RoadRunner MRH
Video Surveillance Systems for Public Safety Applications
The RoadRunner™ Digital Video
Recorder provides the highest
quality video and audio
recording and is backed by an
industry-leading 2-year warranty.
Designed and manufactured
specifically for use in mobile
applications, the RoadRunner
system will deliver years of high
quality video recording at the
lowest cost of ownership.
Featuring user-friendly,
license-free software the system
is intuitive, easy to use and
designed to provide the video
that you need, when you need it.
Industry Leading Performance
Optimal Network Performance
Utilizing the most advanced, H.264 compression to
Wireless-ready for use with any TCP/IP based
record each camera (up to eight) at real time, the
network, the RoadRunner system includes several
RoadRunner™ system delivers industry-leading
options for wireless capabilities. Optional software
recording rates, longer recording durations,
provides automatic downloading, reporting and
exceptional video quality and is optimized for high
remote live viewing access increasing accessibility
network performance.
of video and data.
Easy System Management
Lowest Cost of Ownership
License free and included software allows for easy
The system can be easily upgraded and expanded.
fleet-wide system updates.
The optional GPS
The DVR is Mil-Spec and SAE rated for proven
includes the iSM™ (Interactive Speed and
durability and tolerance against shock and
Mapping) Interface featuring historical mapping
vibration, features a 2-year warranty, a lifetime of
and speed graphs. By selecting a location on the
software updates, months of data storage and
map or a desired speed, video from that location or
years of maintenance-free operation.
speed is instantly provided.
With automatic
health-system checks and email notification for
Secure Video Clips
events, hard drive status and failures, the
Video clips feature optional password protection,
RoadRunner system provides easy system
watermarking and 128-bit encryption to ensure
video is authentic and secure. System settings are
Fleet-Wide Management Software
up to 64 groups and 256 users.
secured with password protected access-rights for
Apollo Video’s optional ViM (Vehicle Information
Management) Software features fleet-wide video
Simultaneous Recording
and vehicle information management. ViM AutoClip
The system is configured to automatically begin
simplifies and organizes video clips with automatic
recording, eliminating user error and continues to
downloading, event logs, chain of custody reports,
record even during playback, remote viewing,
easy search methods, and the ability to
archiving and performing administration functions.
archive video clips in temporary or
long-term storage. With constant vehicle
monitoring, ViM increases the
accessibility of data - downloading and
storing all system and event log
information with desired video clips.
Simple, Turn-key Installation
The system includes all the wiring and
cables required, providing the option
for easy do-it-yourself installation.
RoadRunner MRH
DVR Warranty
Video Surveillance Systems for Public Safety Applications
The RoadRunner system features
RASplus ™ and HDPlayer™ Software
several camera options designed
•Included at no additional charge, license-free for unlimited users
for maximum video coverage for all
•Provides remote viewing of multiple vehicles and sites simultaneously from virtually any location;
Simultaneously transmit live and playback video from hundreds of video sources to multiple users
interior and exterior mounting in all
•Administrative functions provide fleet-wide system updates, programming and time synchronization
vehicle types. Options include
•System settings are secure with password protected access-rights for up to 64 groups and 256 users
•Call-back feature provides live images to a central location in emergency events
built-in microphones, exterior and
•Health report status and email notification
for events, failures, hard drive status,
camera obstructions, etc.
vandal-proof housings, low-light
•Create secure tamper-proof video clips
recording and more. Visit our
with optional password protection to restrict
viewing access
•Easy search tools provide instant access
website for a complete listing of
cameras, wireless LAN, Cellular,
to recorded data for searching by event or
time and date; Add the optional GPS for
searching by location or speed, the iSM™
GPS, accelerometer and other
options and accessories:
(Interactive Speed and Mapping) Interface
features historical location and speed data
providing intuitive vehicle tracking data
Items Included
•License-Free RASplus Software
•Removable Hard Disk or Solid-State Drive
•Event Switch w/ “Heartbeat” Health Indicator
•Power Harness and Installation Kit
•Operating and Installation Manuals
RR-MRH16: Records up to 16 Cameras + Audio Recording
RR-MRH12: Records up to 12 Cameras + Audio Recording
RR-MRH8: Records up to 8 Cameras + Audio Recording
RR-MRH4: Records up to 4 Cameras + Audio Recording
Typical System Configuration
Recording Duration Chart
Drive Size, Type*
2.0TB HDD:
1.0TB HDD:
480GB SSD:
240GB SSD:
120GB SSD:
120 ips**
240 ips
1,506 hours 752 hours
752 hours 376 hours
361 hours 181 hours
180 hours 90 hours
90 hours
45 hours
480 ips
375 hours
188 hours
94 hours
47 hours
24 hours
On-Board / In-Car Viewing
and Controls
*HDD=Hard Disk Drive; SSD=Solid-State Drive **ips= Images per Second
Recording durations are based on standard quality and resolution. For complete
recording duration estimates, please visit our website:
802.11; LAN/WAN; Cellular
GPS Data
Features and Specifications are
Subject to Change without Notice
Remote Viewing
Live, Playback, Admin
Remote Viewing for
First Responders
RoadRunner DVR
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Playback & Archiving
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