ILS102 Universal RF Modulator

ILS102 Universal RF Modulator
Thank you for purchasing this modulator, it allows you to use devices
that have Scart or RCA Phono outputs only, on a TV or Video that
either has no Scart or Phono inputs or none spare.
It also allows you to set up a dedicated TV Channel
for a device instead of it appearing on you’re A/V Channel
which may be showing an assortment of other devices.
Further dedicated TV Channels can be obtained by linking additional Modulators via the TV/VCR Output to the next
Modulators Aerial Input, however we recommend that you contact us on our Help Line 01268 511222 for this option.
This product also features a Scart Thru Loop option that allows any device connected to the Modulator to appear also on
you’re A/V Channel or appear on another separate device such as a Video Recorder.
1/ According to the device you are connecting, either use
the Scart Input (1) or the RCA Phono Inputs (2) in their
correct colour codings. Yellow = Video : Red = Audio Right:
White = Audio Left.
2/ If your existing Aerial has not been previously connected to
the device you are connecting or further up the chain,
plug your Aerial into the Aerial Socket (4) 3/ Connect
your TV Set or VCR to the Coaxial Socket marked TV/VCR (5)
4/ If you are using the Scart Thru Loop facility connect
your next device to Scart Output (3) 5/ Please ensure that
your 13Amp Socket is switched off and plug the D.C Power
Lead into the D.C Socket, insert the AC/DC Adaptor into
your 13 Amp socket and switch on mains power.
TV Input
SCART Output
RCA Input
AC/DC Adaptor
This modulator must never be connected directly into the electrical mains supply. It must only be powered via an AC/DC
adaptor at 9V DC 300mAmps maximum. This product is not designed for outdoor use or to be used in damp moist
When you are fully connected, switch the switch on the top panel to ON.
To select which channel on your TV you wish the device to appear on it is best if you tune your TV to a spare channel
away from your existing channels and leave the screen on.
On the Modulator using the Channel + or – Buttons start at Channel 21 which will show in the LED display, work upwards
until the device programme or picture appears on your TV, make a note of the displayed number on the Modulator for
future reference, please leave 3 seconds between each moment of Channel +/- operation.
If when the picture appears on your TV selected channel, there is distortion or interference this normally means one of
your devices or another existing channel is effecting that particular channel you have tuned to. In this case tune your TV
to at least 3 Channels away and reset your Modulator as before.
HELP LINE 01268 511222
Mercury Telecraft Ltd Copyrighted 2005
Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0 QY U.K.
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