Instructions For Installing The Room Entry Sensor

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Room Entry Sensor
Instructions For Installing The Room Entry Sensor
The Room Entry Sensor consists of a magnetically activated Proximity Switch and a Magnetic Operator.
The Proximity Switch has a lead that is wired to the Room Alert ID Box using sensor cable. The switch is of
the normally ‘closed’ type and there is no polarity associated with the sensor cables.
The Magnetic Operator (i.e. the piece without wires) is attached to the door, cabinet or window that you
wish to monitor using two screws. Locate it at a point on the edge so that the Proximity Switch (i.e. the
piece with wires) can be fixed close to it (face to face) when the door is closed. The Proximity Switch
is then mounted to the door frame in a location where it can be butted up very close (i.e. although not
touching) to the Magnetic Operator when the door is closed. Be sure there is room for the door to open
and close without disruption. This often means a location at the top of a door where it will be less visible
and less at risk. You will want to mount this inside of a secured room.
When the door is closed, the two components should be almost touching. In this position the Proximity
Switch is activated which means that the normal state will be ‘closed’. When the door is opened, the two
components separate and the switch opens, sending a signal to the Room Alert ID Box which will generate
an alarm condition or status. Before connecting the Room Entry Sensor to the Room Alert ID Box, you may
want to check that the switch is opening and closing properly by using a multi-meter or continuity tester.
Sensor cable can be any low voltage cable such as bell wire, speaker cable, data cable or telephone cable.
Minimum voltage insulation 50v, minimum current carrying capacity 1A. Maximum recommended length
is approximately 100´ although shorter lengths will yield more reliable performance and distances up to
900´ are possible. Test your setup to ensure proper operation.
The Screw Connectors On The Sensor ID Boxes Are Volt-Free Contacts Only. Do Not Connect These Terminals To Any Live Circuit.
A Qualified Electrician Should Be Consulted To Test Any Wires You Connect To The Room Alert ID Box For The Presence Of Electrical
Voltages And If Any Are Detected, They Must Not Be Wired To The ID Box. The ID Box May Become Dangerous If You Connect It
To A Live Circuit. Never Connect Main Power To Any Of The Room Alert Sensors Unless Specifically Instructed To Do So Using The
AVTECH Software 5V Power Adapter. If Required, An AVTECH Software 5V Power Adapter Will Be Included With That Sensor.
DO NOT Use Switch Sensors In ‘Explosive’ Environments Unless Approved For Those Environments.
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