FETC 2017 Presenter Manual

January 24 - 27, 2017 – Orlando, Florida
Orange County Convention Center
NORTH AND SOUTH Concourses &
Hyatt Regency (Workshops Only)
Presenter Manual
Important Information for Presenters
Thank you for agreeing to participate as a speaker at FETC. As a speaker, you play a very important role in
the educational objectives for the conference. We appreciate your commitment of time and expertise to
make this a successful event. Please refer to this manual to get event details and additional instructions.
Due immediately upon receipt of this Manual:
• Biographical Information —150 words or less, please, which will appear in a Conference Speakers
Listing online (If you have not already done so, please email to rwalker@lrp.com.)
Headshot Photo — Photos will be used in promotional materials, on the conference website, Event
Showcase app, and on our social media platforms, including blogs and/or discussions as applicable.
Photos must be high-resolution in JPG, GIF, TIFF or EPS format; we cannot accept PNG format.
(If you have not already done so, please email to rwalker@lrp.com.)
Conference Registration
Lead presenters are provided one complimentary full-conference registration, valued at $449. Your basic
pass conference registration includes access to Opening and Closing Sessions, Keynote Sessions, Featured
Speaker Sessions and all Concurrent Sessions, as well as Receptions, Special Events and unlimited entry to
the FETC 2017 Exhibit Hall. Presenters should use this link to register: http://www.fetc.org/presenter
Note: if presenters would like to add workshop(s) to the conference registration, the presenter is
responsible for paying the cost of the workshop(s).
All co-presenters are required to register for the conference. The discounted rate for the co-presenter
basic pass is $299. Co-Presenters must register here: http://www.fetc.org/copresenter
Note: if presenters would like to add workshop(s) to the conference registration, the presenter is
responsible for paying the cost of the workshop(s).
Upon arrival at FETC, all presenters are to check-in at the FETC Registration desk (pick up your name tag,
speaker ribbon, and all conference information) located in the South Concourse of the Orange County
Convention Center.
Contact Information
Jennifer Womble
FETC Program Chair
LRP Publications, Inc.
Phone: 850-219-9600
E-mail: jwomble@LRP.com
Candace Gallo
Executive Director
Education Content
LRP Publications
Phone: 561-622-6520 x8782
E-mail: cgallo@LRP.com
Steve Bevilacqua
Editorial Director
Education Technology
FETC Special Education Track Chair
LRP Publications
Phone: 561-622-6520 x8655
E-mail: sbevilacqua@lrp.com
Bruce Umpstead
FETC Information Technology
Track Program Chair, and
Managing Partners, ScaleUp
Education Partners, LLC
Phone: 517-290-6084
E-mail: bruce@scaleuped.com
Ronica Walker
Conference Program Administrator
LRP Conferences, LLC
Phone: 850-219-9600
E-mail: rwalker@LRP.com
Last-Minute Emergencies and Contacts
In the event of a last-minute emergency or unavoidable delay that causes you to be unable to fulfill
your commitment, it is of the utmost importance that you advise FETC staff immediately!
Prior to January 20, 2017 PLEASE CONTACT: edtechspeaker@lrp.com or by phone at 850-219-9600.
Between the dates January 21-27, 2017 PLEASE CONTACT: Jennifer Womble 850-443-3845 (cell) or
email at jwomble@LRP.com.
Presenters Headquarters
There will be a Presenters Headquarters. This location will house Workshop Headquarters and FETC
staff will be available to answer all your questions assist you during the conference.
Hyatt Location – Hyatt 30
OCCC Location – South 329
Presenters Headquarters Hours of Operation:
Monday, January 23rd:
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Tuesday, January 24th:
7:15 am – 7:30 pm
Wednesday, January 25th: 7:15 am – 3:30 pm
Thursday, January 26th:
7:15 am – 7:30 pm
Friday, January 27th:
7:15 am – 2:00 pm
Presentation Information
For the latest and most accurate information about your presentation, please refer to the FETC website
at www.fetc.org. Each Session will be posted on the Agenda with a complete description and all
session information. The information will also be published in the Conference Program and on the FETC
Event Showcase mobile conference tool.
Featured Session/Workshop Cancellations and Speaker Compensation
FETC reserves the right to cancel any conference session or workshop for any reason prior to the date
of the first day of the conference – January 24, 2017. The cancellation notice will be made via email,
and the date of the email shall serve as the effective date of cancellation. Airfare personally purchased
by the speaker will remain the speaker’s property.
Hotel Information
All necessary hotel information can be found on the Travel Information page of the FETC website at
http://www.fetc.org/travel.html Click on the button that says “Book Your Hotel Room” to access our
reservation page. Hotel reservations are made directly through this link by each presenter.
Travel Information
The Orange County Convention Center, SOUTH Concourse, faces International Drive. The street
address for the South Concourse is 9899 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819.
The Orange County Convention Center, NORTH Concourse, faces Universal Boulevard. The street address
for the North Concourse is 9400 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819.
The Convention Center currently charges a per-entry fee of $15 for passenger vehicles and $25 for
oversized vehicles. After 5 p.m. parking rates are $10 for passenger vehicles and $15 for oversized
vehicles. For more information on the Orlando area, travel discounts for attendees, and special ticket
offer, please visit the travel section of the FETC Website at www.fetc.org.
Presentation Area Access
All Presenters and Co-Presenters are welcome to become familiar with your presentation room/area
and equipment prior to your speaking session.
• Concurrent Session and Sponsored Technology Solution Seminar presenters may enter their
rooms 15 minutes before each session to set up and test AV equipment.
• Workshop presenters may access their rooms one hour prior to the start time of their session.
STEM Theater, Skill Builders and Learning Lab presenters have 10 minutes between each
session for transition.
Poster presenters may set up in the Exhibit Hall one hour before their session.
Audio Visual
• 1 LCD EPSON HDMI projection unit and 1 screen
• 2 wireless lapel microphones (may also be used for laptop audio)
• Wireless internet (codes will be provided onsite to log in to a protected network)
• 1 head table with two chairs
ALERT: iPad and Tablet users—be sure to bring the appropriate VGA connection wire for your device to
plug into the projectors. There are now so many different types, our AV staff will not be able to fit all
FETC Tech Staff and Freeman AV Staff will be available to assist you technically.
Concurrent Session presenters are required to provide their own laptops or tablets.
Workshop Presenters conducting a BYOD workshop will need to have their own laptop or tablet.
Workshop Presenters for hands‐on lab workshops (PC, MAC, iPad) will be provided a laptop imaged the
same as the attendee’s laptops in addition to the aforementioned AV equipment.
FETC will coordinate any additional AV requests you have to the best of our ability.
An AV Request Form can be found online at: http://www.fetc.org/speak_info.html and must be
completed by November 1st.
Please email EdTechSpeaker@LRP.com with any additional needs.
FETC has a few “Technology Sponsors” whose goals are to help presenters enhance their
presentations. As these technologies become available, we will email presenters of the opportunities.
Multimedia Materials
All presenters are encouraged to post an electronic badge (e-badge) on your
webpage, blog, twitter account, wiki, ning, facebook, and/or other social
media sharing sites and online environments to display so that people will
know you are presenting at FETC 2017. Your followers will appreciate knowing
where they can see you presenting. Please hyperlink your e-badge to
www.fetc.org where all sessions, keynotes, workshops, schedules and
descriptions can be found.
FETC has set up a FETC 2017 Speaker Page where you can download the 2017 Presenter Slides that you
can use 2017 conference. You are required to use the FETC 2017 PPT Template. Please download the
FETC official PowerPoint presentation template at: http://www.fetc.org/speak_info.html
Session Presentation Materials
Part of effective professional development is providing meaningful electronic presentations, handouts
and/or follow-up materials that allow the participants to further their professional learning. Our
participants rely on your collaboration and electronic materials and resources to transform their
teaching and learning environments.
It is expected that presenters will provide electronic presentation materials. Presentations may be
uploaded in .ppt, .pptx, or .pdf format. File size limit is 25mb. Instructions for uploading presentation
materials will be available on the FETC 2017 Speaker page.
ALL presentation materials must be submitted online by November 1, 2016 at the following:
Be sure to enter your name, email address, and “FETC” as the subject.
Due Tuesday, November 1, 2016, or sooner:
• Program Materials — Materials must be submitted electronically.
See guidelines for preparing your program materials on page 2.
Speaker Audio Visual Form — Speakers are required to bring their presentation loaded on a
thumb drive. A laptop, projector and slide advancer will be supplied for your presentation. For
details, access the Speaker A/V Form at http://www.fetc.org/speak_info.html
Signed Copyright Release Form — This form is MANDATORY if your program materials contain
documents not authored by you or your co-presenter(s).
All materials are due by Tuesday, November 1, 2016 and must be submitted online at:
1. Drag or select your file(s) to be uploaded
2. Enter your name and email address
3. Under “Subject” please enter “FETC Materials”
4. Enter message (optional)
5. Click “Send”
You will receive a confirmation email from Hightail when we receive your file(s).
For Questions/Help uploading your file(s):
Contact Ronica Walker @ rwalker@lrp.com
Program Material Guidelines – PowerPoint Presentations
Conference attendees expect to receive thorough and complete program materials. Please read
carefully the following guidelines for preparing and transmitting your program materials to LRP
General Guidelines
You are responsible for creating your own presentation materials, in consultation with the
Program Chair. LRP will post your presentation on the conference website for attendees to
Submission of your program materials grants LRP Conferences, LLC the non-exclusive right and
license to reproduce said materials as a part of the conference program. Your program
materials will only be available on the conference website, where registered attendees will be
able to access materials shortly before the conference and for several months after the
LRP Publications has prepared a standardized PowerPoint template for building your visual
Please use the official conference PowerPoint template located at
Materials should not exceed 45 pages.
Please keep files below 3MB in size so that attendees can easily download materials from the
conference website.
Make sure that you can cover all of your materials in your allotted session time.
Materials are due no later than Tuesday, November 1, 2016
LRP cannot accept hard copy or fax transmissions of program materials.
Materials must be sent electronically to LRP Conferences, LLC to ensure we receive
all presentation materials and that nothing gets lost in transmission.
Session Evaluations
For each workshop and session, evaluations will be done completely electronically via the FETC Event
Showcase online conference tool. Attendees will be asked to provide feedback on both the
presenter(s) and the content of the session. Speakers will receive a copy of evaluation data post event.
Social Networking and Professional Learning Communities
Professional development with FETC is online too! Get connected with other education technology
integration enthusiasts! Many of our attendees are seeking networking opportunities through our
events. Conversation is happening! Help promote your sessions and engage attendees with social
media, before, during and after the conference.
Maximize your conference experience by taking advantage of one or all the tools that will help you stay
connected. Our networking and backchanneling begins on Twitter (@FETC). The hashtag for the event
will be #FETC. Follow us on Twitter and share your Twitter name with your participants to engage in
further communications.
FETC will host a Tweet Up on Wednesday, January 13th in the Exhibit Hall at 5:30 pm!
Google +:
Hashtag #FETC Follow @FETC
Promote Your Participation in FETC
We are relying on you to help educate others in your network about the value of attending the Future
of Education Technology Conference. As a speaker, we request that you spread the word about your
session. You can do this, and promote other conference features of your liking, in a combination of
ways. We would be happy to assist you. Additionally, we have provided a promo code for you to use in
your efforts that provides for a substantial discount. Here are some easy ways to do your part:
Announcement on your company’s website
Brief email to your colleagues
Publicize it in your company’s printed and/or electronic newsletter
Blog post
Press release
List FETC on your company’s upcoming events calendar
Post to your company’s LinkedIn Group and join the Future of Education Technology
Conference (FETC) group. Then join existing discussions or start your own to share details of
your session.
Please always use the conference hashtag: #FETC
Suggested Tweets to use:
Please always use the conference hashtag: #FETC. Here are suggested tweets to promote your
session and the discount offer which is valid through Jan. 20:
o Hear me speak at #FETC and save $30.00 with Promo Code SPK17.
o Don’t miss my session on XX at #FETC. Save $30.00 with Promo Code SPK17.
o Special discount to see me speak at #FETC: Use Promo Code SPK17 to save $30.00.
Post to your organizations Facebook page and LIKE the FETC - Future of Education Technology
Conference page to share details of your session.
Special Discount Offer for Your Colleagues
Your colleagues can use Promo Code SPK17 until Jan. 20 to save $30.00!
Don't forget to post the Speaker Badge to your
company's website, blog and email signature!
Get it here: http://www.fetc.org/speak_info.html
Session Presentation Types
FETC offers participants a variety of session structures designed to maximize participant networking
and collaborative learning. You’ll discover a diverse and relevant offering of courses that you won’t find
anywhere else. Increase your knowledge of the latest technologies in expert-led sessions, panel
discussions, workshops and tech talks across targeted tracks—all focused on your most pressing IT
challenges and technological implementations.
Participation in all types of sessions may earn attendees CEUs through the VerAttend System.
Attendees at FETC 2017 can earn up to 30 hours of CEUs.
Keynotes: General Sessions provide an opportunity for all conference attendees to gather at once.
General Sessions at FETC will feature high-profile keynote speakers who will engage attendees on
important topics and content that are reflective of the prevailing themes of the conference. These
highly regarded professionals are passionate about sharing their expertise with audiences.
Concurrent Sessions: FETC Concurrent sessions are 40 minute or 1 hour sessions held in rooms set in
theater/classroom style. Attendees will have variety of Session topics to choose from, presented by
experts and innovators who are making a difference across the IT profession and PK-12education.
They'll share best practices, innovative ideas, leadership strategies and provide valuable perspectives
and solutions to challenging IT problems.
Workshops: FETC workshops have limited seating (30-50), are offered in hands-on and BYOD labs.
Workshops require attendees to pay an additional fee to participate. Workshops are led by ed tech
experts and thought leaders, these 2.5 hour hands-on training workshops give you the unique
opportunity to delve deeply into topics, learn new skills and strategies, and create new materials,
without the time constraints of concurrent sessions. BYOD workshops encourage the attendee to
bring their own wireless device(s) to participate in the workshop. Presenters should keep this in mind
when developing content for this type of workshop. Hands-On Workshop Labs:
• PC Lab - FETC will provide a laptop for each attendee to use during the hands-on workshops.
• Mac Lab - FETC will provide an Apple iMac or MacBook for every two attendees to use during
the hands-on workshops.
• iPad Lab - FETC will provide an Apple iPad for attendees to use during the hands-on workshops.
STEM Theater Presentations: Learn how to implement STEM content from education experts
representing award-winning schools across the country in these 30-minute sessions. The FETC STEM
Excellence Award winners and STEM product vendors will be sharing their STEM lessons in the Exhibit
Hall. Visit the STEM Theater to experience model STEM classroom lessons and discuss the best tools
and techniques for these innovative programs!
Technology Solution Seminars (Sponsored): During these sessions, technologists, educators and
administrators who have used technology to solve specific problems in PK-12 environments detail their
experience and the products used. Real end-user case studies, discussed in detail by educational
professionals, will show you how to solve everyday district-wide and classroom based problems.
Skill Builders Sessions: These 20-minute, hands-on demonstrations teach you a specific new tech skill
you can use in your district or school right away. This theater is located on the exhibit floor during
exhibit hall hours.
Learning Lab Sessions (Sponsored): Learning Labs are 40 minute education sessions that take place in
the two Exhibit Hall Theaters during exhibit hall hours, and are presented by leading industry experts
who discuss and demonstrate the latest technologies and applications for advancing student
achievement and improving process management.
Posters: Poster presentations feature a detailed graphic display of innovative projects and technology
implementations. These presentations include materials such as photos and graphics, posted on a
bulletin board in the designated poster area. Posters allow attendees to talk one-on-one and get indepth information from innovators eager to share their promising ideas, current research, successful
projects and best practices in educational technology. This is a great opportunity to network and
discuss issues and technology integration projects with others from around the country. Poster
Sessions differ from breakout sessions in that they are not held in breakout rooms and do not have
projection, Internet, or electrical connections. Each poster presenter will have a designated space in
the Poster Presenter Area and a cocktail table for supplies. Presenters will be given a board of 3’ x 4’ to
post printed and support material. Presenters must plan to be on hand during their scheduled poster
session. There will be limited wireless internet connectivity, although presenters may use laptop
computers or tablets in their poster presentations. Be sure to bring charged batteries that will last at
least one-hour if you choose to use a computer during your Poster Session.
TOP 7 Presentation Tips for FETC
Feedback from our attendees has provided valuable information regarding their needs. Listed below
are tips based on some of the most recurring comments. We appreciate and thank you in advance for
your cooperation in making each presentation the best possible.
You are encouraged to attend all conference events (sessions, keynotes.) in order to increase
the opportunities for interaction with attendees.
Ask attendees to silence their cell phones before you begin your presentation. If you hear one
during your presentation, strongly remind the audience again. Encourage audience
participation by asking the audience to tweet with their hashtag #FETC.
Your oral presentation should go beyond your written/visual materials to provide insightful
analysis and thought-provoking discussion among the audience. Get to the heart of your
presentation early.
Always use the microphone and repeat audience questions and comments so all may hear and
benefit from the discussion. Remember to deliver the session described in the program, and do
not allow yourself or attendees to take the session in a different direction.
Never read your presentation. It seems simple enough, but it happens too often.
You should assume that the audience has more than a basic understanding of the topic and aim
your oral presentation at the more experienced professional.
When referencing information in your program material, please note the location (slide and/or
page #) so that the audience may follow along. Be sure and have all your materials on your
computer and do not depend on wifi or Internet to complete your presentation. If the Internet
goes down—the show must go on!
Want to Present at FETC 2018?
If you or someone you know has a great idea for a presentation at next year’s conference, please go to
our website www.fetc.org and submit your application online. Future presenters may submit
workshop, BYOD and concurrent session ideas through the call for presentations online application
process. Applications will be accepted March through May 2017.
FETC Forms
Forms you may need are on the following two pages.
All speaker documents are also available at http://www.fetc.org/speak_info.html
Speaker Audio Visual Form
Speaker Name:
Speakers are required to bring their own laptops or tablets with their final
PowerPoint presentations already loaded on them.
If you are using a MAC or tablet device, you must bring your own dongle to
connect to the projector.
iPad and tablet users – be sure to bring the appropriate VGA or HDMI connection wire for your
device to plug into the projectors. There are many different types, our AV staff will not be able
to accommodate all devices.
A wireless lavaliere microphone, LCD projector, switcher box on every table,
wireless internet and a screen will be provided in all session rooms.
Use separate sheet if you are presenting more than one session and have
different A/V requirements for each session.
I have the following A/V requirements
I have NO A/V requirements:
Please specify request (subject to approval - i.e. document camera, interactive
whiteboard, etc):
For Workshops ONLY: Please list all software and/or apps needed by attendees to
participate. For PC and MAC labs, a standard image will be provided.
Please return this form no later than November 1, 2016
Email to: rwalker@lrp.com
FETC 2017 Copyright Release Form
This form is MANDATORY and must accompany your program materials if you include any material that
was not written/developed by you or one of your co-presenters. No support documents will be
accepted or reprinted without receipt of this completed form. If additional space is required, please
reproduce this form.
The attached support documents are to be posted for FETC 2017 for:
Session Title: __________________________________________________________________
Below is the copyright status of each support document. (If additional space is required, please
reproduce this form.)
Document: ____________________________________________________________________
Attached is written permission from the copyright holder allowing this document to be
reprinted for the conference.
I/my firm hold(s) the copyright on this document. LRP Publications is hereby granted
Document is public domain and not subject to copyright law.
Document: ____________________________________________________________________
Attached is written permission from the copyright holder allowing this document to be
reprinted for the conference.
I/my firm hold(s) the copyright on this document. LRP Publications is hereby granted
Document is public domain and not subject to copyright law.
In the event of any copyright infringement disputes regarding the above documents, I shall indemnify, defend
and hold LRP Conferences, LLC. harmless from and against all claims, actions, causes of action, demands or
liabilities of whatsoever kind and nature, including judgments, interest, attorneys’ fees and all other costs, fees,
expenses and charges which they may incur arising out of any negligence, acts of omission or intentional
misconduct on the part of myself, or my employees or agents.
Name (please print)
Download PDF