Lead Your e-CLASSES Session in the Version 8

Lead Your e-CLASSES Session in the
Version 8 Browser Option
The Desktop option remains the preferred way for you to lead your e-CLASSES session
however in Version 8 we see the Browser option has unique features such as scalable
content and different webcam views.
Login to your e-CLASSES Session at www.eclasses-contactnorth.ca
Enter your username and password on the login page, click Log In.
After logging in, you will arrive at the My Schedule page. Ensure your microphone &
speakers or headset are plugged in before you join your session! Likewise if you’re using
a webcam or interactive pen & tablet.
Look for your session in the Upcoming or Ongoing tabs and click Lead in Browser to get in to
the session through the Browser option.
Test your audio and webcam - You can open Audio Setup anytime by clicking on the
arrow beside the Mute/On icon.
To adjust your speakers/headset volume, click on the green Play icon to hear an audio sample.
Slide the volume bar to the left or right to adjust. Speak into your microphone
and adjust the volume slider for an optimum level.
To test your webcam settings, click on the arrow to the right of the camera icon.
Start your session – Click the Start icon, on the upper right, to begin the session.
You can also control the session recording in this area with Pause and Resume.
Once you start your e-CLASSES session, check the bottom left corner of the window to
ensure you’re In Session and that Recording has started if you want to be able to save a
The Leader Browser Interface – e-CLASSES is an interactive real-time environment.
You are able to give and get feedback from your participants, just like in a traditional
meeting/class. The Leader Browser Interface provides you with a number of tools to enhance
your experience.
When you want to talk, click on the Mute/On icon or the microphone beside your name in the
People Panel. Click again when you are finished (the icon is lined in red when your
microphone is muted, and green when it is on). You can also hold down the keyboard CTRL
icon to talk.
or click microphone
Along the bottom of the screen there are sliders to adjust the volume of what you are hearing
and saying. Your Network Status indicator is to the right of the volume sliders.
Below the Audio and Video icons is the Communication Toolbar that contains icons that you
can use to communicate with others in the session.
Communication Tools:
The Hand tool allows participants to raise their hand if they have a question. A symbol will
appear beside the participants’ names along with a number indicating the order in which
hands were raised.
The green check and red x allow you to ask direct Yes or No questions.
The Laugh and Applaud icons allow you and your participants to express some emotion during
the meeting.
If anyone in the session needs to leave their computer for a few minutes, they can click on the
Step Out icon to let others know they are away.
From the Attendees window (People Panel):
Leader / Co-Presenter have a grey background
Click the microphone or camera icons to give or take
audio and video controls for participants.
Right-click on a name to give or take controls.
Give or take controls for all participants at once by
hovering over the icons at the bottom of the
window to get a pop down menu.
Messages display here.
The Chat window allows all attendees to communicate
with text messages within the session. Enter text and
click Send to chat with All in the session or use the dropdown menu to select a specific person.
You can undock the chat panel to move it to a convenient
Right click in the chat
window to display time
stamps and to save the chat
Use the Top Menu controls to add content, start sharing an application, start a poll, display
the whiteboard, and set up breakout rooms.
Content that you upload will be displayed in the Agenda Toolbar.
Each file appears as a separate tab. Use the toolbar to preview
your content and navigate through the agenda. Slides are
represented by a bar along the top. A green bar indicates an item being displayed to
attendees in the Media Window, while a purple bar indicates an item being previewed by the
Content You May Present – You can present several types of content in the
e-CLASSES meeting. These may include:
PowerPoint presentations
Web page URL’s
Applications to share (ex. Excel)
Files to download
Short videos
Application Sharing – use Appshare when you want
to show meeting participants an application from you
own computer. Participants will see your selected
applications in the media window.
Leader View
while sharing an
Participant View
while sharing an
Polls – Use a poll to ask participants to respond to a single question.
You can show the results of the poll to participants.
The Whiteboard is a tool that you can initiate allowing all to write,
draw, and type in the interactive meeting room.
You can use a
mouse to write or
a pen and tablet
which is especially
helpful in drawing
and working with
There are many tools that can be used on the Whiteboard and other content. These Markup
Tools are located along the left side of the media window. With some of the tools there are
several options in colours, stamps, highlighters, and shapes (options are available as you hover
over the tool).
Select Tool
Shape Tool
Line or Arrow
Save to Agenda
Deleted Selected
You must enable a
microphone in order
to give them access to
the Markup tools.
Breakout Rooms – Participants can be divided into separate
breakout rooms. Each room is assigned a leader and each group
can work on different content using any of the e-Channel tools.
To Exit the session, click on the Exit icon. You then select if
you want to publish the recording when you exit. When
published, participants will be able to see a recording of
the session.
Be sure to Log out from the My Schedule page when as well.
Leader Browser Interface, Version 8
Right Click
Turn on/off your microphone with the Mute/On icon. Test your audio
settings by clicking on the arrow.
Turn on/off your camera. Adjust video settings by clicking on the arrow.
Display the Markup tools.
Use Emoticons to communicate in your session. Raise your Hand,
Answer Yes or No, indicate laughter or Applause, and Step Out.
Click the microphone or camera icon to give or take audio and video
controls for a participant, OR right-click on a participant’s name to give or
take controls.
Click the icon to give or take controls for all participants at once.
Enter text and click Send to chat with everyone in the session or use the
drop-down to select a specific person.
Dock/undock the chat panel.
Display time stamps and save chat conversation as .txt file.
Carole Drew
Jim Parks
Susan Brown
10) Use the top menu controls to start sharing an application,
display the whiteboard, start a poll, and use breakout rooms.
11) Use the Agenda toolbar to preview content and navigate the
12) Start/End a session and Pause or Resume recording.
13) Exit the session and select publishing options for when you
14) Edit session settings (chat, appshare, audio and video).
15) There can be 8 webcam images displayed at one time. Click
the star in the top-right corner of a webcam image to display it
as primary video in the media window.
16) Undock the video panel. When undocked, the panel can be
displayed vertically or horizontally.
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