Garden Speaker
Installation Instructions:
1. Set the Tap Setting Switch (Figure 1) to your
desired wattage based on the voltage supplied
from your amplifier.
Figure 1. Tap Setting Switch
(located on underside of speaker top)
2. Feed speaker wire through the provided
Sealtite Connector into the speaker base.
3. Connect speaker wire to the wire that protrudes
from the underside of the speaker Top.
(Take note that black is ground.) Be sure to
use speaker wire of a gauge appropriate for
the distance run and the selected tap setting.
Never use speaker wire smaller than 16 gauge.
4. Attach the Top to the Base using the (6) screws
provided. Make sure the wires are inside the Base.
5. Attach the Vertical Security Brackets to the Base
using the bolts provided.
6. Attach the Security Bracket Base Plate to the
Vertical Security Brackets using the nuts and
bolts provided.
7. Dig a hole approximately 18” deep.
8. Check the depth by placing the entire speaker
assembly into the hole. The Top of the speaker
Base should be level with the ground.
9. Backfill the hole. Concrete may be used to fill
around the Vertical Security Brackets and
Security Bracket Base Plate only. The Base
should be backfilled only with dirt.
Backfilled dirt only
Concrete or dirt
Base Plate
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