XMP-120/130 SaaS Media Player

XMP-120/130 SaaS Media Player
Quick Start Guide
This printed quick guide provides a quick walkthrough of the set up process.
For complete documentation, please visit www.digisignage.com
Box Contents
Main Unit
AC Power Adapter
12V DC output
3.5 mm to
RCA AV Cable
Ethernet Cable
Wi-Fi Antenna
(XMP-130 only)
Quick Start Guide
(this guide)
USB Keyboard required
A USB keyboard is required to change system settings.
Important note
IMPORTANT: an approved SD card is required
for the device to operate. Do not remove and
when needed, replace only with IAdeaapproved parts.
Mounting and Installation
The player can be attached to mounting
posts on the back of screens or inside
cabinetry with the built in 140mm x
75~100mm (variable) mounting flange
(For XMP-130 only) ATTACH the wireless antenna as shown in physical views.
Screw the antenna clockwise onto the antenna post
Physical views
System setup
(for Composite video only; Skip to step 2
for HDMI or VGA)
SET the output switches to NTSC or PAL
CONNECT the player to your display with an HDMI, VGA, or supplied
3.5mm composite AV cable, and switch your display on to the
corresponding input mode.
ATTACH the AC power adapter
→ main unit status LED lights up and you
should see “Starting up” on screen
WAIT while player boots up (~ 90 seconds)
→ once you see “Welcome” on screen, the
unit is ready for content update or menu
IAD-DGS-X12-10EP Revision 1.1
PLUG IN a USB keyboard to the unit’s USB port
→ the player will enter the graphical menu system
in approx. 30 seconds
NAVIGATE the menus using your keyboard arrows
(up), (down), (left), (right) to move the selection,
(Space bar) to select, (Enter) to confirm, and (ESC) to
→ find and set the correct time/date AND time zone. IMPORTANT:
time zone must be set correctly in the menus or via management
software for scheduled playback.
→ (Wireless model only) Using the USB keyboard, select a wireless
network and provide security information to connect to your wireless
access point
→ (OPTIONAL) Set a Password in the menus to prevent unauthorized
changes. IMPORTANT: setting a password will hide the menus. To reenter the menu, press CTRL-ALT-DEL and enter the password. If you
forget the password, see Reset player to factory defaults.
SAVE settings and exit the menu, then REMOVE the USB keyboard.
→ The player will reboot with new settings in place.
Settings are now retained even if you remove the power
→ For advanced player configuration, such as static IP, proxy server,
time server, display option, and security settings, visit
http://www.digisignage.com for more information.
Content Management
Please consult the software documentation for information specific to your
management solution.
Why is there no video output?
Please verify your DIP switch configuration and see if you are using the
correct output mode. When using HDMI/VGA with an LCD TV/monitor,
typically 16:9 ratio works best; when using a CRT TV set, 4:3 works best.
What video outputs are active simultaneously?
VGA & HDMI signals are output simultaneously. If player is switched to
composite out, then VGA & HDMI outputs will be disabled.
After auto-adjustment, the picture still appears shifted in 16:9 mode
Some monitors do not work well with 16:9 signal input (they work fine in 4:3
and 16:10). In this case, please manually adjust the position of the picture.
Why doesn’t my player work with 480p (640x480) video?
When player output is set to 16:9, playing 640x480 video may cause player
output to flicker. Recommended resolution for 16:9 (wide) content is
If both Ethernet & WiFi are connected, which one will take precedence?
When Ethernet is not available or disconnected, system will try to use WiFi
connection. If both connections are available, Ethernet will be used.
Reset player to factory defaults
If modifying settings cause unintended results or if you have forgotten your
password, please reset the player. Local contents will also
be removed.
Press and hold the reset button with a pin
Re-connect the power cord
In about 8 seconds, the status LED flashes
Release reset button and wait for system to initialize
IAD-DGS-X12-10EP Revision 1.1
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