Mobile Remote Control

Remote Control for iOS & Android
Mobile Remote Control
Remote Control any PC, Mac, Linux or Chrome desktop from
anywhere with your iOS or Android device
The NetSupport Manager Control for iOS and Android provides mobile remote control for existing NetSupport Manager remote control users remotely from
any iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android Tablet or Kindle Fire.
The mobile Control allows a user to quickly search and connect to both local computers by either IP address or PC name, or to browse, connect and view
remote computers utilizing the free NetSupport Manager Internet Gateway component.
The NetSupport Manager Control provides full remote control, chat and message capabilities of any remote PC running an existing NetSupport Manager
Client (version 11.04 or later).
Key Features When Using Your Mobile Device To Remote Control A
NetSupport Manager Client:
• Browse your local network or an established NetSupport Internet Gateway to find remote NetSupport
Manager Clients.
• PIN Connect feature allows a technician to instantly locate a user anywhere across the enterprise simply by
both parties entering a unique PIN code.
• Thumbnail view of each connected Client device.
• Select, connect and interact with multiple Client devices simultaneously. (Android Only)
• See a list of previously connected Clients for instant ongoing connectivity.
• ‘Recently Connected’ list provides quick access to the most recently viewed Clients.
• Use home screen widgets to provide access to frequently viewed Clients (Android only).
• Remote Control – Watch (view only), Share (both parties can view and interact) or Control (remote screen and
keyboard are locked) any NetSupport Manager-enabled remote PC.
• View the remote PC using pinch, pan and zoom to highlight key screen information.
• Toggle between ‘touch’ and ‘cursor’ mode if more accuracy is required when controlling a remote Client
Getting Started
Install the free NetSupport Manager
Control app on your device. Available
from Google Play, Apple iTunes and the
Amazon app store.
Visit and
download the NetSupport Manager
Client setup file for installation on each
of the computers that you want to
remote control.
Wirelessly connect your device to the
same network as the client computers.
(Or for anywhere access, refer to www. for details
on setting up and configuring the free
NetSupport Gateway – designed to
support this scenario).
• Adjust colour depth during remote control sessions from full colour, to 256, 16 or just 2 colours when reading
remote documents.
From the NetSupport Manager Control
browse and find your Clients.
• Conduct a text chat session with the remote user.
Select a Client and choose to View, Chat
or send a Message.
• Send a message to the remote user with an optional time-out facility. Ideal for alerting your users of
impending server or email maintenance.
• Generate a full hardware inventory report for a remote device on demand.
• View the current status of wireless networks and display battery strength for a connected Client laptop.
(Android Only)
• Includes powerful compression to minimise data usage.
• Use 64, 128 or 256-bit encryption for each session.
• Multi-monitor support.
Any Questions?
where you’ll find answers to any initial
questions you may have.
• Utilise unique security keys to ensure your copy of NetSupport Manager is only accessible to your users.
• One-click send Ctrl+Alt+Delete for remote login or PC management.
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