SATA-IP Introduction (Xilinx) Ver2.3E Agenda

SATA-IP Introduction (Xilinx)
Magician of the Storage!
3 April 2017
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Page 1
• SATA Overview
– Summary, Features and Trend
– Merit and Solution
• SATA-IP Introduction
– Summary
– Application
3 April 2017
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Page 2
What is SATA?
• Standard storage interface of HDD/SSD
– SATA1.0 released in year 2000, the latest standard
is SATA3.0.
• Improved from IDE (Parallel-ATA)
– Cable (from 80 line 46cm to flat narrow cable 1m)
– High-speed (PATA: Max.133MB/s -> SATA: Max.600MByte/s)
– Jumper setting is not required anymore.
Jumper setting
is required to
3 April 2017
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Page 3
Features of SATA device
• Popular
– Compatibility. Easy to replace.
– Commodity. Easy to buy.
• Low price
– 2.5“SSD 480GB is 100USD
– 3.5”HDD 4TB is 110USD
3 April 2017
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Page 4
Trend of SATA device
• SATA storage is switching to SSD from HDD.
• SSD has advantage compared with HDD in toughness & silence.
• HDD has advantage compared with SSD in capacity and price.
3 April 2017
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Page 5
Merit of SATA adoption
• Huge non-volatile storage
– GigaByte/TeraByte capacity.
• High-speed and Low cost
– Several Megabyte per second Read/Write speed
– Mass produced goods
• Compatibility
– Easy and quick to repair and recover, just replace.
– Your product lineup will be various with different capacity storages
Just change storage capacity
to arrange various products
from high-end model to low cost model.
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 6
Solution for embedded system
• 1: Use Existing SATA chip (ASSP)
– Merit: Device cost
– Demerit: Limitation of MOQ, support and fixed function
• 2: Use FPGA+SATA-IP core
– Merit: Flexibility, support special usage such as RAID, MOQ etc..
– Demerit: Device cost (In case of SATA function only)
If the system is simple function and the availability is acceptable,
ASSP may be better for you.
For other case, FPGA + SATA-IP core is best solution for you!!
3 April 2017
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Page 7
What is SATA-IP?
• Implement SATA channel by MGT resource.
• IP-Core includes Link layer (and some part of Transport layer).
• Reference Design available for PHY layer and Transport layer.
Reference Design provides
Transport layer design
3 April 2017
IP-Core includes
Link layer
Design Gateway
Reference Design provides
PHY layer design
Page 8
Product Lineup
Prod. No.
Available reference design
4chRAID, Host
Kintex-UltraScale SATA-III
8ch/4chRAID, Host, Host-IP
4chRAID, Host, Device, Linux(AHCI), exFAT
4chRAID, Host, Device, Host-IP, exFAT, Duplicator
Host, Device, Host-IP, Bridge
4chRAID, Host
Host, Device
All device from 7-series or later can
support SATA3.0 (6Gbps)
3 April 2017
Many reference design available
(Can check operation for evaluation)
Design Gateway
Page 9
Supports both of Host and Device
• Single IP-Core supports both of Host (PC side) and
Device (Disk side).
– Switch between Host function and Device function by dev_host_n
signal input.
SATA Device Core
SATA Host Core
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 10
Approved IP-Core by Xilinx
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 11
SSD performance
• More than 200MB/s transfer speed by the latest SSD.
• Achieves SSD specification performance.
– Best for high-speed large-capacity storage application.
SATA-2/3 SSD performance result
Extracts maximum
performance from SSD
* Evaluation result by KC705
* SATA-3 SSD: Samsung SSD840PRO
* 8GB sequential access performance using psudo random data pattern
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 12
Free Bit-file for Evaluation (1)
• Serial communication with PC as Host side.
• Write/Read access to/from SATA device.
• Measure transmission speed.
Example of write transfer
•Set address, sector count and type of data pattern
•Measure transmission speed and display the result
Design Gateway
Page 13
3 April 2017
Free Bit-file for Evaluation (2)
• Free bit-file for Evaluation on Xilinx FPGA boards.
• Downloadable from SATA-IP Web page.
Serial communication Software
(such as Hyper Terminal)
Adapter Board (Option)
USB cable
Xilinx eval. board
SATA-IP evaluation environment
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 14
Reference Design (Summary)
• EDK Project Design of Evaluation bit-file.
• Full source code (VHDL) except IP core
• Can save user system development duration
– Confirm real board operation by original reference design.
– Then modify a little to approach final user product.
– Check real operation in each modification step.
No risk to back to rebuild, able to develop for short term!
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 15
Reference Design (Structure)
Control whole system by
firmware on MicroBlaze
Connect SATA and DDR by
AXI Interconnect
For serial communication
with PC
PHY layer
Read/Write data is stored to
external DDR memory
AXI bridge
Link layer (IP core)
Block diagram of SATA-IP reference design
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 16
Resource Usage
Design total=
31150DFF & 53BRAM
SATA 1channel=
2000DFF & 17BRAM
Use about 2500DFF for SATA in
14219DFF of AXI wrapper
(No BRAM consumption at SATA)
4500DFF & 17BRAM
for 1 SATA channel
SATA-IP reference design resource usage
3 April 2017
1% of total DFF=407,600
4% of total BRAM=445
in XC7K325T
Design Gateway
Page 17
Development tool for RAID
• Adapter board with 10 SATA Host connectors.
• Connector for FMC-HPC of ML605 connection.
• Direct connect to 2.5 inch SSDs or HDDs.
5 SATA connectors on top side and
5 SATA connectors on bottom side
Adaptor Board
for RAID development
Evaluation board
supporting FMC-HPC I/F
(such as KC705 / ML605)
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 18
RAID Design Project
Reference Design provides
SATA channel template
Can add/remove SATA
channel count on EDK
RAID system easy design based on EDK
3 April 2017
Easy and short term
RAID system development
is now possible!
Design Gateway
Page 19
RAID System Performance
* SSD : Samsung SSD 840PRO
(Standalone performance is Write=452MB/s and Read=555MB/s)
VC709 + 8 SSDs RAID system performance
3 April 2017
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Page 20
SATA-IP Optional Product
• Host-IP Core (Product# SATA-IP-HOST-X)
– Pure hard-wired host controller core
– Automatic read/write execution without CPU
– Best performance because firmware overhead not exist
• AHCI-IP Core (Product# SATA-IP-xxxx-AHCI1)
– SATA access possible from LinuxOS
– Support ARM Core for Zynq family
• exFAT Reference Design (Product# SATA-IP-exFAT-X)
– Provide exFAT access feature by MicroBlaze firmware
– Can record data as ‘file’ -> PC can access to data via file
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 21
Host-IP Core (Optional Product)
• Controller IP core designed by pure hard-wired logic
– Full autimatic SATA-IP control instead of CPU and its firmware
– Can build storage system without CPU
– Can save CPU time completely in SoC application system
• Minimize overhead by high speed state machine
– Theoretically the best performance (especially for write)
– Write improvement example: CPU control=465MB/s -> Host-IP=525MB/s
– Provides reference design for both 1ch and 4ch-RAID0 on Intel board
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 22
Host-IP Core (Cont’d)
• Common interface among all Storage IP-Core (dgIF typeS)
– Same user interface among other IP-Core (APS-IP/NVMe-IP) product
– Can keep same user logic for different storage between SATA and NVMe
Same user logic
for different
• Simple user interface for easy use
– Set R/W type, address, sector count parameter and issue request pulse
– Very popular data interface by general FIFO
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 23
AHCI-IP Core (Optional Product)
• Can access to SATA channel from Linux
– Reference design available for Zynq device
– Provide AHCI Linux driver C source code
• Supports NCQ feature
– Queue re-order in multiple command
– Minimum latency by using internal RAM for Queue table
– Very high performance for random access
• Multiple port count support by customization
– Standard product support 1 port
– Port count can be increased by core customization
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 24
exFAT reference design introduction 1
• Reference design for SATA-IP product
– Support exFAT application development
• Keep file compatibility between FPGA and PC
– PC can directly accss to the data recorded by FPGA as an exFAT file.
Record data
by exFAT
Remove drive
and reconnect
to the PC
PC can directly access to
the recorded data
PC can directly access to the recorded data
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 25
exFAT reference design introduction 2
• Hardware platform is same as SATA-IP reference design
– MicroBlaze firmware is modified for exFAT support
• Serial console user interface for control
– Show measured read/write performance
• Design provided by MicroBlaze firmware C-source code
– User can apply C-source code to the final application product
privided by Csource code
Contribute to exFAT application
product development
Edit code for target product
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 26
exFAT reference design introduction 3
• Support basic command for exFAT operation
– Read/write for file/directory operation
– Help user to understand exFAT operation for target design
– Can check exFAT compatibility by drive reconnection to PC
Show command help
Format a disk
Show file list in current directory
Change current directory
Create new directory
Create new file
Read file from disk
Delete file/directory
Test function
Basic command provided by this reference design
3 April 2017
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Page 27
SATA-IP Application (1)
Advanced High-definition Video Recorder
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 28
Encryption key
SATA-IP Application (2)
User removes
USB dongle Key
When leaving from desk.
Original data
USB memory including
encryption key
Not able to read any correct
data from SATA device
without USB dongle key.
Encrypted data
Security Drive System
3 April 2017
Design Gateway
Page 29
SATA-IP Application (3)
• Duplicator Application Reference Design
– Copy whole data from Master drive to multiple Slave drives
– Reference design for KC705 board
– Design project available for formal SATA-IP customer
Display copy result
and performance
CN0 for copy
source drive
3 April 2017
CN1-3 for copy
destination drive
Display result by LCD/Serial console
Design Gateway
Page 30
For more detail
• Detailed documents available on the web site.
• Contact
– Design Gateway Co,. Ltd.
– E-mail :
– FAX : +66-2-261-2290
3 April 2017
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Page 31
Revision History
4-Feb-2009 English version initial release
Add introduction of summary of SATA
31-Jul-2012 Update explanation of RAID development tool (AB09-FMCRAID board)
21-Feb-2013 Added SATA-3 by Kintex-7support
1-May-2013 Added exFAT reference design (SATA-IP-exFAT-X) introduction
27-Jul-2016 Added Kintex-UltraScale support and followed update in Japanese presentation
3 April 2017
03-Apr-17 Add common user interface (dgIF typeS) and its merit description for SATA Host-IP
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