End-to-End Host Test Solutions

End-to-End Host
Test Solutions
An acquirer or issuer payment host implementation
is complex and requires many updates during its
life cycle.
FIS helps you test the generation and processing of payment messages
for speedy acceptance and a performant payment environment.
End-to-End Host Test Solutions
For: Acquiring and Issuing banks, Processors, Independent Service
Organizations (ISOs), Payment networks, Merchants
Almost every card payment transaction using a debit
or credit card at a Point-of-Sale terminal, ATM or via
e-commerce results in a real-time authorization request
message that travels through the payment network to
the Issuer. The Issuer accepts or declines the transaction
— based on its risk analysis and account information —
and sends the verdict back in a response message. Most
payment network owners require acquirers and issuers
to pass certification tests before connecting. The ISO
8583-based format specifications created and owned by
payment brands are constantly evolving with changes in
business requirements and technological evolutions. With
each update, your system needs to be retested on the new
functionalities and regression. Typically, this happens once
or twice per year.
The Host Test Solutions validate your system through existing
authorization interfaces. We provide you dedicated
solutions, depending on your role in the card payment
Functional Testing
Payment network specifications cover many aspects,
including the format of exhanged messages, transaction
behavior, and authorization rules.
Our Host Test Solutions suite of products help you ensure
that these specifications are correctly implemented and
exclude any major disorders in your payment infrastructure.
Clearing and Settlement Testing
Our Clearing and Settlement Test Solutions helps you verify
the behavior of an issuer or an acquirer on the clearing
and settlement interface.
Test Case Management, Virtualization
and Automation
The automation features of the tools allow you to quickly
react to unexpected issues or events that turn up in the final
stages of testing.
By utilizing our virtualization capabilities, you can simulate
any component of the payment chain that interfaces with
your system. This approach avoids working with live systems
which can be time consuming, expensive or simply not
available to you.
If available from the specification owner, the test solutions
come with pre-defined test scripts. Moreover, we can
create custom solutions for proprietary or specific regional
formats, as well as more extended suites of test cases.
Advanced automation features enable you to run tests
over and over again with minimal effort — this would
take days to do manually. Moreover, your test coverage
can be expanded far beyond the limits of manual testing:
imagine the increase of productivity, cost-reduction and
elimination of tester-fatigue.
The FIS suite of automated test solutions include simulators
for each of the different components in a payment system,
pre-defined test scenarios, a comprehensive log and
report features and detailed error analysis capabilities.
The Clearing and Settlement mechanism is difficult to test and
necessitates a wide test scope. Manual testing takes several
days. Issues or events that show up in the final stages of testing
can necessitate starting your test cycle all over again.
Your key benefits:
̺̺Essential: ensure your host
implementation complies to
governing specifications
̺̺High quality payment solutions:
ensure a continuous high level of
service to your customers
̺̺Speed up time-to-market:
reduce your test times from days
to hours, weeks to days
̺̺Complete: covers major
international formats
̺̺EMV-ready: (pre)certification
test scripts for terminal testing
̺̺Flexible: runs on our modular
and scalable platform enabling
easy customization
̺̺Supports Cloud-based payments
̺̺Test environment always
available: simulation of all
components of the payment
̺̺Reduce your costs
End-to-End Host Test Solutions continued
Why choose Open Test Solutions
Virtualization (simulation)
FIS is the world’s #1 financial technology company serving
more than 20,000 institutions in over 130 countries.
•• Simulator acts as acquirer, payment network or issuer,
sending financial messages or responding
Empowering the financial industry, our test solutions are
acknowledged by the most reputed companies worldwide.
Building on 25 years of payment testing expertise, we
help the industry save time and efficiently launch reliable
ePayment solutions. We aim to establish a true partner
relationship to gain knowledge and insights that we can use
to develop the solution that fits your business perfectly.
Technical details
•• Automatic validation determines if a message is
properly formatted and if the cryptographic fields
are correct
•• Automatic validations on returned responses
▪▪ Mandatory echo
▪▪ Inter and intra message checks
▪▪ Valid value lists per field
▪▪ Format
•• ISO 8583, POS (field simulators
At the core of efficient testing lies our virtualization
capabilities. By emulating the behavior of specific
components, obstacles that normally slow you down during
development and testing are removed. When used with our
payment-specific test case management software, all the
tools for a modern and efficient test approach are at your
•• Cryptography
▪▪ Single, double and triple key length DES
▪▪ Massage MACing
▪▪ EMV Calculation at runtime (fully simulated, physical
card, virtual card & terminal simulator, ARPC &
issuer scripting)
Some examples of Host Testing Configurations:
Issuer Test Environment
Acquirer Test Environment
Live Acquirer
Unit Under Test
Test Solution
Test Solution
Network Simulation
Issuer Simulation
Card Simulation
POS Simulation
Acquirer Simulation
Netwok Simulation
Acquirer is connected to the host test solution
which simulates all possible issuer responses to the
requests, including invalid requests.
Unit Under Test
Issuer testing is carried out using card data
retrieved from either a simulated card(s) or a
physical card connected to a card reader.
Acquirer Test Environment | End-to-End Testing
Test Solution
Card Simulation
POS Simulation
Unit Under
Under Test
Test Solution
This configuration extends the
test environment by enabling
simulated messages coming
from a payment terminal.
Network Simulation
Issuer Simulation
End-to-End Host Test Solutions continued
▪▪ EMV validation at runtime (ARQC validation for
requests, ARPC validation for responses, Issuer script
sent to cards)
•• Supports transaction tokenization fields and networkto-network callouts
•• Linked messages: advice/reversal can be linked to a
previous authorization/pre-authorization
Test Case Management
•• Extends the performance of virtualization
•• Fully integrated Graphical User Interface and
Test Case Management
•• User created test cases:
▪▪ Test request message, response message or both
▪▪ Tests include present, not-present, specific value,
wildcard values, length, EMV tags and others
▪▪ Test cases can include a single financial request/
response or multiple
▪▪ Automated reporting of test results
•• Negative testing
•• Override default responses
▪▪ Match incoming messages on message type and any
incoming test case specific field data
▪▪ Changing individual fields
▪▪ Add optional response fields
▪▪ Delay response
▪▪ Do not respond
Open Test Solutions (formerly Clear2Pay) is an expert
provider of test solutions and test services for all electronic
payment transactions.
We help our customers save time and efficiently launch
payment innovations that meet the highest quality standards.
From a leadership position, we aim to build a true partner
relationship to build engagement and generate insights that
we use to develop the solution that fits your business perfectly.
FIS is the world’s largest global provider dedicated to
banking and payments technologies. FIS serves more than
20,000 institutions in over 130 countries.
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