Installation Manual

Installation Manual
Card Motor Controller
Controller Setting Software for LATCA
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[Before using this product]
Read the "End-User License Agreement" shown on the next page carefully
and accept the terms before using this software.
End-User License Agreement
SMC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "SMC") grants the user (regardless the user is a
corporation or an individual) a license to use this software "Controller Setting Software LATC-W2"
(hereinafter referred to as "Software") provided according to this End-User License agreement
(hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") under the articles listed below.
The user is considered to have agreed to the terms of this Agreement by installing, copying or using
this Software. Do not install, copy or use this Software if the terms of this Agreement cannot be
The terms of this Agreement must be accepted by the user before downloading this Software if this
Software has been supplied by SMC via the Internet or any other means. Do not download this
Software if you cannot accept the terms of this Agreement.
Article 1 (Grant of license)
1. This Software is to be used in accordance with this Agreement non-exclusively for the limited
purpose of using or setting SMC electrical actuators.
2. This software can be installed and saved on a PC for the sole purpose specified in the
preceding paragraph.
Article 2 (Restrictions)
1. This software is not to be copied, except as specified in Articles 1-2.
2. This software license is not to be transferred or lent wholly or in part to a third party, either
free of charge or for payment.
3. Modification, translation, adaptation or reverse engineering of this software is not permitted.
Article 3 (Other notices)
1. Read the "Safety Instructions", "Precautions", "Specific Product Precautions" and
"Specifications" described in the manual for the equipment when using any equipment
controlled by this Software.
2. This Software and the equipment controlled by it are subject to change without prior notice.
Article 4 (Exemption of liability)
SMC cannot take any responsibility for any damage incurred by the use of this Software.
Article 5 (Termination)
1. SMC has the full authority to terminate this agreement in the event of any terms and
conditions have been breached.
2. This Software and any copies thereof must be destroyed when this Agreement is
Article 6 (Rights of this Software)
The copyright and any other rights of this Software are owned by SMC, and protected by
Japanese copyright laws and international treaty provisions.
Article 7 (Governing law and jurisdiction)
1. This Agreement shall be governed by Japanese laws.
2. Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be submitted in the first instance to the
exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court primarily.
3. This Agreement has been made in the Japanese language as well. The Japanese text shall
prevail over any inconsistencies between the Japanese and any translations thereof.
1. Foreword
Prepare the following before using this software (LATC-W2).
1.1. Applicable computer
R 7 32bit or 64bit
This software can be used on a computer with a Windows○
operating system.
(Administrator rights are required to install the software and the drivers for the
communication cable and virtual COM port.)
The computer screen resolution should be 1024 x 768 DPI or more.
1.2. USB cable
A USB cable should be prepared for connecting the communication cable to the computer.
Use a Type A to Mini-B USB cable. (Normally included with the LATC-W2 controller
setting kit.)
2. Installation procedures
2.1. Installation of the drivers for the communication cable
Insert the LATC-W2 CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.
Connect the controller setting cable to the USB port on your computer. The message
shown below will appear, as the driver has not yet been installed.
iii. Open the Windows “Start” menu, right-click on “Computer”, select “Properties” and
thereafter “Device Manager”.
(Alternatively, open the Windows “Start” menu, select “Control Panel” and “System
and Security” and click “Device Manager” in the “System” section.)
iv. Double-click “Other Devices”, select the “SMC Serial Converter” with the “!” symbol
and right-click to open the menu shown below on the left. Select “Update Driver
Select the “Browse my computer for driver software” option when the dialog box
shown below on the right appears.
vi. When the dialog box shown below on the left appears, click "Browse", select the
CD-ROM drive and the "¥Drivers¥32bit" folder for Windows7(32bit) and
"¥Drivers¥64bit" for Windows7(64bit). Click "Next".
vii. The warning message shown below on the right will appear. Select “Install this
driver software anyway” to proceed with the installation.
viii. The following dialog box will appear when the SMC Serial Converter driver
installation has been completed. Click the “Close” button.
ix. Next the "virtual COM port driver" for the communication cable needs to be installed
for the software to function properly.
The “USB Serial Port” device should now appear in the “Device Manager” as shown
below. Right-click on it and select “Update Driver Software”.
Continue the installation of the "virtual COM port driver" following the same
procedure beginning from step v.
The following dialog box will appear when the installation has been completed.
Click the “Close” button.
2.2. Installation of the software
Copy the "LATC_Configurator.exe" file from the CD-ROM to the desktop of your computer.
Double-click the copied file to start the software.
Read chapter "3. Check of the Communication Port" before starting the software.
3. Check of the Communication Port
When starting the LATC-W2 software it is required to set the communication port number
(COM no.) that has been assigned to the communication cable.
Check the communication port number using the Windows “Device Manager” as follows.
Open the Windows Start menu, right-click on “Computer”, select “Properties” and
thereafter “Device Manager”.
(Alternatively, open the Windows “Start” menu, select “Control Panel” and “System
and Security” and click “Device Manager” in the “System” section.)
Check in the “Device Manager” that the two drivers have been installed as shown
Check the COM number for the RS485 communication from the “Ports (COM &
LPT)” device “SMC Serial Port”. In this example it is shown as COM3.
The communication port number is needed when starting this software.
Check the communication port number after connecting the communication cable.
The communication port number depends on the USB port the communication cable
is currently connected to.
4. Starting the software
When the "LATC-Configurator.exe" icon is double-clicked, the dialog box shown below will
appear. Set the COM port number as confirmed according to the instructions in chapter "3.
Check of the Communication Port".
 If "COM port Not Available" is displayed and/or the number of COM port to which a
controller setting cable is connected is not displayed as shown above, the controller setting
cable is not recognised. Confirm that the wiring and two drivers are properly installed (Refer
to "3. Check of the Communication Port ").
5. Communication with the controller
The connected controller is automatically detected when starting this software. However, if
the communication settings, such as COM port number, are incorrect, communication
cannot be established. Confirm the following before starting the communication.
 That power is supplied to the connected controller.
 That the controller and the computer are connected to each other via the
communication cable.
 If the dialog box shown, the controller
has not been detected.
Check the communication port setting,
wiring, power supply to the controller and
any other matter that may affect the
communication with the controller.
6. Functions of each function
Refer to the controller operation manuals for details of the controller and software functions.
Do not connect or disconnect the controller setting cable whilst the LATC-W2
application is running.
Disconnecting the cable during communication may cause a software corruption.
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