Worth the Drive: Frankfort`s Dancing Marlin a True Experience

Worth the Drive: Frankfort's Dancing
Marlin a True Experience
August 22, 2013
Here on South of I-80 I like to talk about the wonderful
places that exist in the far South Suburbs. While it may
be a bit out of your way, these places are definitely
worth the drive.
A new restaurant has opened on LaGrange
Road in Frankfort called Dancing Marlin. Owned by two
local entrepreneurs and foodies, this restaurant is
definitely top notch and is definitely a true experience.
My friend, Emily and her mother, Kathy of Quilting!
Sewing! Creating! fame invited me to join them for a
Yelp! event at Dancing Marlin to check out this fabulous new addition to our neck of the woods.
When I walked in, I was immediately taken with the
simple and rustic decor. After talking to the owner I
learned that much of the decor in the restaurant is
reclaimed from all over the country. I adored that
Dancing Marlin made green choices when designing
the space. As gorgeous as the decor was, let's get
down to the food shall we?
Dancing Marlin is a small plate concept
restaurant, so all the dishes are made to share so
that you can try as many different things as you
want. I was with a group of four ladies and we each
tried and shared eight dishes. Every single one was
amazing. My absolute favorite was the goat cheese
stuffed zucchini blossoms served with green
Wait, wait, ok this time I mean it. These cheddar
bites with apple butter were my favorite. There is
nothing better than a new twist on an old favorite like
fruit and cheese.
Did I mention the cocktails? All of Dancing
Marlin's wines and cocktails are available on tap. That's
right, any drink you want is ready to go. Also, because
they are on tap that means less waste, another green
And the desserts are phenomenal. Because I
was able to attend the YELP! event we got a little taste
of a few desserts. The doughnut was so delicious and
filled with chocolate. It was especially good dipped in
the coffee cream like mousse. The carrot cake a perfect
and surprisingly light.
This place is definitely a great choice for a girls
night out or a couples night. The atmosphere is chic
and relaxed which is perfect for hours of conversation,
and the food will make you want to keep sampling all
night long. I am planning my next visit now.
For more information about Dancing Marlin
visit the website or Facebook page.
Dancing Marlin is absolutely worth the
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