Music YOYO PRO Multi-function MP3 Player

Music YOYO PRO Multi-function MP3 Player
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Music YOYO PRO is a tiny and stylish multi-functional MP3 player with strong and practical functions, such as
integrated voice and FM recorder, FM tuner, language learning, timer-on and line-in features.
With distinguishing exterior design, high contrast LCD display and the unique YOYO button, Music YOYO PRO offers
consumers a stylish and tiny device for music playback on the move. In addition, Music YOYO PRO gives you more
than most MP3 players in the market. It not only provides five preset equalizer modes but also supports equalizer
setting to allow you adjust the tone. Another unique feature in Music YOYO PRO is the incorporation of line-in MP3
direct recording-you can connect the MP3 player to any audio device and the external audio source will record in MP3
format without using a computer.
The integrated FM tuner enables you to preset up to 20 favorite stations and records up to 66 hours of sound with the
256MB version. The timer-on function allows users to schedule MP3 recordings of radio programs or voice recording.
It also allows the player being set up as an alarm to play MP3 music or radio program at preset time. Moreover, Music
YOYO PRO comes with interval repeat function and is perfect for language learning.
Music YOYO Pro has an outstanding battery life of up to 12 hours for music playback or 24 hours for radio listening on
a single AAA battery. It comes in three colors, white, pink and blue.
MP3 Digital Music Player
USB Flash Drive
Hi-Fi Digital Recorder (MP3 Encoding)
Stereo FM Radio
Stereo FM Radio Simultaneous Recording
Language Learning
Timer On Function
Supports 320Kbps high-quality MP3 format
LINE-IN: Connect to CD player, TV, or stereo and record directly to MP3 player
USB 1.1
Built-in Memory
Audio Playback
MP3 format
Voice Recording
MP3 format; Max 33/66/99 hours recording for 128MB/256MB/512MB
FM Radio
Full band 76-108MHZ search / 20-station memory / FM recording
Screen Display
128(W) x 64(H) DOTS
One AAA alkaline battery
Battery Life
Max 24/12 hours for FM/MP3
OS Support
Windows 98SE, Windows ME / 2000 / XP, Mac OS9.1/X
L 79mm * W 37mm * H 22mm
40g (battery included)
System Requirements:
Driver free for Windows ME / 2000 / XP and Mac OS9.1/X
Driver installation needed for Windows 98/98SE
Music YOYO Pro Driver &UserManual for Windows 98 (2004/11/12)
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