Extending the USB Cable
LORD MicroStrain 3DM-GX3 inertial sensors have USB, RS-232 and/or TTL
communication interfaces. In particular, LORD MicroStrain provides an 8 foot USB-toMini DB9 cable part number 6212-1040, drawing number 9022-0019 for USB operations.
Certain applications may require that the inertial sensor be placed many feet/meters away
from the host computer. This remote placement of the sensor can be easily accomplished
by employing a USB ‘booster’ or ‘extender’. This technical note assumes the user has
some familiarity with the 3DM-GX3 inertial sensor and MIP Monitor software.
USB Booster
To extend the USB, a base booster module, a remote booster module and a
CAT5 cable up to 150 feet long are employed:
 connect the base booster module to the host computer,
 connect one end of the CAT5 cable to the base booster module,
 connect the other end of the CAT5 cable to the remote booster
 connect the USB end of the 6212-1040 to the remote booster module,
 connect the Mini DB9 end of the 6212-1040 to the 3DM-GX3® inertial
Figure 1: 3DM-GX3®
Figure 2: Base and Remote Booster
From here there are no other special considerations. Power and communication is
supplied to the inertial sensor as normal. Launch MIP™ Monitor software and begin
Figure 3: CAT 5 Cable
LORD MicroStrain support engineers are always available to expand on this subject and support you in any way we
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