Trailing Cable Couplers

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Couplers: Overview
UEE quick-connect couplers reliably connect
high-voltage supply feeds to shovels, drilling rigs
and other open-pit and underground mining
equipment. UEE couplers can also be used to
connect low-voltage motors, fans, pumps or
other mobile electrical equipment.
Trailing Cable Couplers
When cables are terminated with UEE couplers,
a truly plug-and-play power distribution system
is in effect, drastically reducing downtime
when damaged cables need to be replaced or
equipment has to be redeployed.
UEE couplers are available in the electrical ratings
and wire sizes shown below in Table 1.
UEE 1kV couplers
Table 1: Coupler Ratings, Wire Size and Configurations.
Configurations Available
#8 - #2
#2 -2/0
1/0 - 250
up to 2/0
up to 4/0
400 HA
#2 -250
250 - 500
#2 - 300
#4 - 250
#2 - 300
250 -500
MC = Male Coupler FC = Female Coupler MF = Male Flange, Equipment Mount
FF = Female Flange, Equipment Mount JF = Junction Female JM = Junction Male
TC = Termination Cover (Custom, Based on GFGC System)
* = Available as Custom Manufactured Equipment
UEE couplers
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UEE– An Electrical Solutions Company
Reliability and Safety
It was once thought that safety could only be achieved with permanent, fixed, and inconvenient
connections, especially in the 15 to 25 kV range. However, with UEE quick-connect couplers, there
is now a better option. By properly utilizing the UEE quick-connect coupler system, you can have
unsurpassed reliability and safety without compromising quick-connect convenience.
Trailing Cable Couplers
Here is an example of how UEE quick-connect connectors can be used to improve the efficiency and
safety of a mine site:
The UEE quick-connect connector system is perfect for reliably connecting high-voltage supply feeds
to shovels, drilling rigs, and other open-pit and underground mining machines. They can also be
used to connect low-voltage motors, fans, pumps, or other piece of mobile electrical equipment.
Safety Features
UEE coupler products follow the stringent CSA standard CAN/CSA-M421, Use of Electricity in Mines.
In particular, our coupler products meet the Standard’s specific requirements for quick-connect cable
couplers by incorporating the following features:
Mechanical fastening arrangements that join the connector
to its cable with a tensile strength greater than that of the cable.
Strain relief devices that are suitable for the intended portable cable.
A means to seal out moisture.
A means to mechanically lock the coupler.
UEE 15kV couplers
Ground conductors that connect before and disconnect after the phase conductors.
Ground-check circuits that connect after and disconnect before the phase conductors.
Covers which protect against damage and contamination when not in use.
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UEE– An Electrical Solutions Company
Conductor Arrangement
When used with a suitable ground-check monitoring system, UEE quick-connect couplers are
completely safe, even for high-voltage systems. The UEE conductor arrangement ensures that power
cannot be turned on until the couplers are completely connected.
Should a coupler in a live circuit be disconnected, power shuts down at the source the instant the
ground-check circuit is opened. This happens within the first few millimeters of movement, long
before any of the conductors are accessible.
Trailing Cable Couplers
Phase and ground conductors remain in contact, allowing current to flow while the system deenergizes. The ground circuit is the last to open, ensuring that any residual fault current has a path to
ground until the coupler is disconnected.
Inter-Phase Ground Shield
To increase the safety and reliability of our medium to high-voltage couplers
(8kV to 25kV), UEE has incorporated a comprehensive phase-isolating
ground shield system to eliminate phase-to-phase faults. With the interphase ground shield, any fault current passes directly to ground, avoiding
the possibility of a catastrophic phase-to-phase failure.
Conducting Parts
All major electrical conductors are manufactured out of 99.9% pure copper or high-quality copper
alloy (brass) to ensure exceptional electrical, thermal, and physical traits, and are electroplated with a
silver coating to maximize conductivity and minimize contact friction.
Non-magnetic, stainless-steel spring bands are used in appropriate coupler parts to increase contact
pressure without inducing harmful currents.
Male, pin-type conductors have stepped profiles to ease insertion
into female, socket-type conductors. Non-collet conductors utilize
brass set screws to eliminate non-ideal thermal effects. They also
have fine-pitch threads to limit loosening.
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UEE– An Electrical Solutions Company
Collet System
Select UEE couplers utilize our patented Collet
System (Canadian Patent Number #2271589), a
securing system that eliminates messy soldertype connections by uniformly and securely
compressing phase wires for a simple, reliable
and low-resistance connection.
Trailing Cable Couplers
In a collet-equipped coupler, as a phase wire
inserts into the collet, a bolt draws the collet into
the phase conductor. As the collet is drawn into
the phase conductor, the phase wire is gripped
for optimum connection.
Bodies and Fittings
UEE coupler bodies, covers and fittings are manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy that is
cast in our non-ferrous foundry and machined using CNC machinery, resulting in light, durable and
economical couplers.
With the use of rubber cable grommets or
compression grommets and clamps, UEE
entrance fittings will provide an entirely
watertight cable-to-coupler interface that
also mechanically secures the coupler
to the cable. All entrance fittings are
customized to fit the characteristics of the
customer’s cable.
To ensure that all coupler connections meet the mechanical
locking requirement of CAN/CSA-M421, stainless steel eyebolts
and brass nuts secure parts while in use. The eye-bolt securing
scheme is simple, easy to use, and more resistant to dirt
contamination than couplers that utilize threaded bodies for their
mechanical connection.
For additional technical details or specifications, call 1-250-497-5254 or visit
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