Network Configuration

Students are NOT permitted to use any device or product that extends the
HawkNet network beyond the intended personal use. These restrictions include, but are
not limited to, the use of personal routers, wireless routers, wireless access points,
NAT devices, or any other device that acts as a router (i.e. personal computer
configured to bridge or share network connections). These devices can cause
unexpected network outages and disruptions in service. We appreciate your
Network Configuration
Vista Operating System
STEP 1: Plug-in your Ethernet cable
Plug your ethernet cable into your Laptop or Desktop Computer, then into the BLUE data
jack in your room. Your computer will automatically connect to the Monmouth University
network. (The RED Port is for your phone.)
STEP 2: Verify your LAN Connection is enabled
To verify your Network Interface card is enabled:
 Press the START button and click on the NETWORK option in the Start menu
 Click “Network and Sharing Center”
 Click on “Manage network connections” located on the left hand side of the
 Right click Local Area Connection and select Enable if not already enabled
 Select properties
 Local Area Connection Proprites box will appear
 Select TCP Version 4 and click Properties
 Verify Obtain an IP address automatically is selected
 Verify Obtain DNS server address automatically is selected
 Click OK and close all dialog boxes.
STEP 3 HawkNET Registration
 Open your browser (IE or firefox) and you will see the following:
 Enter your Student ID (including the s) and network password.
 Domain is Hawkdom2
 Click Login
 ***NOTE****In the Password field please enter the password you received
from the password activation line. If you did not receive a password to login to
hawkmail, WebAdvisor and eCampus, please call 732-923-4600. The password
you receive is the same for all of your accounts.
Click Accept
 Once you see the screen above, you will now be able to access the
STEP 4 Connect your PC to Hawknet (M:drive)
WARNING: These screenshots were taken on Vista Enterprise. Other versions of Vista (Basic,
Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) should be very similar.
 Click the Windows Logo icon in the lower left (“Start”)
“Computer” to open the context menu. Click Map Network Drive
. Right click on
 For consistency in the labs, select the “M:” where it says Drive:
 In the Folder field type \\zorak\sxxxxxxx$ (where xxxxxxx is your student id#).
Example: \\zorak\s0254869$
 Check “Reconnect at logon”
 Click “Connect using a different user name”
 In User name, type: hawkdom2\sxxxxxxx (where xxxxxxx is your student ID).
 In Password, type your HAWKDOM2 password. This is same password as your
Hawkmail (e-mail) webAdvisor, etc.
 Click OK.
 Click Finish.
 Your M: is now showing your zorak home directory (the same as you see in the labs).
 To access your M: Drive you can click Start, then click Computer
Your M: Drive appears here. Note: this view displays the total space used as well as your usage
limit For ease of use, you can create a shortcut on your Desktop which will take you directly to
the M: Drive. You can drag the M: to your Desktop to create a shortcut.
STEP 5 Wireless Configruation:
 To connect your Laptop Computer to the network through wireless, you should
turn-on your wireless switch
 Verify your LAN connection is DISABLED and your Wireless connection is
 Press START button and click on the NETWORK option in the Start Menu
 Click “Network and Sharing Center”
 Click on “Manage Wireless Networks” tab located the left hand side in the window. A
windows as shown below will appear.
 Right click Local Area Connection and select Disable
 Right click on the network connection icon, located on bottom right hand corner
of the taskbar
and Select connect to, the following screens should appear.
 Select MU -Secure
 Then click Connect
 The following will appear
 Click Enter/Select additional log on information
 In the Username field type your Student ID number ie s0123456
 In the Password field enter your hawkmail password
 In the Logon domain field type HAWKDOM2
 Click Ok
 The following prompt will appear
 Click Enter/Select additional log on information
 Click ok to Validate Server Certificate
 You are now connected to MU-Secure
 Click Close and launch you Browser.
STEP 5 How to Install a Lab printer:
You must be connected to MU Wireless and authenticated before you can begin.
In the bottom left corner of your screen click on START
In Search type: \\wlb-labprint-01
Enter your username and password
o Hawkdom2\s0123456
o Hawkmail password
A list of lab printers will appear
Select the appropriate printer depending on the lab you are in.
Right click the printer icon and select Connect
Open the document you want to print
Click File and select Print
Select the printer you installed before you print
Click Ok and your Document should print.
If you need further assistance, please contact the HelpDesk at 732-571-3539 or email
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