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Qorvus Meshcam
Long-range Wireless Outdoor IP Camera System
The Qorvus MeshCam™ system lets you quickly install stunning, photorealistic perimeter video monitoring and secure wireless surveillance
capability in large areas without any long cable runs!
Ÿ Ultra long-range operation, 20+ miles
when installed with appropriate antennas
Ÿ Fixed or portable operation – no buried
video or data cables required!
Ÿ Can be deployed as a stand-alone
system or as part of a wireless mesh
data network
The Qorvus MeshCam™ wireless IP (Internet Protocol) camera system utilizes
900 Mhz, 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz long-distance wireless mesh technology, enabling
a robust and easy-to-install alternative to higher-priced and lower-performance
hardwired or traditional short-range, low quality wireless cameras.
The MeshCam implementation of Qorvus embedded mesh software allows a rapid
deployment of a wireless IP video network throughout a large area. This can be
achieved without long runs of buried cable, or using expensive tower-based
wireless point-to-multipoint methods.
These remarkable camera systems can be deployed with only minimal site
preparation, little or no intermediate gateway and routing hardware and
engineering, and no Internet backhaul provisioning except at a single point. Using
the same technology as the well-regarded Qorvus Qnode™ wireless mesh
access points allows for greatly reduced site and system engineering, easy
scalability, and inherently hack-resistant, secure, updatable, manageable, and
fault-tolerant operation.
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