Dear customer,
Congratulations on purchasing a high quality MAGINON® product.
You have acquired a modern Kids Telescope with excellent technical features and
respective accessories, which is particularly easy to operate.
Please study this information in detail observing, in particular, the safety instructions.
The device comes with a 3-year warranty. You will need the enclosed warranty card and
your sales receipt in the event of the Kids Telescope developing a fault.
Keep these in a safe place together with the Instruction Manual.
Please include the Instruction Manual when passing on the camera to a third party.
Only use the Kids Telescope for the intended purpose. The warranty will
become void if the device is used for different purposes, resulting in damage to
the device. Injuries and damage to the environment can also only be prevented if
the device is used correctly.
Contents of box
Carefully unpack camera and check that all of the following components are contained in
the box:
1. Maginon® Kids Telescope RT-90
2. Storage case
3. 6 mm eyepiece
4. 20 mm eyepiece
5. 40 cm aluminium tripod
6. Erecting lens with1.5x magnification
7. Instruction Manual
8. Warranty documents
1. Hazard, safety and warning notices
Incorrect use of the Kids Telescope and accessories can be dangerous for you and others
and can damage or destroy the telescope. We therefore ask you to read and strictly
observe the following Hazard, safety and warning notices.
Intended use
„„This Kids Telescope is intended for observing remote objects. It has been designed
for private use and is not suitable for commercial purposes.
Hazards for children and persons with limited ability to operate
electronic equipment
„„The telescope, accessories and packaging are not toys for children to play with and
should be kept away from children. There could be a risk of electrocution, poisoning and
„„The telescope and accessories may not be used by children or persons with a limited
ability to operate equipment. The camera may only be used by persons that are
physically and mentally able to safely operate this device.
Injuries and material damage
„„Never point the telescope directly into the sun as this could cause blinding or serious
irreparable damage to your eyes!
„„Only place the Kids Telescope on sturdy surfaces. The telescope could otherwise fall
or topple over, causing damage or injury.
„„Do not place any open ignition sources, such as lit candles onto or close to the device.
„„Never expose your telescope for longer periods to direct sun radiation. Do not keep in a
closed car parked in the sun.
„„Keep telescope away from water and high levels of humidity. Any entered moisture can
damage the glass!
„„Protect your telescope against impact, falls and other high mechanical stresses.
„„Never use harsh chemicals, aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents.
2. View of telescope
1. Maginon Kids Telescope RT-90
2. Angle prism
3. Eyepiece holder
4. Diagonal holder
6. Horizontal mount
7. Locking screw
10. 1.5 x erecting lens
11. 6 mm eyepiece
12. 20 mm eyepiece
3. Using the telescope
3.1. Setting up the telescope
1. Attach telescope (1) to horizontal mount (6)
2. Insert angle prism (2) into holder (4) and secure with locking screw (7)
3. Place the erecting lens or one of the eyepieces (9) into the angle prism.
The telescope comes with a horizontal mount, i.e. you can position it horizontally or
By using eyepieces with or without the 1.5 x erecting lens you can achieve the following
theoretical maximum magnifications:
6 mm
20 mm
60 x
18 x
Magnification with
erecting lens
90 x
27 x
3.2 Using the telescope
The maximum magnification depends on the type of object you wish to observe. As a rule
of thumb, magnification should be 1.5 to 2 x the diameter of the lens to obtain the best
Most celestial bodies are best viewed with 75 to 100 x magnification.
A lower magnification is recommended for observing stars. This produces a wider view
and the desired objects can be easily found.
Maximum magnification is only recommended for clear objects located not too far away.
This produces a good resolution and detailed observation at high magnification.
The 1.5x erecting lens not only produces a higher magnification but also a sharper image.
This is particularly advantageous when observing the countryside. Insert the erecting lens
into the eyepiece holder of the telescope and than one of the eyepieces into the lens.
3.3 General information
Telescopes are high-quality precision instruments. The following information should be
observed to ensure their long-term optimum performance.
• Never point the telescope directly into the sun as this could cause blinding or serious
irreparable damage to your eyes!
• Keep the telescope as still as possible. Use the supplied tripod.
• Spotting scopes are susceptible to excess heat and humidity.
• Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe water splashes (salt water splashes) from the telescope and
then dry with a dry, soft and lint-free cloth.
• Blow away any dust or particles or remove using a soft lens brush. To remove dirt or
fingerprints from lenses use a soft, lint-free cloth, rubbing from the centre of the lens in
circular motions.
• Rough cloths or excessive rubbing can scratch the lens or could irreparably damage the
• Do not use glasses cleaning cloths, as these can also damage the coating.
• For thorough cleaning, a lens cleaning fluid can be used. Never apply the lens cleaning
fluid directly onto the lens but soak the cleaning cloth with the fluid.
4. Disposal
The product packaging is made from material that can be recycled. Dispose of
the packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.
Correct disposal of product:
This product may not be disposed of in domestic waste. For correct disposal use your
municipal returns and collection systems or contact your dealer from whom you bought
the product.
5. Warranty and service
Our service centre will be happy to assist you in case of problems with the operation of
the device or with any queries and problems.
The device comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. Please see the enclosed
Warranty Card for details.
Please contact our hotline prior to returning a defective device.
Service address:
Schenker Australia Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 329
Villawood, NSW 2163
Tel: 1800 623 432
Manufacturer‘s address:
Denisstr. 28A
67663 Kaiserslautern
6. Technical data
Maginon RT-90
Lens diameter
50 mm
Focal length
360 mm
18x, 27x, 60x, 90x
Erecting lens
1.5 x magnification
Tube length: 390 mm; Tube diameter: approx. 60 mm
286 g (without tripod)
• We reserve the right to carry out technical and optical changes to the product as part of product
Denisstr. 28A
DE-67663 Kaiserslautern
2617 0992
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