Product Overview Product Information Care for your Bluetooth

Product Overview
1. Multi-function Button
3. Micro USB Charging Port
5. LED Indicator
Product Information
 Bluetooth V3.0
 Support HSP&HFP and Dual connection.
 Micro USB connector of the headset allows charging via USB charging
cable connecting with computer USB port.
 Perfect sound quality, humanized design and innovative conception.
 Mini, compact and fashionable shape.
 When the battery capacity of cell phone or Bluetooth Headset is low, the signal
weakens. The red light will flicker and warning tones will sound every 20 seconds.
Please charge it immediately.
Care for your Bluetooth Headset
 Please protect it from all liquids and do not expose the
Bluetooth Headset to extreme temperatures or rapid changes of
hot to cold or vice versa.
 Please do not drop the Bluetooth Headset. The warranty does not
cover damage due to breakage or mis-handling.
 Please do not open up the Bluetooth Headset. There are no user
serviceable parts inside and the warranty becomes invalid.
 Connect the USB charging cable with the Micro USB charging port of the headset.
 The red indicator light on indicating the headset is being charged.
 The charging will take 2-3hrs; after charging, the blue light is on, indicates the
charging is completed.
 Before the first use, the battery must be fully charged.
 Helpful hints: Extend battery life, it is recommended to charge the headset at least
once a month.
 When the Bluetooth Headset is used for the first time, press & hold the multi-function
button until blue and red light flicker alternately ,then entering into pairing mode .
 If the Bluetooth headset is reused, press & hold the multi-function button until blue
light flickers, then please release the button, it will enter into reconnection mode, the
headset will automatically search the latest connected mobile phone.
Pair with the Mobile Phone
 The pairing distance between mobile phone & the headset should be within 1m.
 Power on the Bluetooth headset until the blue and red lights flicker alternately and
then come into the pairing mode for the first time.From then on, it will come to an
automatic pairing with the latest connected mobile phone only with the flickers of the
blue light.
 Switch to the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone and activate searching until the
mobile phone finds the Bluetooth headset’s pairing name for connection; if necessary,
input the password "0000".
Receive a Call
When there is a call, press the multi-function button of the headset once to receive it.
Microphone Mute
In call, double click (twice quickly) the multi-function button to actuate the
microphone mute.
In the Mute Mode, double click(twice quickly) the multi-function button to cancel
microphone mute and to actuate the call.
End a Call
After the call is over, press the multi-function button once to end it.
Refuse a Call
When there is a call, press & hold the multi-function button for 1S to refuse it.
Volume up or down
 If there is a volume button,please use the volume key :Press the volume+/- to adjust
the volume.
 If it is minimum or maximum volume, you will hear the warning tones.
 If you use the Bluetooth headset at maximum volume for a long time, it may damage
your hearing, so we sincerely suggest do not use the Bluetooth headset at the
maximum volume for a long time.
Voice Dialing
In the standby mode, press the multi-function button of the Bluetooth Headset once to
activate the voice dialing function.
In the standby mode ,redial the last call and double click (twice quickly) the multi-function
button to achieve the redialing function.
Default Settings
Charge it and press & hold the multi-function button,the blue and red lights flicker 3 times
alternately, then the Bluetooth headset complete Default Settings.
Power off
Press & hold the multi-function button until seeing the red light , then the headset is
powered off
Indicator Lamp Status
Power-on: Blue light flickering .
Power-off: Red light flickering
Pairing mode: Blue and red alternative.
Standby mode: Blue light flickering
Battery Capacity Low: Red light flickering and you hear alert sound
Charging: Red light on.
Charging over: Blue light on.
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