)
VPN pass-through
RADIUS Client / RADIUS Proxy
Log out console
Smart URLs
Registration Mail
Network features
Any IP / Any DNS: Subscribers don’t need to
change anything in their IP-configuration, which
makes it extremely easy to connect to the network
Time, Bandwidth and Volume-management:
makes it possible to manage and spread the load on
your network
Wired / Wireless: The HSMX works on any network
environment : wired ; wireless; …
DHCP Server: Automatic IP configuration for all
RADIUS Roaming
NAT (Network Address Translation)
Dyn DNS client
802.1Q VLAN Tagging
Multiple Administrators: multiple administrators
can be created, each with their own rights and
Subscriber management: via internal database or
external radius. Creation of subscribers based upon
the defined billing plans.
Centralized Management: manage
gateways centrally (optional module).
• RADIUS log
• System log
• Syslog
• Interface log
Meeting Room Scheduler
SSL Encrypted: Management interface over https.
TigerTms Ltd
Portal page
Portal Page redirect: Subscribers who want to
access the internet are redirected to a portal page
to log in. This portal page is completely
customizable and can match the corporate design
of the property.
Reporting & Monitoring
Reports: Revenue, data usage and subscriber
reports show all user activity, transferred data and
the revenue that was made in your property.
Reports on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.
Broken down figures according to payment method
Subscriber session tracing with filter possibilities
PDA-friendly portal pages
Gateway Health Status: alarming via email
Portal Page Wizard: Easily create your own
personalized portal page.
Unlimited number of custom portals loadable
Network device monitoring based on SNMP
alarming via email
Pop-up blocker detection
Multiple Browser Support
Hardware specifications
PMS Integration & services (Optional)
Certified Micro/Fidelio interface
Type: FIAS Serial or FIAS IP supporting shared guest
OnQ PMS connection
Protel PMS connection
The PMS module (Property Management System) will
allow to create a richer guest experience:
• charge internet access to guest account
• view PMS stored text messages on guest portal
• view detailed bill on guest portal
• check out via internet
• posting of voucher values for financial
• access to Tiger’s XML based guest services
guest portal
• 10/100/1000 BASE-T LAN port
• 10/100/1000 BASE-T WAN port
• 10/100/1000 BASE-T for possible PMS
• DB9 serial for possible PMS interface
• Rack mountable (1u, 19 inch)
• Dimensions:
o Height: 1.7” (43mm)
o Width: 17.2” (437 mm)
o Depth: 9.8” (249 mm)
o Gross Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
o Operating: 10 – 35 °C (50° - 95°F)
o Non-Operating: - 40 - 70 °C (-40° - 158°F)
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