Library eBooks for your Kindle Preliminary Steps: Before you can

Library eBooks for your Kindle
Preliminary Steps: Before you can successfully download library eBooks, you will need to create an
Amazon account and register your Kindle. To do this, visit and follow the
registration process outlined in Kindle Support.
On a computer, visit the Overdrive eBook catalog at and browse the
collection to find the title that you would like to checkout. Kindle Fire users can do this directly
through their built-in web browser on the Kindle.
Click on the book image of a title you want to check-out. Look on the right hand of the screen and
make sure and verify that the title is available in Kindle format. Click the button Borrow. (Note: if
the book is not available, it will say Place a Hold. Click this button to put yourself on the waiting list
for this title.)
At the prompt, enter in your library card number and click the Sign In button.
You have now successfully checked out a library eBook! The next step is to download the eBook to
your Kindle device.
On the Bookshelf screen, hit the Download button, select Kindle Book and then click Confirm &
Download. At this point you will be taken to the Amazon website to finish the downloading process.
In Amazon, click on the yellow Get Library Book button on the right. You will then be asked to sign
into your Amazon account, using the email address and password you created when you registered
your Kindle.
Choose the Kindle device that you would like the book to be delivered to and click the Continue
WIFI CONNECTION: If you are using a wireless connection, the book will be delivered to your
chosen device and you will be taken to a confirmation screen. The next time you start your Kindle, your
library eBook will appear and be ready to read. Note: If you do not see your book on your Kindle,
manually sync your device. This will prompt your Kindle to retrieve any books that are waiting to be
USB CONNECTION: If you are using a USB connection, click on the Download Now button on the
confirmation screen. At the download prompt, click Save and chose a location on your computer for the
eBook file that you will be able to easily access.
Connect your Kindle to the computer via a USB cable. Your computer will install the device
software needed and on the Kindle screen, you will see this message: “You can now transfer files
from your computer to Kindle.”
Find the eBook file on your computer, and copy the downloaded file from your computer to the
Documents folder on your Kindle. To find the Documents folder, go to My Computer and your
Kindle will appear as a device with removable storage. Double click on the Drive to open your
Kindle, and you will see the Documents Folder.
Once you transfer the file, eject your Kindle from your computer. You can do this by clicking
Disconnect on your Kindle screen, or by right clicking the Kindle drive on your PC and choosing
Download PDF