Our technology made
for your experience
Videoworks’ Racks
SY Seahawke PERINI NAVI 60 mt
WIDER YACHTS My Genesi 46 mt
ROSSI NAVI My Taransay 39 mt
CRN My Eight 46 mt
MY SARAMOUR, 61mt - CRN 133
your technological
Videoworks S.p.A.
Our technology made
for your experience
Our technology made
for your experience
>>Can be the only reliable Partner for the Designing and Engineering
of complex Solutions
>>Can give a global support in terms of technologies, solutions and products
>>Simplifies your life with an eye to the future
>>Helps you with the Yacht management
>>Improves the comfort and the quality of life
>>Is relax
>>Is user friendly
Videoworks provides a global support: consultancies, technologies, design, solutions and constant assistance. It is an integrator of solutions, able to communicate
with all the actors of the Project:
Owners - Architects - Project Managers - Technical Managers
Rotating and retractable rack,
perfectly integrated in the furniture
Videoworks Officina
Videoworks S.p.A.
The Company
Videoworks S.p.A.
Videoworks S.p.A., Italian leader in Systems integration, has more than 20 years
of experience in the design, realization and installation of innovative audio/visual,
networking IT, Home Automation and Entertainment systems, addressed to the
most exclusive Clients. Videoworks solutions are created by all the actors of the
Project and are aimed to meet the most demanding Owners’ needs: EXCLUSIVITY,
Videoworks staff is made up of professionals of audio/visual technology integration
working from Amsterdam, Ancona (HQ), London, Moscow, Viareggio and Milan
offices. As for the software design and development, Videoworks collaborates
with its Sister Company Itworks, which is specialized in IT Engineering and Systems development, thus delivering a complete system architecture provided with
Inside the Videoworks “Officina”, the technicians realize Racks, meticulous and
accurate wiring, tests and trials, thus obtaining a product, which is ready to be
installed onboard. This, reduces all the unnecessary labor costs and waiting time.
All the steps of the process are made all in-house, with no outsourcing at all.
Videoworks has the ISO 9001:2008 certification.
Videoworks is CISCO Premier certified Partner, Crestron Top Partner, Samsung
Technological Partner and Lutron Partner.
Videoworks S.p.A.
Home Automation: Comfort,
leisure & security at your
Home Automation:
Comfort, leisure
& security at your
Videoworks supplies the design and the integration of a
full home automation system that enables the final user to
manage, in an intuitive, easy and customized way:
>>LIGHTS (on-off-dimmering-scenarios-atmospheres)
>>AIR CONDITIONING (to set the desired clima in
each area)
>>SECURITY (CCTV system to control your yacht
everywhere from your mobile devices)
>>ENTERTAINMENT (easy access to your favorite
movies and music libraries, games and multimedia
see next page)
All comfort, relax and entertainment with a simple click.
Beach Club,
CRN 133 My Saramour 61 mt
Light Design & Engineering
CRN 129 MY Chopi Chopi 80 mt
Videoworks S.p.A.
Home Automation: Comfort,
leisure & security at your
Entertainment on board
ROSSI NAVI MY Aslec4 45 mt
Videoworks S.p.A.
Home Automation: Comfort,
leisure & security at your
ITWMode: the Videoworks
bespoke application for yachting
The ITWmode App is conceived in exclusive for Videoworks by ItWorks. It is easily
downloadable from the Stores and it is totally free. Thanks to this APP, Videoworks
can meet every Owner and Guest needs. The APP is compatible with every device
and is available also in a web version, which is compatible with the Android devices
and with other Clients, such as Google Chrome. Thanks to this App, the management of customized services will be possible in both graphics and contents, so that
to meet every needs. It is a MULTISERVICE APP, which allows the management of
every service from one’s own device also: once you are onboard, you only need to
download the APP and you will have an incredible number of opportunities available!
Thanks to this innovation, you can have a five star service onboard, wherever you
are, with a simple click. The Owner and the Guests can order refreshing cocktails or
snacks from the menu. The orders will arrive directly to the Chef and the Crew, with
a simple alert that can be easily heard and shown on every touch panel, personal
device and wearable device (watches and Google Glasses). Moreover, the Chef
can update the menus with suggestive images, autonomously and in an easy way.
1 MyConcierge
2 MyCrew
Videoworks S.p.A.
Home Automation: Comfort,
leisure & security at your
It is the super smart “Crew Call”. In fact, by clicking on the Icon dedicated to this service, the Owner and the Guests can quickly contact the Staff, only if necessary. The
Crew will receive the sound and visual alert and can meet the request in real time.
This App allows the visualization of the following information on any displays:
3 MyInfos
>>Chart work
>>Weather forecast
>>Messages from
>>Points of interest
>>3D Google Earth
the Captain
MyInfos Home
It is an advanced version of the MyInfos service, which allows the Owner to monitor
and manage its Yacht even when far from it. This will be possible thanks to real time
images being shown on his mobile or personal device. In fact, this service generates
a sort of tracking chart, recurring the rout of the Yacht by sending 3D images as well.
Videoworks S.p.A.
Home Automation: Comfort,
leisure & security at your
ITWMode: the Videoworks
bespoke application for yachting
This is an on streaming video display solution, either on tablets or smartphones,
even simultaneously.
A local App, based on a CISCO router that allows the management of four different
types of Internet connection on board, in an easy and secure way: VSAT, WIFI,
UMTS, FLEET BROAD BAND. Users net access can be monitored by the App
administrator, who can create and delete users and set scenarios such as “Owner
at work”, suddenly defining who can access Internet and who can not.
4 MyScreen
5 MyConnections
Videoworks S.p.A.
A great networking infrastructure is the basic condition for delivering the best comfort
and experience on board your own Super Yacht.
Audio/Video Hardware
Control Systems
IP Telephones
& Cisco Voip
> Smart TV
> Tablet
> Player Keleidescape
> Phone 1
> Apple TV
> Server Keleidescape
> Blu-ray players
> Phone 2
> Amplifier receivers
> AirPlay
HD Matrix Switch
> Room recivers
> Phone 3
> IP power switches
> Controllers
> Matrix
Onboard Network
Server System
> Wi-Fi
> Panasonic camera 1
> PC
> Printers
> Panasonic camera 2
> Laptop
> Fax
> Wireless controller
> Switch
> Server
> Wi-Fi touch screen devices
> Laptop
> Multiplayer DVR CCTV
Videoworks S.p.A.
Audio/Visual Entertainment
Let’s suppose you are comfortably sitting on the sofa
and you are setting your favourite light scenario with
a simple click. You can easily access your favourite
music library or your movie storage, feel as if you were
in a cinema, while being surrounded by a clean, captivating sound and wonderful colours, thanks to the
latest technologies on the market.
Cinema Room
Kaleidescape on board
CRN 130 MY Darlings Danama 60 mt
Videoworks S.p.A.
Audio/Visual Entertainment
Magic Mirror on board
ROSSI NAVI MY Aslec4 45 mt
Videoworks S.p.A.
Light Design &
Light Engineering
Light Design
& Light
The implementation of light is getting more and more
pivotal inside a Project.
Creating atmospheres and scenarios and controlling
everything via touch panel is an incredible experience
that Videoworks can deliver.
Through its own Light Engineering Department,
Videoworks gives support to Architects, Electricians,
Allowing, if requested:
>>To choose the lights and optics
>>To choose light sources
>>3D calculations and simulations
>>CAD positioning
>>Circuits details
>>Lighting wiring schemes
>>Wires technical dimensioning
>>Technical assistance for bus (DALI, DMX, PWM…)
All that, to always deliver it’s Clients the desired
athmosferes and scenarios.
Light Engineering calculations
ROSSI NAVI MY Polaris 49 mt
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ISA YACHTS MY Aziza 41 mt
Videoworks S.p.A.
Multimedia Contents
Thanks to a key collaboration with a specialized company of multi projections and multimedia contents
(Senso immersive experience), Videoworks is able
to create, develop and deliver sensory experiences and
stimulations with invisible, smart and functional technology: light plays, augmented reality, special effects,
interactive surfaces, 3D mapping and holograms.
Imagine to be in a Yacht gym running on your treadmill,
while seeing on the floor a perfect reproduction of a
reef with water, fishes and corals surrounding you.
Or having your yoga lesson surrounded by relaxing
landscapes like nature, skies, sunsets or some images
of your favorite city or place in the world.
You can restore in the swimming pool thanks to a relaxing chromo therapy or switch on the lights on the
stairs, ladder by ladder, while walking to bed.
Extremely easy to use and manage, these kind of solutions are realized on flexible technological platforms,
at the service of both Interior and Exterior Designers,
who can release their best creativity.
Now, everything can finally happen.
Videoworks transforms your needs into tailor made
interactive multimedia contents.
Everything is possible now.
Light plays on wall
Jellyfishes on walls and ceiling
Videoworks S.p.A.
Interactive walls
Multimedia Contents
Videoworks S.p.A.
Interactive stairs
Interactive floor
Multimedia Contents
Immersive lift
Videoworks S.p.A.
Multimedia Contents
Interactive walls
Aquarium on yacht swimming pool bulkheads
Videoworks S.p.A.
Thanks to the external speakers, which are exclusively made for Videoworks by
ASK, Videoworks is able to offer very high performances in terms of sound quality.
Woofers and tweeters are extremely thin, water resistant, customizable in the color,
easy and safe in terms of installation. After many implementations on important
Projects Videoworks is now able to guarantee a firm highly aesthetic, last generation product. All this is also due to the great support of a solid company like ASK,
which is now part of the JVC Kenwood Group.
Super thin, hideable in walls or ceilings and coverable with any material such as
leather, silk, alcantara...
Internal in-wall speakers,
by Videoworks
External hideable speakers,
by Videoworks
Videoworks S.p.A.
The SSP6™ Multiducers™ (multifunctional transducers) are very little speakers,
which miraculously transform nearly any panel structure into an audio speaker in the
new form factor - Invisible. These speakers can be embedded into every material:
glass, wood, marble, steel, etc.
Thanks to these speakers, every non-acoustic materials and devices can be transformed into high fidelity full range audio speakers.
The bespoke DSP board, made in exclusive for Videoworks by Leaff Engineering,
is a result of an algorithm called Percept of digital room correction conceived for
internal spaces. The DSP board is pivotal for the loudspeakers to equalize perfectly
the sound, depending on the ambient and the material they are embedded into.
This solution allows saving space and hiding both the product and the cables, while
reproducing an unbelievable sound.
Revolution Acoustics speakers
with Videoworks DSP card
for internal areas
Videoworks S.p.A.
Active Noise Control
ANC has been created out of the collaboration between Ferretti Group CRN S.p.A
and Videoworks, after more than 20 months of studies and tests with the Università
Politecnica delle Marche.
ANC “Active Noise Control” is a patented system on international basis, which allows
to reduce the noise inside the cabin during navigation. Microphones are positioned
in the bed area and they capture noise in real time. After the noise frequency is
processed, a new noise frequency is created, but it is opposite to the first one so
that it is able to cancel it.
It can either be activated or deactivated straight by the Owner or the captain and
it guarantee:
>>Best efficiency
>>Independence of installation
>>Intrinsic adaptability
>>Reliability and resilience of the different components
>>Compact speakers and electronics
Videoworks “ANC” system
on board of ISA 140
MY Silver Wind,
by Videoworks
Videoworks “ANC” system,
by Videoworks
Videoworks S.p.A.
Sound Masking
The Sound Masking is a last generation phenomenon that allows the human
hearing to be focused only on the sound it likes the most. The Sound Masking,
which can be also activated from the smart watch, delivers the feeling of being surrounded by a real sound bubble, while being isolated from background noises and
unwanted sounds. “…the sound spectrum and level is specially shaped to provide
the degree of privacy desired by occupants. Masking operates by covering up or
masking unwanted sounds, similar to one-way windows that block the ability for a
person to see persons behind them, or perfume that covers up other body odors”.
Sound masking realized
in preview for FM
Architettura d’Interni
Videoworks S.p.A.
Wearable Devices
Wearable Devices
Videoworks studied and developed its own integrated managing software, which
is compatible with every wearable device: Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Moto
360, Google Glasses and much more.
Thanks to this software and the device, the user can easily manage:
>>vocal calls
>>notifications incoming
>>lights management
>>climate management
>>audio/visual management
It is a fashion gadget for the Owner and his Guests, becoming a key instrument for
the Crew: easy to use, resistant and waterproof.
Apple Watch with integrated Videoworks software
Wearable device with Videoworks software
Videoworks S.p.A.
Clouded devices and remotely
controlled racks
Clouded Devices and remotely
controlled racks
Racks can be centralized in a remote, external location managed by Videoworks,
without sacrificing any space.
No more hardware hidden in the furniture or in dedicated rooms!
Everything will be stored in the Videoworks “Server Farm”, 24 h/day controlled by
our Software Engineers, in order to prevent malfunctioning.
Videoworks Web Farm
Videoworks S.p.A.
Hyper convergence IT
Hyper convergence IT system
This solution will represent the base of the future systems. A totally VMWare based
virtualized and redundant ambient with AV and IT systems, running via software and
not via hardware (videos on demand, iTunes, CCTV, Wi-Fi controller…) with a dramatic
increase of availability, scalability and remote maintenance.
Videoworks Rack
Videoworks S.p.A.
Video over IP Solutions
Video over IP Solutions
Videoworks can demonstrate how easy is watching your favourite channels wherever you are, while managing them from your own device in real time. How is this
possible? By having a sky decoder in Location 1 with a SVSi device acting as a
streaming encoder and another SVSi device acting as a decoder in Location 2.
Videoworks S.p.A.
After Sales
After Sales
Videoworks technicians are fast and reliable and they
guarantee assistance to their Clients, wherever they
are, even in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, thanks to:
>>Project leader technician onsite
>>Ad hoc contracts, based on every single Client’s
>>Specific help desk. Response time: within an
hour from warning
>>Immediate remote assistance
>>MyCerberus: it allows to immediately intervene,
as soon as malfunctioning in the installed systems occurs, even before the client could spot
>>Many assistance centers associated with
Videoworks are disseminated all over the World.
For all the details, please visit our web page
Videoworks S.p.A.
After Sales
Videoworks S.p.A.
Videoworks made to entertain
Videoworks made to entertain
8.00 AM
Wake up
9.00 AM
on iPad
10.00 AM
on board
1.00 PM
Lunch ordered
from MyConcierge menu
4.00 PM
Water toys
Videoworks S.p.A.
6.00 PM
Watch a movie
with the family
Videoworks made to entertain
8.00 PM
Happy hour
ordered from
9.00 PM
Play with friends
10.00 PM
Dj set and party
on board
Videoworks S.p.A.
Videoworks S.p.A.
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