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version 1.2
OPENDCN PLUS is an extended version of the OPENDCN service
based on small networked server at cinema site combined with its
web application. It receives playlists and required content items
automatically. The server sends the play out audits back to your
customers. The application visualizes your pre-show in a webbrowser on a monitor screen and gives information about status
of content transfer. Ideal for smaller cinemas which prefer a more
automatic mode of operation as OPENDCN provides.
front side
The OPENDCN server is a small and easy to manage product, that
will significantly facilitate your workflow in the cinema. It is to be
installed by the exhibitor himself. Support is given by delivered
installation instructions and available hotline via phone.
Green lamp
(connection to power)
Red lamp
(access to hard drive)
Power Button
Pushing the power button at the frontside once quickly starts or
stops the server if running. If the server is connected to power,
the green LED is glowing. Accessing of hard driver is indicated
by a flashing red LED.
back side
2x USB-Port 2.0
The backside has two
LAN-Port (Intranet)
network interfaces.
LAN-Port (Internet)
One for the inner net-
2x USB-Port 2.0
power supply
work at cinema and the
other is to be connected
to the internet.
Playlist receiving
Content receiving
LogFile receiving
Audit sending
Technical Data
Weight: 1,23 kg
Size: 265(B)x100(T)x200(H)mm
LAN 1 10/100/1000 for Intranet (inner cinema network)
LAN 2 10/100/1000 for Internet (outer network, internet)
4*USB 2.0
220V/110 V, 8 - 40 W
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