GI 3158 Additional recording instructions - 1/2 With

GI 3158 Additional recording instructions - 1/2
With receiver off place usb memory stick or connect external hard drive to receiver, via the
USB port at the back of the 3158 receiver.
Recording via timer
Press 'menu' button on remote control. Using the arrow buttons on remote control, select
'preference' on the left side of screen. Press o.k to select this option.
The highlighted cursor should then jump to left of screen. Go down to 'timer' and press 'o.k' on
the remote control.
You should now be in the main timer screen. Select timer mode 'once' , then go down to
channel, press 'o.k' on remote and will open up a small window with the list of channels.
Select required channel.
Date is in the format of Year / Month / Date.
Set start time of program
Set duration of program
press 'exit' on remote. An option will appear 'Are you sure to save? 'Yes' in gold colour is
highlighted. Your time should now be set and you can out the box into standby mode with the
'power button' on the remote control.
To playback from USB
Press 'Folder' button on remote control. Use left and right arrows on remote to select the
'video camera' icon. Highlight and press 'o.k' on remote to playback.
To delete recording follow above instruction until you have recorded files listed on screen,
highlight one you wish to delete & press yellow button on remote. This will give you a blue 'x'
& when you press 'exit' on remote, will delete from memory stick.
To record from 'epg' (program guide)
Press 'epg' on remote control
Select channel, sometimes the program guide can take a little while to build, press 'o.k' on
desired channel as this helps to 'bring in' guide. You can select the program on now or using
right arrow on remote, the next program.
Once program has been highlighted as mentioned above, press the yellow button on remote.
A small window will open, select USB/Hdd Record, press 'o.k' where you will see the recording
timer screen with details automatically filled out.
Press 'exit' on remote followed by selecting the 'yes' option by pressing 'o.k' on remote control.
GI 3158 Additional recording instructions - 2/2
To record a live program
Press 'record' on remote control. You can press 'stop' at any point to cease recording, highlight
the 'yes' to stop option,
The box has a default setting of 2 hours if you use the instant record. You can alter this setting
if required in the 'menu', 'USB' on left hand side, then 'PVR' option on right hand side, press
'o.k' you should now see a screen with 'PVR Setting' to top right. You also have further options
on this screen, to turn on 'time shift' which will allow you to pause live tv and then continue to
watch without missing any of the live program.
Once any timer set, just press power button on remote control to enter standby mode. If you
turn receiver off via the switch at the rear, then will not record.
General useage & tips
Useage of a surge protector power strip will ensure a longer life span of this type of equipment
as power surges, common in Spain can damage equipment.
Never pull out a memory stick or hard drive whilst recording in progress.
If receiver ever locks up, or any issues – do a manual reboot by switching off via switch at
back of machine & reboot a few minutes later. Allow machine to cool down if hot.
Recording via a memory stick – programs in HD – High Definition consume far more memory
when recording – If unsure if enough room on recordable device, record in SD - standard
definition. Please refer to manufacturers manual if you wish to check available space on
recordable device.
If you do find yourself doing a considerable amount of recording & wish to record a lot of HD
content, then it is recommended you use an external hard drive 3.5” (standard external PC
unit) as these offer far more storage than a memory stick.
Any files recorded can also be backed up to your computer, by copying across from memory
stick or hard drive - should you want to keep.
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