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Apply for and load the license.
Setting the IP Address
Set the IP address of the operating system.
Click Import License in the
navigation on the home page.
The Import License page is
Choose Start > Control Panel and follow the figures below to set parameters. Select
the network adapter in the connected state in Step 4.
eSight Quick Installation Guide
Note: This guide applies to the single-node pre-installation scenario
Activate the license and import
the license file on the page as
Issue: 01
Part number: 31507235
Set the IP address and subnet mask based on your network plan. If you want to log in to
eSight over the Internet, specify the default gateway and primary DNS server.
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Modify the eSight login IP address.
Log in to eSight and choose System > System Management > License Management.
On the License Management page, check the license usage and the names of installed
Double-click the eSight Console icon on the desktop to display the eSight IP address
setting page. After you set the IP address, the eSight Console will be displayed and the
eSight service will start. If it is the first start of the eSight service, the start process will
take about 6 minutes. The eSight Console is minimized after the eSight service starts
Check the license usage. In
0/50, 0 indicates the number
of used resources and 50
indicates the total number of
A server (with an operating system installed) is delivered to you. Huawei has completed
hardening for the operating system and installed eSight and database on the server
before the delivery. After receiving the server, plan for network parameters based on
actual needs. The following table provides an example of network plan.
User Name
Default Value/Password
Planned Value
Server IP address
Subnet mask
Default gateway
Primary DNS Server
eSight user
Administrator of the SWMaster (The user name is administrator Changeme123
operating system
Applying for and Loading the License
Log in to eSight.
Check the functions provided
by the license.
if security hardening is not implemented for
the operating system.)
Complete the following tasks before starting the settings. For details, see the Product
Documentation of the server of the desired model.
Connect the server to a switch.
Power on the server.
Activating the SQL Server
For details, see the Product Documentation of the activating the SQL Server.
Activating the Operating System
Check the Windows activation status.
For details on how to activate the operating system,
see theoperating
If the Windows
Windows. You can obtain the product key onnot
package of
activate it.
Windows or the server.
Enter in the
browser address box, and press
Enter. Click Continue to this
Website (not recommended) to
access the eSight login page.
You are advised to use the
recommended browser. Check
the recommended browser
version in the lower right corner
of the eSight login page.
Enter the user name admin and
default password Changeme123.
For the first login, change the
default password to the planned
value eSight123.
More detailed procedure is available in:
• eSight installation CD-ROM delivered with the server
• eSight Product Documentation of specific version from the official website
Visit http://support.huawei.com/enterprise.
After a successful login, enter eSight Network in the search box on the Product Support page.
Click the path displayed below the search box. If no path is displayed, click Search and
select eSight Network in Relative Products to download documentation on the page
Tel: 400-822-9999
Huawei enterprise technical forum: http://support.huawei.com/ecommunity
Log in to the operating system as
the SWMaster user. Choose Start >
Control Panel and select Small icons
for View by. Click System to view basic
information about the server.
Check the Windows activation status.
If the Windows operating system has
not been activated, activate it.
After the first login, you need to change the default password to improve user security. Keep the
new password secure. The administrator password cannot be retrieved once lost. In this case, you
must re-install eSight.
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