Audio Receiver
The Bluetooth Audio Receiver
turns your speaker into a
Bluetooth-enabled device, making it
possible to stream your favorite music
wirelessly from your tablet or cell
phone. Moreover, an extra USE port can
charge all of your USB-enabled devices
at a maximum current of 5Y LA,
Package Contents
Bluetooth Audio Receiver
3.5mm audio cable
Instruction manual
Bluetooth wersion
Bluetooth v3.0 + EDR
Supported Bluetoothorofiles
Operational range __Up to 10m / 33 Hi
Input AC 100V - 2400
USE output DC ЗМ УПА
dimensions 36.53 38 556. Bmm
1.3% 1 52
Weight 4389/ 1507
Product Overview
1) — —
© — —/,
(1) USB charging port
(2) Power plug
(3) LED indicator
© ©
(4) 3.5mm audio line-out jack
1. Pair the receiver to your table or
a. Plug the receiver into an AC socket.
The receiver will enter pairing mode
automatically. The LED indicator will
flash rapidly to indicate pairing.
b. Keep your phone or tablet within 1
meter of the receiver.
c. Enable Bluetooth on your phone or
tablet and search for the receiver.
d. Click on the receiver's name, *
ETR108," to connect. [For Bluetooth)
versions under 3.0, please enter the
password "0000" to confirm
e. The LED indicator will flash twice
every 4 seconds, indicating that itis
successfully connected.
Make sure your cell phone is
Bluetooth-enabled before pairing.
2. Connect the receiver to the speaker.
a. Plug one end of the 3.5mm audio
cable to the line-in jack on the speaker,
then the other end to the line-out jack
an the receiver.
b. The receiver should now be
successfully connected to your speaker.
1. The receiver can remember up to 8
paired devices. If a 9th device is paired
to the receiver, the first one will be
2_If the distance between the phone
and receiver exceeds 30 feet, the
receiver will disconnect from the
speaker and enter standby mode. It will
reconnect automatically within 5
minutes once in range again, If not, click
an the receiver's name on your phone
ar tablet to connect manually
USB charging
The USE port can provide a 5V / 1A
current to most mobile devices. You can
use the port to charge your devices with
a USB cable (not provided).
® To preserve the long-term lifespan of
this product, please store it in à dry
Place, avoiding direct sunlight and
excessive heat or cold.
® Do not disassemble the product.
® Do not knock or drop the product
® Don't use highly-concentrated
chemical liquids or detergents to
clean the product.
1. Why won't the receiver pair with my
Please make sure the receiver is in
pairing mode.
The receiver should enter pairing mode
automatically when plugged into a
power socket. It will enter standby
mode after 2 minutes if no device is
paired. Try reconnecting the receiver to
the socket and pairing with your device
2. Why won’ tthe receiver
automatically reconnect after
returning into range?
The receiver should reconnect
automatically within 5 minutes after
returning into range. If not, click on the
receiver's name on your phone or tablet
to reconnect manually.
Our company provides customers with
awarranty of 12 MONTHS from the
date of purchase.
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