MICROS Protégé Customer Display System for MICROS RES 3700

MICROS Protégé Customer Display System
for MICROS RES 3700
The Protégé Customer Display System provides MICROS RES 3700 customers with a graphically rich
environment that ensures order accuracy and enhanced opportunities for marketing and upselling. The
modular design of the system allows for future options that will further extend the capabilities of the device.
Currently the Protégé Customer Display System is only supported with the RES 4.8 MR5 release using a
WS5a client platform. An updated platform is required for the WS5a. Please see the version support matrix
for more information. Additional hardware requirements are described in this PMA.
MICROS Protégé Overview
The MICROS Protégé Customer Display System provides a higher level of customer feedback, exceeding
the capabilities of the MICROS 240x64 graphical LCD.
The Protégé allows for the display of full transaction detail, including menu item, condiments and special
prep instructions, allowing customers to confirm order accuracy and improving the speed of service in quick
service, fast casual and other fast transaction environments. Having acknowledged that an order has been
placed properly, customers are less inclined to double check bagged orders, and waste due to incorrect food
preparation is dramatically reduced.
The Protégé can be configured as an advertising and marketing tool as well. The screens displayed while
the system is idle or in use can be customized to provide visual content including slideshows for specials,
new items, upcoming events, catering information, and more.
MICROS Protégé Technical Summary
Protégé Customer Display System
Freescale ARM Processor
Operating System
Volatile Memory
Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0
128M RAM
128M NAND Flash
512M Micro Secure Digital (SD) Card – Expandable to 2G
7” TFT Active LCD
WVGA Resolution (800x480)
16M Color
4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Standard
Mass Storage
Touch screen
Power Supply
Magnetic Stripe
Serial Ports
USB Ports
Expansion Ports
Mounting Options
12V Input – Provided by Host Workstation or External Auto Switching Power Supply
Future Option – Field Upgradable
2 Integrated Stereo Speakers Standard
1 – TTL Connector Reserved for Future Options
1 – USB 2.0 On The Go (OTG) – Used for Host Interface
3 – USB 2.0 Reserved for Future Use
4 Mount Locations for Future Options
MICROS Integrated Rear Display For WS5, WS5A, PCWS 2015
MICROS 6” Pole Display
VESA 75 Mounting Pattern
Operating Temp
Rugged PC-ABS Plastic Blend, Spill Resistant Enclosure. (MICROS Grey)
Passive Cooling (No Fans)
0 C to 45 C
FCC Class A, UL, CE, TUV, CCC, RoHS, China RoHS
MICROS Protégé Application Support
Currently, the Protégé is only supported with RES 4.8 MR5 on Workstation 5a. Additional MICROS
application support is TBD.
Workstation Platform
Workstation 4
Not Supported
Not Supported
Workstation 4LX
GR2.0 (WinCE6.0 R3), when/if announced
4.8 MR5
TBD: if so, Pole Mount only
Workstation 5
GR2.0 (WinCE6.0 R3), when/if announced
4.8 MR5
Workstation 5A
GR1.3 (WinCE6.0 R3)
4.8 MR5
PCWS 2010
PCWS 2015
Integrated Rear and
Remote Pole
TBD: if so, Pole Mount Only
Coming Soon – Integrated Rear
Display and Remote Pole
Protégé Installation
Integrated Rear Display
The Protégé can be mounted directly to the rear of the WS5a and can be used with the workstation in either
low profile mode or on an adjustable stand.
Integrated Rear Mount w/Adjustable Stand
Integrated Rear Mount in Low Profile
The hinge mechanism of the integrated rear display bracket allows for a range of motion so the Protégé
display can be properly positioned for optimal viewing.
Pole Display
Alternatively, the Protégé is available in a pole mounted configuration that can be used with the WS5a. This
configuration features a 6” pole, and shares a base plate with other MICROS pole displays, allowing the unit
to be secured to a counter top or to the threaded nuts on most MICROS cash drawers.
The pole display configuration is also equipped with a hinged mechanism, allowing the display to be properly
angled for optimal viewing.
Pole Mounted on Cash Drawer
Order Confirmation Application & Programming
Please note that information in this section is relevant to the current RES 4.8 MR5 implementation of the
Protégé Customer Display System. It is expected that other MICROS POS applications will have entirely
different operating characteristics. Similar to MICROS Workstations, the Protégé Display System is
designed to be used by multiple applications and requires an application download to be functional.
The display application used in conjunction with RES 4.8 MR5 is not preloaded on the Protégé Display
System and must be downloaded. The application is then staged on a RES Server. The Workstations
receive this application through a traditional CAL update. The PCAL Client then downloads the application to
the Protégé Display System.
The RES application makes use of predefined forms that serve as a framework for the various operational
modes of the display system. A group of default forms is included with the application to provide a basic
program starting point for using the Protégé. Included in the application are the following:
Idle Screen
Begin Transaction/Welcome Screen
OCB/Transaction Screen
End Transaction/Thank You Screen
The default forms provide a generic interface that can be used in any environment.
However, most customers will prefer to use forms of their own design in order to
customize the device for their operation. This programming is additional, by quote.
Configuration Tool
To simplify the customization of the forms, MICROS provides a utility called OCP Configurator that allows
users to modify existing or create new forms. This tool provides extensive capabilities, including the ability to
define background images, transparency, location of check detail and check summary fields, inclusion of
slide shows or other content, and selection of fonts, colors and other attributes.
The OCP Configurator can be
installed on any PC running
Microsoft Windows XP or
Microsoft Windows 7. Forms
defined with this tool are saved
as an XML file, which can then
be downloaded to the Protégé
display system via the CAL
server to the PCAL Server on
the host workstation.
OCP Configurator Shown Editing OCB/Transaction Screen
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