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Basic principles
Basic principles
This manual provides basic information on using Merlin Project.
Merlin Project uses a host of keyboard shortcuts.
Most commands have a keyboard shortcut. These are displayed directly next to the
individual menu commands. They offer you quick and efficient control using the keyboard.
The following keys are the most important ones on a Mac for using keyboard shortcuts.
Important keys
Keys and their descriptions
1. Shift → Upper case key
2. Control → Equivalent to ctrl
3. Option → Equivalent to Alt/Alt Gr
4. Command → Equivalent to the Windows key
In the menus, the ctrl key is represented by the ^ icon. For instance, the
option »Enter/Exit Full Screen« under the menu option »Window« is
controlled using the keyboard shortcut ctrl + cmd + F.
To edit content, the following keys are especially useful.
Guides for Merlin Project | Keyboard
5. Backspace → Backspace key
6. Function → No Windows equivalent
7. Return → Enter
8. Delete → DEL
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts comprise multiple keys pressed simultaneously. For instance, press
[cmd + S] to save a project. "F" keys ([F1],[F2] etc.) are available on all newer Apple
keyboards. They are accessed by pressing the function key (fn).
Basic principles
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