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Owner's Manual
Thank you for
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Trek™ 2000
Thanks for choosing myCharge.
Section II: Charging Trek
In The Box
Charge from a USB adapter or your computer
myCharge Trek
Owner’s Manual
Warranty Manual
Apple Dock
USB Charging
Section I: Quick Start
1.Charge up your Trek by plugging it into a USB power
adapter or computer. As Trek charges, LEDs on the unit
will sequentially illuminate. When the unit is fully charged,
all LEDs are lit. Press the level check button to see how
much power is available.
To charge your Trek, connect it to a USB power source
(Apple iPhone adapter, notebook USB port) with the onboard green USB input cable. Times to charge the Trek
vary based on what it’s plugged into. You can expect a full
charge from an iPhone USB adapter in about three hours, or
from a standard notebook USB port in about five hours.
Note: It is normal for your Trek to be warm to the touch
while in use.
2.Connect your device to either the flip-out Apple Dock
Connector or the Micro-USB connector.
3.Unplug your iPod, iPhone, or Micro-USB device when it’s
charged and go! Your Trek will automatically power off
after your devices are unplugged.
Section III: Charging Devices
Trek uses an automatic device detection system. When
devices are plugged in, the Trek provides charging power
until they are unplugged or the Trek runs out of energy.
Trek’s automatic load balancing system will prioritize its
outputs to optimize charging. In most cases, Trek will
charge 2 devices at once. In the event that two highpowered devices with depleted batteries are plugged in,
the Trek gives priority to the Apple Dock Connector over
the Micro-USB connector. Once the high-powered Apple
device (iPhone) nears a full charge, the Micro-USB device
will begin charging. Low-powered Apple devices like
iPod nano and iPod classic don't draw as much power, so
multiple devices can charge simultaneously.
The Trek Apple Dock Connector is compatible with iPhone
and most iPod models. The Micro-USB connector supports
the majority of mobile devices including smartphones,
Bluetooth® headsets, portable navigation devices, MP3
players, and more.
Section IV: Checking Battery Level
To check how much energy is available, press the level
check button. LEDs next to the button will illuminate
indicating approximately how much energy is available
for use.
LED 1 Flashing: Under 20%
LED 1: 21-40%
LED 2: 41-65%
LED 3: 66-90%
LED 4: 91-100%
Section V: Syncing
iPhone or iPod can be synced with
iTunes while connected to Trek. Plug
in your Apple device to the Apple 30pin connector and plug in the USB-A
input cable to your computer, press
and hold the multifunction button
for two seconds, and your device will
Note: Sync is not supported through the Micro-USB
Section VI: Sound Mode
Trek has built-in tone capability. Tone mode will audibly
inform you when devices are plugged in or disconnected,
and when the unit is charging or has completed charging.
Section VII: Lanyard Strap
Your Trek includes a lanyard strap
for easy portability. To affix it
to Trek, slide the skinny loop of
the strap under the rod in the
opening, then pull the thick strap
through the loop.
Section VIII: Maintenance
To keep Trek operating at its full potential, please do the
1.Re-charge every three months when not in use.
2.Keep dry and away from moist and corrosive materials.
3.To clean, wipe surface with dry cloth.
Section IX: Product Specifications
Battery: 2000 mAh Lithium Polymer
To disable, enable and/or change the sound mode
1.Locate the Sound pinhole button on the back of the unit
2.Plug Trek into your PC
3.Use a paperclip to cycle Tone
USB-A: 5 VDC, 1.0 A
Apple 30-pin: 5 V, 1.0 A
Micro-USB: 5 V, 1.0 A
Total Output Current: 5 V, 1.0 A
If you prefer no sound toggle to the silent mode - unit will
make no sound when this option is selected. If you prefer
tone mode toggle until you hear the tone.
Section X: Troubleshooting
My device is not charging: Confirm that your device is
properly connected to the Apple connector and the Trek
itself has energy (by pressing the level check button).
LEDs indicate how much energy is available for use. If
multiple devices are connected, disconnect them and
connect only the device that is not charging. Automatic
load balancing charges devices in priority of Apple Dock
Connector followed by Micro-USB connector. If the power
requirements of the devices exceed the total output
capabilities of the Trek, some devices may not begin to
charge until others finish charging.
My device doesn’t sync with iTunes: Refer to Section V:
I don’t want the tone function on: Refer to Section VI:
Sound Mode.
myCharge Service Center
Telephone: (888) 251-2026
Hours: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM (ET)
Monday - Friday
For additional troubleshooting information and device
compatibility, please visit:
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