Walchem WECT WEDT 400 Cooling Tower Controller

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Cooling Tower Controllers
WECT/WEDT400 Series
The WECT/WEDT410 Cooling Tower Controller with electrodeless
(toroidal) conductivity sensor represents the latest in technological and
innovative advancements from Walchem. The electrodeless sensor
is almost immune to contamination by oils, scale, biofilm, or other
coatings, resulting in a low maintenance system that provides reliable,
effective control.
All of the standard features you’d expect in a conventional cooling
tower controller are included, plus simple-to-use information manage­
ment tools that enable water treatment professionals to deliver more
effective service to their customers. The WECT/WEDT controllers have
the ability to store conductivity, pH/ORP, and temperature values, water
usage, relay and flow switch status, and user settings. A USB stick
is all that’s needed to extract the information. Download logs from
the USB stick to a PC at your convenience, or copy your preferred
treatment program from to another controller to speed start-up.
It couldn’t be easier!
Ensures Optimal Performance and Maximum Efficiency
Precise control of conductivity and chemical feed reduces water consumption and inhibits corrosion, solids
precipitation, scale build-up and growth of algae or dangerous bacteria.
Spend More Time Selling
Electrodeless conductivity sensor is almost immune to contamination and coatings, which
means you’ll spend less time cleaning and calibrating sensors and spend more time selling!
Efficient Customer Service
Quickly identify system upsets by knowing exactly what happened and when. An event log can be downloaded to
tell you precisely when pumps turned on, valves opened, and when there was flow or no-flow.
More Informative Monthly Reports
Download stored data from the controller to a USB flash stick. Use the data to easily develop reports that
validate and verify water treatment results, and include actual water usage, system conductivity, temperature,
and accumulated chemical feed and bleed times.
Save Time
Copy the user settings from your controller to a USB flash stick and upload to a new
controller. Programming your new controller this way can be accomplished in seconds.
It’s that simple!
Feed and Bleed Cooling Tower Controller
Four chemical feed options
• Feed & bleed, with or without feed
lockout timer
• Feed after bleed has finished, as a
percentage of time
• Feed as a percentage of time elapsed
• Feed as a percentage of make-up water
• Software, electronics, and sensor are
constantly monitored without having to take
controller offline.
Conductivity Sensor
• Electrodeless, temperature compensated,
• In-line or submersion
Alarm Output Relay
• Triggered by low conductivity, high conductivity,
no-flow conditions, bleed timeout, sensor error,
and temperature error
Flow Switch Manifolds
• Optional integrated flow switch manifold may
be panel mounted for quick, professional
installation with only two process connections.
Flow Meter Input
• Accommodates a wide range of contacting and
Hall Effect water meters
USB Flashstick Support
• Standard for software upgrades and
data logs, event/relay and reset logs, and user
configuration file import/export
4-20mA Output
• Optional isolated 4-20mA output proportional
to the conductivity reading.
Feed and Bleed Cooling Tower Controller with Dual Biocide Timers
The 410 Series offers all of the 400 features as well as:
Programmable Dual Biocide Timers
• Choice of 1, 7, 14, or 28-day cycles
• Able to: add a single biocide at any time or
dual alternating biocides, or dual independent
Alarm Output Relay
• Triggered by low conductivity, high conductivity,
no-flow conditions, bleed timeout, sensor error,
and temperature error
pH or ORP Control (WEDT410 only)
• Choice of pH or ORP sensor for control of
acid or chlorine/bromine addition
USB Features
Integrated datalogging collects analytical measurements at 10 minute intervals and captures all relay activations.
Stored Data
Copy user-defined
Easily create
charts and graphs
that demonstrate system
Identify system upsets
faster by knowing
exactly what
happened and when
Programming a new controller is complete in seconds!
Validate water treatment
results and verify
chemical feed and
bleed times
24” (610 mm)
19” (483mm)
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 8A
Fuse: 1.0 ampere, 5 x 20 mm
Cond Sensor:
1.0 cell factor, 10K thermistor
pH/ORP (WEDT410 only):
Requires a preamplified signal.
Walchem WEL series recommended.
±5V power available for external preamp
Note: Temperature compensation for pH input is
accomplished using the conductivity sensor temp element. ORP measurement does not use temp comp.
Flow Meter:
Flow Switch:
Isolated, dry contact closure required (i.e. relay, reed switch)
Isolated, dry contact closure required
(i.e. reed switch)
Measurement Performance
Conductivity Range
100-10,000 µS/cm
1 µS
±1% of reading
Temperature Range
32 to 158°F ( 0 to 70°C)
0.1 degree
±1% of reading
WEDT410 only:
pH Range
Accuracy (calibrated)
-2 to +16 pH units
0.01 pH units
±0.01 pH units
ORP Range
Accuracy (calibrated)
±1500 mV
1 mV
±1 mV
Mechanical Relays
WECT400: Two powered relays (Bleed, Feed)
WECT410: Five powered relays (Bleed, Feed, Bio 1, Bio2, Alarm)
WEDT410: Six powered relays (Bleed, Feed, Bio 1, Bio 2, pH/ORP, Alarm)
6 A (resistive), 1/8 HP
All relays are fused together as one group, total current
for this group must not exceed 6A
4 - 20 mA (optional) (2 available for WEDT410)
Internally powered
Fully isolated
600 Ohm max resistive load
Resolution .001% of span
Accuracy ± 1% of reading
NEMA Rating
Shipping weight
NEMA 4X (IP65)
2 x 16 character backlit
liquid crystal
32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
7 lbs (3 kg) (approximately)
Flow switch manifold connections ¾” NPTF
Electrode Pressure Ratings:
Electrodeless conductivity
Flow switch manifold
150 psi (10 bars)
100 psi (6.9 bars)
150 psi (10 bars)
WebMasterONE is the most advanced online cooling tower and
boiler controller in the water treatment industry. The flexible
multi-I/O platform allows you to control multiple cooling towers,
boilers, closed loops, and condensate lines with just one controller.
An extensive assortment of integrated communications and data
handling features are included that enable water treatment
professional to provide more effective water management
services to their customers.
1 = 120 VAC, prewired
5 = 100-240 VAC, hardwired, cable glands
Metering Pumps
The E-Class is the most innovative and comprehensive metering
pump product line in the world. Over 50 years of pump experience
and a commitment to superior mechanical design has led to
development of many industry firsts, including 360 stroke­
per-minute technology, IP67 waterproof construction, and the
world’s highest capacity solenoid metering pumps.
N = No analog output
4 = Single isolated 4-20 mA output
2 = WEDT410: Two isolated 4-20 mA outputs
N = No electrode
1 = Electrodeless conductivity sensor & tee, 20 ft. cable
(for inline mounting)
2 = Electrodeless conductivity sensor & flow switch
manifold on PP panel, 5 ft. cable
2L= Electrodeless conductivity sensor & flow switch
manifold (loose, no panel), 20 ft. cable
3 = Submersion conductivity sensor (no tee or adapter),
20 ft. cable
N = No electrodes
1 = Electrodeless conductivity & pH sensors and tees,
20 ft. cable (for inline mounting)
2R= Electrodeless conductivity & rod style ORP sensors
and tees, 20 ft. cable ( for inline mounting)
3 = Electrodeless conductivity & pH sensors and flow
switch manifold on PP panel
3R= Electrodeless conductivity & rod style ORP sensors
and flow switch manifold on PP panel
WIND WebMaster® Industrial Water Controllers
Walchem’s WebMaster Industrial (WIND) Controller sets a new
standard for Industrial Water Treatment Controllers. WIND has
a flexible multi-I/O platform, a wide range of analytical sensor
measurement capabilities, and an extensive assortment of
integrated communications and data handling features.
WebAlert® Remote Monitor
Walchem’s WebAlert is the first stand alone remote monitoring
device that can web enable your installed equipment without
having to replace or upgrade it.
U = Integrated datalogging, event/reset logging, and
configuration file import/export
Walchem integrates its advanced sensing, instrumentation, fluid
pumping and communications technologies to deliver reliable and
innovative solutions to the global water treatment market
Our in-house engineering is driven by quality, technology and
innovation. For more information on the entire Walchem
product line, visit: www.walchem.com
CE Safety
ANSI/UL 61010-1:2004, 2nd Edition*
C22,2 No.61010-1:2004 2nd Edition*
EN 61010-1:2001 2nd Edition*
EN 61326-1:2006
Note: For EN61000-4-6 & EN61000-4-3 the
controller met performance criteria B.
*Class A equipment: Equipment suitable for
use in establishments other than domestic,
and those directly connected to a low voltage
(100-240 VAC) power supply network which
supplies buildings used for domestic purposes.
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