[FAQ] How to Waterproof Vandal Proof IP Dome Camera

How to Waterproof Vandal Proof
IP Dome Camera
Article ID: GV3-14-08-28
Release Date: 08/28/2014
Applied to
GV-VD1530 / 2430 / 2530 / 3430
GV-VD1540 / 2440 / 2540 / 3440 / 5340
GV-VD2540-E / 5340E
The GeoVision Vandal Proof IP Dome Camera is designed to be waterproof and it adheres to
the IP67 standard for dust and water protection. To ensure the camera performs its full
capacity against water and dust ingress, adhere to the guidelines below to install the camera’s
components properly.
Check Your GeoVision Vandal Proof IP Dome
There are four ways to check if your Vandal Proof IP Dome is completely waterproof.
1. Waterproof the RJ-45 cable
Make sure the cable seal tightly seals the RJ-45 cable and the cable is not over-pulled.
An over-pulled cable may cause water leakage from the space it created with the cable
Thread the RJ-45 cable through the cable seal. Use the supplied the ruler to measure
and leave 110 mm from the RJ-45 connector to the rubber. This can avoid excessive
cable length and cable buckling inside the camera housing.
Cable Seal
110 mm
 Inside the camera housing
RJ-45 cable vertically threaded through
the cable seal
Space created
 Rear of the camera
Space created
Cable seal not in place
Waterproof the audio/BNC/power/DIDO cables
The conduit connector’s plugs prevent water from entering the camera housing. Only
remove the plugs you need and thread the audio/BNC/power/DIDO cables through the
corresponding hole.
Conduit Connector
(consists of 4 parts)
 Every plug has its designated cable. Only thread the assigned cable to the
corresponding hole.
2.6 mm: Audio, BNC
2 mm: DC12V / AC24V
1.8 mm: DIDO
 Save the removed plugs if you shall need to replug them.
3. Replace the Silica Gel Bag
The silica gel bag loses its effectiveness when the dry camera is opened. To prevent the
lens from fogging up, replace the silica gel bag every time you open the camera and
conceal the silica gel bag within 2 minutes of exposing to open air.
For each newly replaced silica gel bag, allow it to absorb moisture for at least 5 hours
before operating the camera.
4. Waterproof the camera
Secure the four screws properly.
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