Delivering accuracy and musicality
Delivering accuracy and musica
Designed to fulfill the demanding requirements for
accurate and low-colouration monitor speakers for
nearfield monitoring applications in control rooms,
TOA s new ME-160 and ME-120 monitor speakers set a
new level of excellence for applications requiring optimal
sound quality whether professional or consumer.
Ideal for mixing and evaluating sound quality
Both the ME-160 and ME-120 are capable of producing
a spacious, deep soundstage with outstanding ambience
retrieval. Notable are the excellent low-level dynamics
and resolution that facilitate effective monitoring. In most
environments where monitoring program playback is
important, nearfield monitoring is an ideal method as it
minimizes room acoustic effects and other problems of
the location while offering a useful sound quality
evaluation tool for professionals as well as significant
musical enjoyment for any listener. Flat frequency
response and high resolving power make these
speakers exceptional transducers. Shielded construction
allows positioning of the speakers close to video
monitors and CRT displays for audiovisual applications.
Compact and easy to position in various locations with
specialized hardware, the ME-160 and ME-120 are
supplied as mirror-imaged pairs in single cartons.
Quality construction throughout.
Speaker cabinets are constructed from MDF (Medium
Density Fiberboard) and the interior reinforced for
maximum rigidity. On the back panel, gold-plated input
terminals also accept dual banana jacks. The removable
grilles feature acoustically transparent thin black jersey
Diverse installation possibilities
Versatile installation possibilities are possible with
optional metal hardware for securing speaker on the
base or side. Speakers can also be suspended from a
wall or ceiling.
ME-160 - dedicated features
• The woofer in the ME-160 utilizes newly developed
composite cone material that incorporate natural fibers
and resin to achieve an ideal stiffness, helping to
generate an optimal piston motion.
• The soft fabric (Tetoron) dome tweeter utilizes an
acrylic-based damping process in order to produce
smooth, uncoloured and extended high frequencies.
• The ME-160 is a time-aligned speaker system so that all
the sounds from the speaker reach the listener at the
same time. This allows the speaker to achieve the best
possible imaging with phase coherency.
• The crossover has been designed with specially selected
components to ensure excellent transient response with
minimal smearing and phase problems. The crossover
undergoes a rigorous testing program that included listening evaluations in order to design a crossover that would
obtain the best possible performance from the drivers.
• The speaker’s high efficiency design partners the carefully
designed combination of driver units and passive
crossover components to achieve a flat frequency
response over the useable frequency range, making the
ME-160 a valuable tool in sound production tasks.
• The bass reflex cabinet design results in a tuning
frequency of 50Hz for accurate low frequency
reproduction within design parameters.
ME-120-dedicated features
• Its smaller dimensions are optimized to house a single
high-performance full-range driver unit that performs as
a point source for the best possible dispersion.
• The single drive unit in the ME-120 makes good use of
the natural material Chitosan in the cone material.
• Coupled with a copper ribbon edge-wound speaker
voice coil, the ME-120 produces a magnetic flux density
of 1.3T with its single driver delivering accurate low
frequency energy within its range and allows the
driver to extend its midrange frequency reproduction
capability as well.
• Wide usable frequency range and superb balanced
sound belies the ME-120 s diminutive size and offers
reproduction that is highly accurate and precise,
making it a superb sound monitoring tool for various
• The bass reflex cabinet design results in a tuning
frequency of 75Hz for accurate low frequency
reproduction within design parameters.
Bass reflex type
Continuous pinknoise: 50W,
Continuous program: 150W
Power Handling Capacity
6 ohms
Rated Impedance
88dB (1W, 1m)
Frequency Response
50 – 20,000Hz
60 – 18,000Hz
Crossover Frequency
Speaker Component
16cm resin-impregnated natural fiber cone woofer
(magnetically shielded)
2.5cm soft-dome type (magnetically shielded)
12cm cone-type (magnetically shielded)
Input Terminals
Enclosure: MDF, black, paint
Front grill: Cloth, black
Mounting Brackets (option)
Screw terminals (compatible with a dual-banana plug), gold plated
216 (W) × 376 (H) × 244 (D) mm
170 (W) × 264 (H) × 194 (D) mm
7.5kg (per unit)
3.6kg (per unit)
WCB-31, CMB-31
WCB-12, WCB-31, CMB-31
Note 1: Use screws inserted into an enclosure to mount the optional speaker holder.
Note 2: Both the ME-160 and ME-120 do not incorporate protective circuitry which could affect sound quality.
Care must be taken to pair the speakers with amplification within the recommended range. In no circumstances should the speakers be used for public address
Optional Brackets
Ceiling Mounting Bracket
Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket
Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket
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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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