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External Audio Support
Document History: July 7, 2016. Initial beta release. Document version 1.0. DB Document Version 1.0 (released June 2016) ™
Streambox® 360 Live Streaming 1 INTRODUCTION
Streambox introduced the External Audio Support in its latest release of Cloud Encoder for OSX. Now, in addition to the audio tied to the video source, an audio overlay can be added to your video stream. For example, this feature could be employed where a news reporter wanted to add their voiceover narration to a live video stream. 2 REQUIREMENTS
1.  Latest Version of Streambox Cloud Encoder for OSX 2.  MacBook Pro (2014‐2016 models, i7 recommended) 3.  Installed microphone (built‐in or external) 3 SETUP
Make sure you have the latest Streambox Cloud Encoder. Click on the ‘Streambox Cloud Encoder’ menu (red arrow) and select ‘Check for Updates’. If there is an update available, go ahead and download & install that update. The version number should be at least the same or greater than shown here (green arrow) Page 2 of 3 Streambox® 360 Live Streaming 3.2 SETUP AUDIO INPUT IN ENCODER
Make sure your microphone is plugged in if it is external; e.g., a USB microphone. From the ‘Service’ menu select ‘Audio’. From the ‘Audio’ list select the desired microphone (in this example, we have chosen the Samson C01U external USB microphone). That’s it, you are now set to use an external microphone to voice live streams. 3.3 CHECKING THE STATUS
You can check the status of your audio input from the Status Box. If it is hidden, click the right‐chevron button (red arrow); the Status Box will slide out to the right. Select the ‘Encoder’ tab on the top (between the ‘Network’ and ‘Statistics’ tabs). Then, in the ‘Audio’ panel, you can verify that your input is working from the levels monitor (green arrow). Simply tap your microphone with your finger to see if the levels monitor responds accordingly. Page 3 of 3 
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