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Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n
G e n e r a l Te s t & M e a s u r e m e n t
DEWETRON has developed a comprehensive interface to
the Tarsus PCI-PCM, an FGPA-based bit-sync/frame sync/
decommutator interface card. This is a PCI form factor
card, allowing it to be added to virtually any Dewetron
instrument, from very portable battery-powered units, to
larger rack-mounting ones.
The bit sync and frame sync are handled in hardware via
the graphical user interface within DEWESoft, whereas the
decom is implemented entirely in software. This allows
maximum system flexibility, including the ability to handle
one or more embedded asynchronous data streams.
The hardware can handle PCM data in numerous popular
formats, and at rates up to 33 Mbps. This hardware and
software combination, installed within DEWE-901 instruments, is heavily used by NASA’s Kennedy Space Center
on the US Space Shuttle program, and will be used on
Constellation as well.
Key Features
User interface guides through all steps
FPGA based hardware for flexibility and easy
Every graphical widget from DEWESoft can be
used to display parameters from PCM
On-line mathematics and scaling functions
Programmable display types show user-defined
text in response to discrete values received on any
Aerospace Analog and pcm data input
Analog and PCM Data Input
Sychronized PCM, Analog, ARINC 429, and
1553 is possible due to Dewetron’s unique
Video input can be added to most systems
Convenient PCI form factor interface card
Multiple cards can be added to one system
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system Architecture overview
At the center of most deWetron systems is one of our orion A/d cards. not only does this card provide high resolution digitizing of the analog signals, but it serves the vital role of providing a high speed master clocK for synchronizing
the incoming data from pcm, Arinc, 1553, video cameras, cAn bus data, and more.
if your system has only pcm inputs, the deWetron orion card is not needed, as time code can be input directly
into the tarsus pci-pcm interface card. in that case, the diagram is much simpler than the one shown below. if other
input types are needed, however, the orion A/d card and a deWetron irig or gps clock are needed, in order to
synchronize all the data together.
PCM Interface
AerospAce AnAlog And pcm dAtA input
Tarsus PCM card
ARINC / 1553
Interface card(s)
EPAD modules (SERIAL inteface)
VIDEO input
NTSC or camera
DEWE-CAM-01 or
NTSC video streams
or low-light cameras
or infra-red cameras
TTL discretes
Control signals
All analog sensors:
RTDs and T/C’s
and more
DEWE Modules
Rugged PC
Tach pulse
IRIG or GPS Time Source
Note - either can be installed
inside the DEWETRON chassis, or remain external boxes
as shown here
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system Background
By 2006, engineers from united space Alliance and nAsA,
at the Kennedy space center, had replaced many of their
older chart recorders with deWetron’s advanced data
acquisition systems. this was a welcome enhancement,
but since these systems accepted only analog signals,
was only the first stage in a multi-year program aimed at
providing a significant upgrade to the data monitoring and
analysis operations at the lcc (launch control center).
the lcc still had numerous pdAc’s (programmable digital
to analog converters), required by the analog-only chart
recorders of the past 40 years. they did not have enough
of these to convert all of the parameters, and there were
other deficiencies with this architecture. so a project was
undertaken to add a powerful pcm interface directly into
the deWetron systems.
deWetron engineers worked closely with nAsA and usA
engineers in the development of this interface, as well as
with pcm card provider ulyssix, and brought the project in
on time and on budget, satisfying a rigorous Atp in 2007.
We cannot run a wire from a spacecraft or aircraft back
to the ground, but we want to send data, so the only
way is via transmission. important data are converted to
digital, encoded into a stream, and then transmitted to
a ground station for decoding, monitoring, recording,
and analysis.
the standard method for doing this is defined by
chapter 4 of the irig standard 106-96. this standard is
observed by government ranges and proving grounds
involved in testing missiles, aircraft, and even certain
terrestrial vehicles, as well as by nAsA, for remotely
monitoring data from spacecraft - both manned and
pcm refers to the pulse code modulation that is used
to encode the data. pcm is noise-resistant and easily
transmitted, making it the best choice for decades of
flight testing applications everywhere.
DeWetroN PCM Interface Customers
nAsA Kennedy space center
AerospAce AnAlog And pcm dAtA input
project completion - on schedule
White sands missile range
and many more
today, at several facilities, the space center in Florida
uses approximately 50 deWetron deWe-901 systems,
each configured with up to 64 analog inputs, and/or a
tarsus pci-pcm-01 interface card. each system can and
does routinely record hundreds of parameters from the
us space shuttle, and in fact, all nAsA missions operated
from Ksc. this interface is also used by other nAsA facilities and by several of deWetron’s military customers.
AerosPACe • Analog and PCM Data Input
AerospAce AnAlog And pcm dAtA input
Tarsus Bit sync/frame sync Interface Hardware
the tarsus pci-pcm-Hs processor Board is a complete pcm processor board that contains a dsp
(digital signal processor) implemented digital bit synchronizer, frame synchronizer, irig class
ii pcm decommutator, pcm simulator and irig time code reader designed in the pci
form factor. using state-of-the-art dsp dedicated FpgA’s, the tarsus is a very flexible and technically advanced pcm processor board. All of the circuitry for
the pcm processor Board is located on a single pcB, without the need
for add-on cards. By using dsp-based algorithms including Finite
impulse response (Fir) filters, multi-stage recursive decimation
filters, mnco's (modulated, numerically-controlled oscillators) and
dsp's implemented pll's (phase-locked loops), the pci-pcm-01
bit synchronizer section eliminates the need for calibration and tuning.
dsp algorithms are implemented in state-of-the-art FpgA's, allowing for
rapid enhancements and customization.
Versatile input configuration
the bit synchronizer accepts all of the irig106-05 code
types and has eb/n0 rejection of better than 1 dB to the
theoretical Ber published curve. the input Agc accepts
inputs from 75 mVpp to 10 Vpp. You can set up each channel with easy to use gui interface which includes indicators for loop lock, frame lock, subframe lock, Agc strength
as well as scope outputs for the Agc data, eye pattern lock
representation as well as a full frame dump display. the
output of the frame synchronizer also can be dumped to
the host computer hard drive for archivial and data reduction applications.
the decommutator section of the pci-pcm-Hs is designed
to support all of the irig class ii features including variable word lengths per channel and non-standard pcm frame
formats. the input serial bit stream to the decommutator is either ttl or rs-422 differential levels with input data rate
capability from 1 bit per sec. (bps) to 33 mbps. two on board 12 bit dAcs are standard features that give the tarsuspcm
standalone parameter analog capability.
there is also a full pcm simulator on board that has all the same frame and word features as the decommutator with
user-definable waveform or table data values on a word-per-word basis. there is also an irig time code reader Am
demodulator section to allow the user to embed externally or internally generated time into the output data of the decommutator.
DeWetroN Aerospace Customers
nAsA (Ksc, glenn, WstF, Jsc, lArc, Jpl, etc.)
us Air Force (VAFB, eglin, WpAFB, etc.)
us navy (patuxent river, china lake, etc.)
lockheed martin, raytheon, goodrich, sikorsky,
Honeywell, northrop grumman, Boeing, ut...
and many more
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DEWESoft Net
DEWESoft Net allows the communication between different Dewetron instruments. Each unit can be configured as
stand alone, as master or as slave. It’s also possible to use any PC to control a measurement unit remotely.
Systems need a TCP/IP connection, which can be wired or wireless - using any connection method (ethernet is the most
common). Systems that are networked also need to be time-synched, and there are three different ways to do it, which
can be used in different combinations:
Direct sync connection from one unit to the next one (co-located)
IRIG interface option and connection
GPS interface option and connection
GPS or IRIG Sync
80 MHz clock
Selectable GPS time synchronization
Clock-Divider (Phase synchronous)
Definable Clock-Divider
A/D-converter CAN-bus
Counter Dig. I/O Serial-bus
Aerospace Analog and pcm data input
Sequence Control
The sequencer is a tool to predefine process steps in a sequential format. The interface can be graphically programmed or in a code oriented
view. It is possible to manage these sequences centrally to guarantee a
standardized and defined measurement procedure.
Within the sequencer you can access all relevant DEWESoft features apply actions and formulas and make decisions, wait for interaction or a
preset delay and define your customized sequences. So it’s possible to
define different sequences and fit them together in a single sequence,
where the sub sequences are done sequentially. The sequences can be
controlled by the user or by an event caused by a trigger of a certain
Sensor Database
DEWESoft includes a SENSOR DATABASE. This is an XML database you can use to enter
and maintain the critical information about all of your sensors, including scaling factors
(linear or non-linear), engineering units, and even the settings for the Dewetron amps
that you use with them! The best part is that you can simply choose any sensor on the
DEWESoft setup screen, and it will make all the settings for you in the software to set up
this channel! (You may allow or disallow additional zeroing and scaling at your option). This
ensures quality control, and prevents errors.
The XML nature of the sensor database makes it easy to import data into it from other
sources - you may already have a spreadsheet of sensors that you want to bring in - this is
easily done. The sensor database is a standard feature of DEWESoft.
Aerospace • Analog and PCM Data Input
easy setup and Graphical User Interface
setting up the bit synchronizer is your first step: select the
data format from the list, set the bit rate, and a few other
parameters. the familiar eye diagram and FFt show you the
then move to the frame sync and set up the data length,
FFi (frame format identifiers), and any embedded streams or
masking that is required.
AerospAce AnAlog And pcm dAtA input
step 3 is the decommutator setup: here you can import a
list of parameters, or create them yourself. complete channel scaling capabilities are built into the
channel setup screen. You can also create custom scalings and save them for
reuse at any time, or on other channels.
properties panel
discrete channels
strip charts & scopes
tabular data
eliminates searching
through menus,
simplifies setup
create channels that
display words or images
based on data values
the full range of
deWesoft graphics are
available to you
create tables of
incoming data values,
updated at definable
rates we t ron .com
All-in-one solutions
All of these inputs in a portable unit:
16 high speed AnAlog channels, any sensor or
2 x synchronous counter/encoders
8 x digital i/o lines
pcm interface for hundreds of parameters from
Arinc 429 - up to 16 receive and 16 transmit
1553 - single or multiple function interface
Video input from camera or ntsc
irig time code sync, or gps time code/
position data for mobile applications
small instruments like the deWe-2600 are capable of being configured with analog, pcm, Arinc 429, and 1553 data
inputs, as well as Video input and either irig or gps time code. the deWe-2600 are powered via 18-24 Vdc, and
also have built-in lithium-ion batteries, which allow them to run for hours without any power connected. An Ac/dc
adapter is also included so you can run and charge the system from 120/240 VAc.
AerospAce AnAlog And pcm dAtA input
Integrated Portability
inside are seven pci slots, providing room for orion cards (100, 200, 500, 1000 ks/s/ch max sample rate cards
available, from 16- to 24-bit). these are connected to the dAQp and/or mdAQ modules which are located on the
rear panel. choose from voltage, iepe, or universal modules (universal modules can handle strain, voltage, iepe,
charge, thermocouple, rtd, and more using our msi adapters).
one inside slot can hold the pci-pcm-01 bit synchronizer/frame sync hardware, providing access to hundreds or
even thousands of parameters from the pcm stream.
Another slot can hold our pci-Arinc/1553 card, which can be configured with various combinations of Arinc 429
and 1553 channels. pcm and Arinc/1553 connections are located on the right side panel, where the computer
interfaces are also found.
AerosPACe • Analog and PCM Data Input
PCM-only instrument
Multi-function, portable
Multi-function, rack-mount
Analog input channels
16 MDAQ inputs (max. 64)
64 MDAQ inputs
Digital channels
8 DIO + 2 CTR or 8 DI
8 DIO + 8 CTR or 32 DI
Channel expansion
PCM input option
ARINC / 1553 option
CAN interfaces
Up to 8 (opt.)
Up to 8 (opt.)
15'' 1024 x 768
15'' 1024 x 768
19'' 1280 x 1024
Power supply
115 / 240 VAC or 10 - 32 V DC
(UPS battery 5 min)
Battery powered, 18 - 24 V DC ,
external AC power supply
115 / 240 VAC
Dimensions (W x D x H)
380 x 295 x 155 mm
417 x 246 x 303 mm
483 x 503 x 444 mm
15 x 11.6 x 6.1 in.
16.4 x 9.7 x 11.9 in.
19 x 19.8 x 17.4 in.
Typ. 7 kg (15.4 lb.)
Typ. 14 kg (31 lb.)
Typ. 25 kg (55.1 lb.)
System Choices
Dewetron offers a wide range of platforms which can be configured with both analog and PCM interfaces, or just with
analog - or just with PCM interfaces. A popular PCM-only model is the DEWE-3108-PCM.
There are many models which can be configured with both analog and PCM interfaces. These are provided in three
different form factors: Portable, Benchtop, and Rack-mounting
Portable multi-function Dewetron systems:
DEWE-3200 series, DEWE-3030 series
Benchtop multi-function Dewetron systems:
DEWE-2600, DEWE-5000 series
Rack-mounting multi-function Dewetron systems:
DEWE-800, DEWE-900 series
There is a Dewetron model for most scenarios. We recommend that you discuss your requrements with a Dewetron
application engineer or authorized sales engineer in order to determine the best possible fit for your current and future
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Aerospace Analog and pcm data input
PCM Solutions
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