IKDB002 R2 IKD Keypad Pushbutton System

IKDB002 R2, CRN 8282, Date: 11/11/2010
IKDV01 Keypad Push Button
IEC Ex 07.0018X [Ex ia] I
1. Description
The Ampcontrol IKDV01 Keypad Push Button System is used in
conjunction with the Ampcontrol range of Integrated Protection
Relays. The Keypad is approved to Ex ia Intrinsic Safety Standards
so that it can be installed outside the flameproof enclosure.
The use of the IS Keypad System eliminates the conventional
flameproof buttons normally used on a Distribution Control Box
A faulty keypad can be changed out at the face, whereas a damaged
flameproof actuator requires the DCB to be removed from service for
The user is responsible for assisting in the
maintenance of the Ex ia Intrinsic Safety rating
by complying with the “Conditions of safe use”
outlined in the certificate.
The keypad module consist of eight push button keys, each fitted
with acknowledge LEDs and associated electronics.
The keypad module is connected to the IKDV01 Interface Module by
a three-wire cable. The keypad module receives power and
communicates with the IKDV01 Interface via this cable. The setting of
DIP Switches 2 and 3 will configure the Interface Module for
Standard Operation or PLC Control.
When a keypad key is operated the corresponding relay or optoisolated output in the IKDV01 Interface Module responds and
activates its output.
2. Features
Intrinsically Safe. Allows push buttons to be installed outside
the flameproof enclosure.
Opto-isolated outputs
Watch dog timer continually checks stop circuit
Compact design
Easy on site replacement
Provides Earth Leakage, Earth Fault Lockout and Earth
Continuity tests
Standard Operation and PLC Control
3. Application
When power is applied to the IKDV01 Interface Module, the outputs
remain off until communications with the keypad is healthy and the
Stop key has been pressed (only applies when Mode 1 is selected).
When power is first applied to the keypad (via the IKDV01 Interface)
all LEDs on the push button keys will flash simultaneously until
communication is established. This flashing may continue if wiring to
the keypad is faulty or the Interface Module itself is faulty.
Standard Mode of Operation (Mode 1)
To set the Interface for Standard operation set DIP Switch 2 OFF
and Dip Switch 3 ON. The switches are located on the IKDV01
Interface Module.
Push Buttons provide the following eight functions when the
interface is connected to an Integrated Protection Relay:
 Stop
 Start
 Lock (To enable the Integrated protection Relay to be
 Reset
 E/C Test (Earth Continuity Test)
 EFLO Test (Earth Fault Lockout Test). Used in conjunction
with Earth Fault Test Modules)
 E/L Test (Earth Leakage Test). Selection of DIP Switch 4
provides 150 or 600 ms delays for test purposes. E/L Test
Relay is connected to 110 VAC supply. Can be used as an
injection source
 RL1 (Operates internal relay RL1, which closes an output
PLC Control (Mode 2)
To set the Interface for PLC Control set DIP Switch 2 ON and DIP
Switch 3 OFF. The switches are located on the IKDV01 Interface
When the IKDV01 Interface Module has been set to Mode 2 the
Programmable Logic Controller controls the outlet of the DCB.
The main difference to the Standard Operation is as follows:
No stop reset is required on power up
Operation of the Start key causes RL1 output to close (while
key is closed)
Operation of RL1 Key has no action
Start opto-output is disabled
See IKDV01 User Manual for full details.
3.2.1 Operation (PLC)
RL1 relay output contact is connected to a PLC Input.
A PLC Output is connected to the start input on the Integrated
Protection Relay.
Operation of the Start push key operates an internal relay RL1 in the
IKDV01 Interface Module. This relay output closes the PLC input.
Depending on the user’s PLC code, the PLC may be used to initiate
any pre-start procedures, such as the operation of warning alarms
At the successful conclusion of any pre-start routines, the PLC output
should be closed which will operate the Integrated Protection Relay
that energises the outlet.
All other key operations for Test, Reset, Lock and Stop are the same
as described for Standard Mode of Operation (Section 3.1).
4. Specifications
Supply Volts
110 Vac ± 20%, 50 Hz ± 2 Hz
Mode of Operation Settings:
Mode 1 – Standard Operation
Dip Switch 2 OFF
Dip Switch 3 ON
Mode 2 – PLC Control
Dip Switch 2 ON
Dip Switch 3 OFF
Earth Leakage Time Settings:
Dip Switch 4 ON – 500 ms
Dip Switch 4 OFF – 150 ms
Relay Contacts:
RL1, E/L, Test and Stop
1N/O 5A/ 190 VAC 100 VA maximum
5 Parts List
IKDV01 Interface
Standard IS Keypad
Earth Fault Test Module-415 V
Earth Fault Test Module – 1 kV
Earth Fault Test Module - 3.3 kV
IKDV01 User Manual
IKD Block Diagram
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