First steps with a certificate
on a smart card
Dear Client,
thank you for expressing your confidence in us. Congratulations on gaining your certificate.
What is a personal certificate
A certificate stored on a smart card – the file with the certificate is stored on a smart card.
Access to the certificate is protected with a PIN and the certificate is valid for 2 years (with
the possibility of free renewal of validity). An advantage of this method of storage is that
the certificate cannot be copied from the smart card in any manner. Thus, unless the smart
card and PIN are physically lost, misuse of the certificate is impossible. To use a certificate on
a smart card, you need to have a card reader and install support software on your PC.
First steps with the certificate
Step 1: Before you start to work with the certificate
Before you first launch the Certification wizard, where you can easily collect your certificate, or
before first login to the Profibanka direct banking application, we recommend that you test your
PC to find out whether it is correctly configured to run this application. More information can
be found below on this page.
Step 2: Activating a certificate on a smart card
If you have chosen to store the certificate on a smart card, before you first login to
the application, you must install support software for your type of smart card reader.
More information can be found on page 5.
Before you first launch the Certification wizard or direct banking application, we recommend
that you check the suitability of your PC settings. You must be logged in as an Administrator
(PC administrator) to be able to change the settings or install updates which our configuration
wizard recommends.
Internet Configuration wizard
(for users of all Direct banking applications)
In order to check that your PC settings are correct, you can use the simple Configuration
wizard, which can be found at www.koba.sk in the Profibanka section (Test your computer link).
Once the test has ended, the Configuration wizard lists any changes that are necessary.
Important notice: If your PC is working properly, you can move on to activation of the certificate.
Local Configuration wizard
The Local Configuration wizard can help you if you are unable to set up your PC with the aid of
the Internet Configuration wizard.
For users of the Profibanka application: Test your PC by pressing the PC Test button on the start screen of
the Profibanka installation programme.
To work with a certificate stores on a smart card, you must have a smart card reader and
install the Cryptoplus support programme before first connecting it to your PC. You can get
the smart card reader from your branch of KB, or use any of the other readers included in
the list of KB supported readers (4).
After testing the PC, you only need to install the support programme Cryptoplus on your PC to
use the certificate.
Important notice: Do not connect the reader until you have installed the Cryptoplus programme!
Installation of the Cryptoplus support programme on your PC
On the www.koba.sk website, in the Certificates – Certificate on a smart card (1) section
download the manual under “Manual for installation of a smart card reader” (2), which will lead
you in detail through the whole installation process. Download the installation file for your type
of reader under “Installation of a smart card reader” (3).
If settings your PC are correct, you can collect your certificate on a smart card from
the Certification wizard, which can be found at www.koba.sk in the right-hand menu.
Selection of the type of certificate to download
Choose the type of certificate which you want to collect on the welcome screen of
the Certification wizard, i.e. select the link Personal certificate on smart card.
Your subsequent work with the certificate in the Certification wizard will relate to the selected type
of certificate. The steps stated below describe collection of the Personal certificate on a smart card.
Collection of the certificate
To collect the certificate, click on the “Collect new certificate” link in the Certification wizard.
Collect your certificate in the following steps:
Step 1: Entry of the client identification number and password
Enter your client identification number (1), which you can find in the Contract on the certificate
concluded at a KB branch into the window that has opened. Also enter the one-off password for
collection of the certificate (2), which you received via an SMS message. Enter the password in
precisely the same format as in this SMS. Then press Continue (3).
Step 2: Check list of details entered
Your personal details, which were entered when drawing up the contract at the branch, are
displayed on screen. Check these details carefully. If they are correct, press Continue (1). If there
are any discrepancies, contact your relationship manager and do not continue in the process of
downloading the certificate.
Step 3: Place for storing the request, security password
A security PIN is used to protect your Personal certificate on a smart card.
You will use the PIN to protect (2) your certificate every time you login to Profibanka service
and when signing payments. For this reason, remember it carefully.
Step 4: Downloading the certificate
Important notice: After sending your details, wait for approximately one minute.
The certificate will be automatically downloaded to your PC. The location of the file with the Personal or
Company certificate corresponds to the directory which you entered in the previous step.
Step 5: Details of the new certificate
After downloading the Personal certificate on a smart card, a window will be displayed with details
of the certificate. It is now necessary to confirm that you have taken receipt of your certificate
from KB. This confirmation will be sent electronically after pressing I accept the certificate (1).
Without sending this confirmation, it will not be possible to use the Personal certificate.
After this has been successfully sent to KB, confirmation will be displayed.
From this moment on, you can fully use your new certificate and with it, also the Direct
banking services of Komerční banka.
For help operating your certificate and provision of other information, you can also
use the free Komerční banka direct banking client hotline on 0800 118 100.
Would you like more information? Just ask.
Your relationship manager will be pleased to answer your questions.
You can also contact our telephone bankers
on KB’s call-free Info Line 0800 118 100 or visit www.koba.sk.
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