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Five Input Mixer
Stereo Buss with Mono, Stereo Inputs
User & Assembly Manual
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The Blacet MIX3500 provides five channels of audio or control voltage mixing with Pan and Level controls for each
channel. All channels are Mono input with optional Stereo inputs for channels D and E when used with a stereo plug.
Two Stereo Outputs are provided, one being optimized for headphone use. Output can also be via a mono left and
right jack. The Master Level control effects all outputs.
The stereo inputs are especially useful for inputting external devices such as a keyboard, drum machine, computer or
media player when an external mixer would prove inconvenient.
Pan Controls L-R
A Input
A Level
B Input
B Level
C Input
C Level
D Input
D Level
E Input
E Level
Stereo Out
Master Level
Mono Out
Mono Out
Stereo Out
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Controls and Operation
The MIX Module is basically a five channel unity gain mixer with two channels that be used for stereo.
All Inputs can be panned to two busses, right and left. (For a stereo input, pan that channel fully left or CCW).
The Master Level control effects all outputs, which include two stereo outputs for use with stereo plugs. One channel
is optimized for headphone use with a low impedance drive op amp. Left and right mono outs with mono plugs are
also available.
When mixing multiple signals from a modular, the maximum signal output must be considered as modular levels are
frequently in the 10V range if the the Level control is FCW. With +/-15V power supplies, the maximum mixer
output is about +/-13.5V or a combined 27V. Taking care to initially set levels at 50% or less will help avoid
overloading and distortion. External signal sources such as keyboards are generally less than 2V so these can be set
higher if desired. When using Euro +/-12V power supplies, the headroom will be less at about +/-10V.
Power Input Connector PWR: This PCB connector requires a source of regulated +15Vdc @35mA and -15Vdc
@35mA power to run the module. Use a Blacet PS505, PS800 supply or the equivalent.
The optional 16 pin Euro power connector can be used with +/-12V supplies. Care should be taken to orient the
cable properly, observing the “Red Stripe” and “-12” and “+12” silkscreen markings.
Connections to this connector should be made only when the power supply is OFF and the connector must be
positioned correctly on the pins. As using the wrong supply can cause damage to the unit, please contact us if you
have any questions! Do not attempt to use “wall warts” to power the module.
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