Stationary readout-system Z.RTU for submetering

Stationary readout-system
Z.RTU for submetering
Readout system for energy meters with M-Bus /
wM-Bus protocol
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Stationary readout-system
for submetering applications,
Readout system for energy meters with M-Bus /
wM-Bus protocol
M-Bus / wM-Bus-Datalogger with integrated
Our stationary fixed network system Z.RTU consists
of a data logger (RTU1) with an embedded webserver for the collection resp. recording of the consumption data compatible with most popular water-,
heating and cooling-meters and heat cost allocators equipped with meters that communicate using
the M-Bus and wireless M-Bus (868 MHz protocol,
C1,T1, T2 or S1 mode).
In addition to the data logger, up to 23 mains-powered, multihop capable wireless M-Bus repeaters
are used in order to increase the radio range inside
the building using a Mesh network and to ensure that
all meters are accessible.
With this system, the data of up to 500 meters
(shared between wired and wireless M-Bus devices)
can be collected and recorded for 10 years for each
daily reading. The RTU can handle directly up to 20
wired M-Bus slaves but by using an additional level
converter the number of wired M-Bus devices can be
increased to 250 slaves.
The embedded webserver allows accessing data, reports generating, the setup of the M-Bus networks
and the management of local inputs and outputs
(I/O). The system configuration, accessing data and
the overview via I/O status can be managed via a
graphical display without the need of a PC.
Automated email-sending of consumption data is
possible. The transfer intervals can be selected from
predefined cycles.
Data transfer to an FTP server is also possible.
ZENNER wireless M-BUS Fixed Network System
Ethernet Interface,
integrated webserver
wM-Bus repeater
with pulse
Customer owned
Billing- or
Monitoring Portal
Data export
w M-Bus
Smart Metering Functions:
■■Webserver-based data logger
■■Manages up to 500 devices (wireless and wired
together), 20 wired M-Bus meters directly (up to 250
wired by using an additional level converter)
■■Data log file of daily synthetic data for up to 10 years
■■Data logging interval between 15 minutes and 1
■■Remote system management, meters reading,
report sending, alarm management, event management, 3 digital inputs for logic control and remote
■■2 relay outputs for logic control and remote control
■■Graphic, bright, 16 grayscale, multilingual display for
local consultation and configuration
ZENNER International GmbH & Co. KG
Römerstadt 6
D-66121 Saarbrücken
Telephone+49 6 81 99 676-30
Telefax +49 6 81 99 676-3100
Performance characteristics:
■■Operating temperature range: [-10 / +55 °C]
■■Storage temperature range: [-25 / +65 °C]
■■Protection Rating: IP20 (EN60529)
■■Fastening: 35mm DIN bar (EN60715)
■■Dimensions: 4 DIN modules (90x72x64.5)
■■Power Supply: 24Vdc +/- 10%, 24Vac (min 20Vac,
max. 40Vac)
■■Power consumption: Max. 7,5W
Subject to modifications and errors excepted. Any liability for misprints excluded. SAP153785_160309_EN
Performance characteristics:
■■Easy to use - The user-friendly and intuitive
entry forms allow an easy commissioning of the
■■Always updated –Through the Internet the data
logger RTU1 will check for updates and notify
the user who can decide to install them with a
simple click in the web interface.
■■Smart - The user can start scanning the M-Bus
network to allow the acquisition of devices
connected via cable or via radio through a single
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