`s USB KVM may be your new best

KVM Console to USB 2.0 Portable Laptop Crash Cart Adapter
The NOTECONS01 KVM Console to USB 2.0 Portable Laptop Crash Cart Adapter turns your notebook or
netbook into a portable server crashcart, eliminating the need to lug around a large, heavy and awkward video
screen, keyboard, and mouse. This adapter delivers the VGA stream from any host computer to a laptop and
emulates the laptop mouse and keyboard outputs for simple access and control of connected servers, PCs or
other "headless" devices.
With portability for the mobile administrator or repair technician in mind, this
USB-powered adapter features a small-footprint design that requires no
additional accessories to connect to most servers, and requires no serverside software installation. Plus, the pocket-sized adapter draws its power
from the server-side USB connections, allowing the laptop/netbook to last
longer without consuming battery power.
Ensuring full control of the connected units, the Laptop KVM Server Console
Adapter provides immediate access to the POST screen and BIOS, plus the
ability to handle full configuration of the attached PC or machine;
administrators can connect to a headless server/device without the need of
an expensive LCD rackmount console or bulky monitor, keyboard and
mouse solution.
Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical
How it works:
may be your new best
friend for trips to the
datacenter... you can use
this from the back of the
rack. So if you are handling
issues that require moving
cables or network
connections... this can be a
major timesaver."
"The CRN Test Center
recommends StarTech's
Crash Cart Adapter for any
company with a data center
or with technicians servicing
computers in the field"
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Eliminates the need for huge, bulky crash carts in the server room or distributed networks
Cost effective solution for areas where dedicated rack mounted LCD Consoles are too pricey or
cumbersome to install
Headless Server maintenance
Mobile server repair
ATM and VLT maintenance and repair
Very small footprint with integrated KVM cables
Self-powered – draws its power from the server USB connections
Multi-platform support USB and PS/2 to the server or KVM (PS/2 for Keyboard Only)
Upgradable Firmware
LED indicators for USB link, Host Video link, and Host Keyboard/Mouse Link
Manual video adjustments to control the picture position, sharpness and image noise for optimal
performance settings
Snapshot feature allows you to capture screen shots of your server, error messages, and activity
Pre-loaded special key commands
Keyboard emulation support for USB, PS/2 and SUN systems
Auto image centering adjustment for 4x3 images on a wide screen display
Automatic video scaling when resizing the viewing pane from the console PC (laptop) for immediate,
automatic compatibility
Manual video override adjustments allows it to work with legacy and industrial devices where other
portable consoles do not
True USB mouse synchronization ensures accurate navigation of the connected server
1 800 265 1844
Technical Specifications
Cables Included
KVM Ports
PC Interface
PC Video Type
IP Control
Maximum Analog
Maximum Number of
Console Interface(s)
Host Connectors
Host Connectors
Host Connectors
OS Compatibility
LED Indicators
LED Indicators
LED Indicators
Power Source
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Cable Length
Enclosure Type
Product Depth
2 Years
USB and PS/2
1920x1200 @ 60Hz
1 - USB A (4 pin) Male
1 - PS/2 (6 pin; Mini-DIN) Male
1 - USB A (4 pin) Male
1 - VGA (15 pin; High Density D-Sub) Male
Windows® 10 (32/64bit), 8.1 / 8 (32/64bit), 7 (32/64), Vista(32/64), XP(32/64)
Windows Server® 2012, 2008 R2
Mac OS® 10.x (Tested up to 10.9)
Linux 2.6.x - 3.5.x (32/64bit)
1 - Host/Server Keyboard/Mouse (USB,PS/2) Link
1 - Host/Server Video (VGA) Link
1 - User Console/USB Link
80% RH
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
1 x 15in (385mm) USB host cable, 1 x 3in (76mm) VGA host cable, 1 x 6ft (1.8m)
USB Console cable
4.5 in [115 mm]
1 800 265 1844
Product Height
Product Weight
Product Width
Shipping (Package)
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
0.6 in [15 mm]
6 oz [170 g]
2.9 in [74 mm]
0.9 lb [0.4 kg]
1 - USB PS/2 KVM Console Adapter
1 - USB Cable
1 - USB to PS/2 Adapter
1 - USB Software Key
Certifications, Reports and Compatibility
1 800 265 1844
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