PowerShare PS602 adaptable power amplifier

PowerShare PS602
adaptable power amplifier
Architects’ and Engineers’ Specifications
The amplifier shall employ Class-D amplification together with a digital signal processing architecture running at 48 kHz /
24 bit. The amplifier shall incorporate a switch-mode power supply allowing normal operation from AC outlets ranging from
100 – 240 V (±10%) at 50/60 Hz. The amplifier shall have an IEC 320-C14 electrical power inlet and shall be equipped with
a removable power supply cord. A power switch shall be located on the front panel. The product shall include protection
from shorted loads and general overheating. The amplifier’s physical size shall be 1 RU in height by 1 RU in width and be
capable of rack mounting. The product shall have venting with two fans, variable left-to-right airflow. Each output channel
shall have output attenuation controls.
The amplifier shall have two output channels with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.5 dB) when driving low-impedance (4 - 8 Ω) systems, and a frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz when driving 70/100V distributed audio systems.
The amplifier shall have THD+N at rated power less than 0.04%. Output connections shall be made via 2-pin touch-proof
Euroblock connectors.
The amplifier shall meet or exceed the following performance specifications: channel separation (crosstalk) greater than
85 dB below rated power at 1 kHz and greater than 65 dB below rated power at 20 kHz. The amplifier shall incorporate 2
line-level inputs. The nominal input sensitivity shall be 4 dBu for balanced line-level inputs (3-pin Euroblock connectors) or
-10 dBv for commercial unbalanced line-level inputs (RCA). Five LEDs shall be visible on the front panel: one Power (green)
for power indication, (blinking green) for standby indication, and (red) for fault indication. Per-channel Signal (green) for
input level from -40 dBu to 9 dBu, (amber) from 9 dBu to 12 dBu, and (red) over 12 dBu indicating clipping. Per-channel
Limit (amber) when an output is limiting. The digital signal processor shall enable a user-selectable loudspeaker preset per
channel supporting Bose® FreeSpace® DS 16, DS 40, DS 100, FS3B, Panaray® 402, 802, MA12EX, and RoomMatch® Utility
RMU105 and RMU108. The amplifier shall have one remote control input intended for use with Bose ControlCenter CC-1
zone controllers, or the ControlCenter CV41 4-to-1 converter. The amplifier shall offer a master mute connection for use with
external dry contacts to mute all outputs of the amplifier.
The amplifier chassis shall be constructed of painted steel. The dimensions of the amplifier shall allow for 19-inch (483 mm)
EIA standard rack mounting. The amplifier shall be 44 mm (1.7 inches) in height, 483 mm (19 inches) in width and 414 mm
(16.3 inches) in depth. The amplifier shall weigh 5.5 kg (12.2 pounds). The amplifier shall be the Bose PowerShare PS602
adaptable power amplifier.
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