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Futsal Rules
*Participants are responsible for possessing a thorough understanding of these regulations and their
implications. All Futsal games will be governed by Federation International of Football Association
(FIFA) and United States Futsal Federation (USSF) rules with the following modifications.
1. Five players will constitute a team. Teams may have no more than twelve players on their
roster. A team must have a minimum of four players or a maximum of five players on the field at
the start of the game.
2. Teams may not remove players from their roster once that player participates in a regular
season game.
3. Players may not, at any point, change teams once they have participated in a regular season
4. Teams may add players throughout the season up to the second game if an open roster spot is
1. PLAYING AREA: All games will be played in the Texins Gymnasium.
2. GAME BALL: Teams may furnish their own game ball or select to use a ball provided by Texins. If
a team wants to use their own game ball, it must be approved by the opposing team. If they are
unable to agree, a game ball will be provided by Texins staff.
3. ATHLETIC ATTIRE: All players must wear athletic shoes. Tennis/running shoes are permitted.
Participants MUST wear closed-toe shoes, at all times, while competing.
4. JEWELRY: Jewelry must be off or taped. Extra time will not be allowed for participants to
remove or tape jewelry.
5. BLOOD RULE: When a player is bleeding, has an open wound, or an excessive amount of blood
on his/her uniform the player will be directed to leave the game. If available, a sub may enter
the game immediately. The injured player is not to return until the bleeding has stopped, the
wound is covered, and the bloody clothing item is changed or removed.
1. TIME: Games will be divided into two twenty (20)-minute halves. There will be a three-minute
half-time break. The clock will run the entire time, unless stopped due to injury or unforeseen
2. TIME OUTS: Each team will be allowed one 60 second time out per half. Each time out shall last
no longer than 60 seconds. Time outs DO NOT carry over. A request for a timeout by a player in
the game shall be granted only when the ball is dead or in control of a player on the team
making the request. A request at any other time shall be ignored. The clock will stop during time
3. OVERTIME: In the event that regulation play ends in a tie during the regular season, the game
will end as a tie and both teams will get 1 point in the standings. If a tie occurs in playoffs, a
Golden Goal extra time session will occur. Extra Time will consist of two 5 minute golden goal
halves. As soon as one team scores, the game is over.
4. If no team scores then a best-of-5 penalty kick shootout will determine the winner. A coin toss
will determine which team kicks first. Teams may only select five players for the penalty kick
shootout out of players who are on the court at the end of extra time. If a shootout goes more
than 5 frames then the shooters will repeat in the same order that they did for the first 5
1. STARTING THE GAME: Possession to start the game and sudden death will be determined by a
coin toss. The team that wins the toss will have the choice of the kickoff or the side the team
wishes to defend. The second half begins with an automatic reversal of the first choice of the
2. SCORING: After a goal has been scored, the game is restarted in exactly the same manner with
the kickoff being taken by a player of the team that did not score the goal. A goal cannot be
scored directly from a kickoff.
3. BALL IN AND OUT OF PLAY: The ball is out of play when it has completely crossed the sidelines
or end lines whether on the ground or in the air.
4. SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions are free and unlimited during game play except for the
goalkeeper. Any player may change places with the goalkeeper, provided that the opposing
team is informed before the change is made and the change is made during a stoppage in play.
1. There is no offside rule. The goalie may not hold the ball for more than six seconds (Foul:
Indirect free kick from midcourt line.
2. The goalie may put the ball in play by either throwing it in or kicking it. If the ball is thrown in it
must touch another player before it reaches mid-court line.
3. (Absolutely no slide tackling allowed (Foul: Red Card ejection)
4. The goalie can use his/her hands only within the penalty area.
5. All kickoffs, goal kicks, kick-ins, and corner kicks are indirect.
6. A team may score off of any direct kick or penalty kick.
7. On an indirect free kick, the wall must be 5 yards away.
1. FORFEITS: If a team fails to appear for a scheduled game or match by game time, or following
the grace periods, a forfeit will be declared. A team that continuously forfeits will be subject to
being dropped from the league.
2. DEFAULTS: If a team notifies the Recreation Specialist of their inability to attend a scheduled
game, no later than 2:00PM on the day of the contest, it will be marked as a default. If a team
has one less than the minimum number of participants required to play at game time or during
the grace period, an on-site default will be declared. A default/on-site default is an un-played
game that is recorded as a loss for the defaulting team. Once the default has been requested, it
cannot be overturned.
3. GRACE PERIOD: Both teams will be granted a 5 minute grace period from the original game
time. Please keep in mind that this means teams MUST BE READY TO PLAY at the 5 minute
mark. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. The Recreation Specialist timepiece will be the
official time.
1. The Recreation Specialist or designated On-Site Monitor is responsible for all aspects of the
league play. Any disputes will be settled by the Recreation Specialist– all of their decisions
are FINAL!
2. In the event of continuous rough play or disputes over foul calls, the Recreation Specialist
has the authority to confirm or overrule any call which has been made.
3. The Recreation Specialist has the right to eject any player for unsportsmanlike conduct or
unnecessary rough play.
4. Any misconceptions not stated here will be determined by the Recreation Specialist.
***Texins Recreation staff reserves the right to put into effect any new ruling regarding league
policies and unsportsmanlike conduct***
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