Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide
1 Connect the ScreenBeam Mini2
Continuum Edition to an HDMI
input of your display
2 Connect the USB cable to the power
3 Switch source on your display to
HDMI until the “Ready to Connect”
screen appears
4 For connection instructions,
open the web browser on the
device you wish to connect,
enter actiontec.com/setupsb
and follow the steps
wireless receiver
(wireless keyboard, mouse, and
its receiver are not included)
Why can’t I see anything on my display, or my ScreenBeam Receiver keeps rebooting?
• Make sure your ScreenBeam™ Mini2 Continuum Edition (SB Mini2 CE) and all its cables are
securely connected as shown in the diagram.
• If you have connected the wireless keyboard/mouse to the SB Mini2 CE, please make sure
the USB power cable connects to the provided power adapter, as certain displays may not
supply enough power to properly operate the SB Mini2 CE.
• Make sure you have your display’s input switched to the same HDMI port as your SB Mini2 CE.
• Make sure you have completed the setup steps per the actiontec.com/setupsb website and
the display is set to “Duplicate”.
How can I upgrade the firmware and/or configure my ScreenBeam Receiver?
Go to actiontec.com/setupsb and select the ScreenBeam Configurator button to view
the online user guide. The user guide will show users how to download the ScreenBeam
Configurator, which gives users full control over the SB mini2 CE. The Configurator enables
users to upgrade firmware, adjust screen size, as well as change onscreen language, receiver
name, background image and more.
Why is the quality of my video poor and/or I keep seeing skipped or frozen frames?
This problem occurs when the wireless signal is weak or of low quality.
• Change the orientation of your laptop or tablet, or position it closer to the SB Mini2 CE until
you see the performance improve.
• If this problem persists, unplug the SB Mini2 CE from the HDMI port and use the provided
HDMI extension cable to connect the SB Mini2 CE to your display, making sure that it’s no
longer hidden behind your display.
The Desktop/Tablet mode switching notification does not appear on my Windows 10
device when I connect my keyboard/mouse to the SB Mini2 CE. What do I do next?
If the notification does not appear, please click the Action Center in the bottom right corner of
the Taskbar to turn on or off for the Tablet mode.
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