Instructions for creating a survey using Survey Gizmo

Instructions for creating a survey using Survey
December 19, 2011
Creating an account
The web page is
In order to create surveys you must create an account. If you are a student
you can set up a free account at If you are not a student you may create a free account but audio and
video options are not available.
Once you have created the account, log in with your username (e-mail address) and password.
To create a new survey choose: “Create a New: Survey”
Figure 1: Survey overview.
Type in the survey title, choose if you want to create it from an existing
template or a blanc survey, choose the theme. Click on “Create survey now!”.
On “Home” the tab on the Dashboard you have the option to return to the
overview of any surveys you may have created. Clicking on a survey will bring
you to the survey overview. The survey overview provides you with information about survey responses (completed surveys, partially completed surveys).
You can also access information geodata about the survey through the survey
overview page. Figure 1 shows an example of a survey overview.
To edit a survey that you have already created, click on “Editing”. This
brings you to a page where you can design/modify individual survey pages.
Figure 2 shows an example of the editor window of a survey page. You can edit
the names of survey pages, add new pages (clicking on “Insert page”). Buttons
to add text, images, questions, actions or logic to the page are always found at
the bottom of the page:
Text can be a either a description or HTML (XHTML) code.
Action can be a process which you wish to launch, for instance a custom
external script or program.
Question allows you to create a question. The answers to the questions can
be of predefined types (e.g. free text, a scale). The survey engine automatically
collects the answers to the questions and presents them in the response statistics.
Logic allows you to add rules based on IF-conditions. This means, for instance, you can add a rule, that if a predefined kind of answer is being presented,
then you skip the next survey page.
Figure 2: Survey editor.
Embedding a video into a survey
The simplest way to embed a video is to upload it on YouTube and embed
the code provided on the YouTube page in a “Text” field on the survey page.
The YouTube code of a video can be obtained by clicking on “Share” and “Embed” on the bottom of the video (once uploaded to YouTube). Figure 3 shows
a code example of a video uploaded to YouTube which is being embedded into
the survey.
Figure 3: Embedding a video using YouTube code.
Editing an audio file into a survey
In order to embed a sound file into your survey you must first upload the
soundfile you must first upload the sound file into your Files and Images Library
(this option is not available unless you have a paid account or student account).
We recommend using the Google audio player because the person taking the
survey will not need to download any additional content to use the player. In
order to use the Google player, however, you must use mp3s.
Once you have your files in mp3 format go to My Libraries and choose Files
and Images from the drop-down menu. Click on Upload files and choose the
file you would like to upload from wherever you have it saved. Once you have
uploaded the file to your Library, Survey Gizmo assigns it a URL that you can
use to embed the audio file.
In your survey, insert the following code by clicking Add Descriptive Text/Images,
selecting Text/Instructions, and pasting the following code into the provided
<embed height=”27px” width=”400px” pluginspage=”http://www.macromedia.
com/go/getflashplayer” flashvars=”playerMode=embedded” wmode=”transparent”
bgcolor=”#ffffff” quality=”best” allowscriptaccess=”never” src=”http://www. FILE URL”
type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” classname=”audio-player-embed”/>
Change the text “MP3 File URL” to the URL generated when you uploaded
your file to the Library. Then click on Add Element.
Previewing your survey
Ones you have created the survey or a part of it, you may wish to preview
it. For this purpose, click on “Preview”. You will find yourself on the preview
page of the survey, which optically corresponds to the ways your test persons
will see it. However, in the preview mode no data is collected. Figure 4 shows
a survey example executed in the preview mode.
Publishing your survey
In order to launch a survey, click on “Publishing” and launch it. You will
be provided with a default link, which you can use to access the survey.
Once you have collected the data you want to analyze, you can obtain simple
statistics for the survey by clicking on “Reports”. To obtain a summary report,
choose “Summary” and in the new window choose the appropriate options, then
click on “Create report”. In the menu on the left you can choose options in order to edit your summary, such as included questions and aesthetic options like
graphics and text. Then, click on “Report runs” and on “Run report now”. You
can choose the format you want the report to appear in (e.g. PDF, EXCEL).
Ones a report is being created, you always can find it in the section “Reports”
and download it there.
Figure 4: Example of a survey executed in the preview mode.
If you want to clear your results, go to the section “Overview” and on the
bottom of the response window you can find the button “Delete All Responses”.
Download PDF