Connecting the Video Camera to Channel 1

Connecting the Video Camera to Channel 1
This is setting up the camera in the brown Bag in the Tech Office on the Shelf.
I’m not sure it will records, and I know the battery doesn’t work.
Connect the long Video/Audio cable in Tom’s
room to the camera.
Red Æ Red..........Yellow Æ White
Make sure you also connect the power and
the other end of the cameras audio cable to
the camera, itself. Turn the Camera ON
Now connect the cable to the back of
the Channel 1 Box.
White Æ Yellow ………. Red Æ White
Now turn on the
RemoteTV (ch 3)
At this point your display should be
showing Channel 1 info.
Press the EXT button on the front
of the Channel 1 box -- 1 time
New message appears, highlight NO
Press Select button 1 time – Wait
The message goes away and
camera begins working.
Press Record on the VCR
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